Designating a Proxyholder

All clubs must designate a proxy to vote. You can designate a delegate from the club, another active member, or the District Director.

Follow these steps for proxyholders:

To assign the club votes, go to Club Central, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for, and click on Club Proxy.

The Credentials process will be conducted online from August 19 to 22. Proxyholders must log into the Toastmasters International website during that time to obtain their proxy summary report and be validated for access to the electronic ballot. THE DEADLINE TO ASSIGN PROXYHOLDERS IS AUGUST 18, 2020.

If the club provides voting directions, proxyholders will vote in the manner a club instructs.

More information on proxy voting will be emailed to Club Presidents, Secretaries, and liaisons this month.

Use these guidelines to help ensure a smooth voting process. If you have any questions, please email

Fall Conference 2016 Speech Contest Winners

Fall Conference 2016 ContestsBeginning in September over 225 clubs held Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests sending the winners to the Area contest with anywhere from 5 to 8 competitors. Four to seven area winners then competed for the winning title at their respective Division Contests. The ten Division Contest winners of each contest competed at the District level at the Fall Conference November 25 to 27 at the Marriott Gateway on the Niagara, in Niagara Falls, ON.


"Speech contests provide an opportunity for individuals to further develop their speaking skills by leaving the comfort of their home clubs and performing to larger audiences. The finalists at the fall conference contests are truly talented and the contests are sure to be very entertaining." - Cathy Herschell, DTM, Program Quality Director District 86.

1st Place: Particia Williams, Division B, Area 31, Region of Peel Toastmasters

2nd Place: Tiberiu Puscas, Division A, Area 21, Woodbridge Toastmasters

3rd Place: Esther Song, Division D, Area 81, Mississauga Sales & Marketing Toastmasters


1st Place: Sean Browne, Division W, Area 62, Black Walnut Toastmasters Club

2nd Place: David Lozowsky, Division B, Area 34, Brampton Speakeasy Toastmasters

3rd Place: Ross Cunningham, Division S, Area 76, Strathroy Toastmasters Club

Time To Check Your Pulse – Will Your Club Achieve Distinguished Status?


Time To Review Your Club Success Plan.  Will your club and your members be able to achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the year?  How many members are on track to achieve their goals?  Do they need help?

On June 30 - the Distinguished Club Program is finalized for the year - just 8 weeks left.  Will your club be:

  • a distinguished club with 5 points?
  • a select distinguished club with 7 points?
  • a presidents distinguished club with 9 or more points?

We've put together a number of ideas to help you achieve distinguished status and make your club a winner! The three easiest goals to get?  Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze, and a membership goal.  If you have any questions on these, please discuss with your Area Governor.

Goals 1+2:  Four Competent Communicator (CC) Awards

Look for members that have at least 7 speeches done.  3 more speeches by June is attainable.  Here are some ideas to help them reach that goal.

  • Schedule the speeches once a month from now till early June
  • Support those members in completing this task by encouragement and being available if they need help.
    • Have the member discuss their next speeches with their mentor or a few senior members. 
    • Help the member brainstorm ideas for the speeches.
    • Run a speech creation workshop - sometimes members just need that spark to help them move forward

Not enough room in your speaker schedule? 

  • Do 4 speeches a night instead of 3
  • Have a speechathon meeting with six speeches
  • Have an open house or extra meeting just for speeches to showcase your club.
  • Encourage the member to give a speech at another club.

Goals 3+4: Two Advanced Communicator (ACB, ACS, ACG) Awards

Look for members that have at least 7 speeches done.  3 more speeches by June is attainable.  Here are some ideas to help them reach that goal.

  • Since Advanced speeches can be longer - scheduling may become challenging - so schedule them in first.
  • Support those members in completing this task by encouragement and being available if they need help.

Not enough room in your speaker schedule? 

  • Have a special meeting to promote and showcase only Advanced speakers.
  • Encourage the member to give a speech at another club that is looking for speakers.

Goals 5+6:  Two Leadership (CL, ALB, ALS or DTM) Awards

Competent Leader

  • Look for members that have at least 7 projects done and signed off.
  • Projects related to meeting roles  - get them scheduled in your weekly roster as soon as possible.
  • Projects related to items outside of regular club meetings include:

Advanced Leader Bronze

  • Every Club Officer that already has served for at least six months, has their Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, and has attended Club Officer Training is a prime candidate to get this designation.
  • Encourage them to do two education presentations from from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series  These are free downloads.
  • Discuss what presentations make sense for the club.  After delivering the presentations, they will get their designation

Goals 7+8: Eight New Members

Growing your membership by at least 8 members each year is the right thing to do because: no one member is overburdened with responsibilities; meetings are more fun, because more people are involved; more people can fill meeting and officer roles; and it’s easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs.

If your club has not attracted at leas 8 new members this year, here is a great list of resources and ideas to help you: Blog Post - Grow Your Membership This Fall

Goal 9 - Club Officers Trained June-August AND In December-February

If your club was not able to get at least 4 club officers trained during each training cycle - then please make sure you make this a priority in the the upcoming club elections.  Discuss the need to attend both training sessions with nominees so they know what is expected before they run.

Goal 10 - Membership-Renewal Dues On Time AND Club Officer List On Time

If your club got your renewal dues in on time and your officers lists in on time – Congratulations!  If your club has not renewed, please do so IMMEDIATELY.

Submit A Blog Post


Tuula Redditt, DTM - District 86 News / Blog Editor

Tuula Redditt is the District 86 Blog / News Editor.  She's been doing this since the new website launched in June 2014.  Previously, she managed / edited the District 86 Newsletters.

She has been a member of Toastmasters for 8 years, and currently belongs to three clubs: Speak To Inspire Toastmasters, Bolton Banter Toastmasters, and Tangri Toastmasters.

She is a DTM, past Area 34 Governor, a club sponsor, a club coach, a past president, and has held all other club officer roles.

Three Easy Steps To Submit A Blog Post

  1. Write the blog post (tips / how to below if you are not sure how to write one)
  2. Prepare your photo if you have one (instructions below)
  3. Email both to Tuula Redditt, our blog editor (articles are posted every Tuesday)

Submit Your Blog Post Now

1. How To Write A Blog Post

The key to crafting a great blog is to not rush through writing down everything that enters your mind. Take time to pause as you would in a prepared speech and give your audience breathing room to think about what you’ve just written. Give every word purpose and meaning to create the impact that you want. Here are a few tips that might help you craft that beautiful post.

Choose a Topic

Take a little extra time defining your topic and the post will flow better and you’ll develop something that matters to readers. “Like when you’re developing a topic for a great speech, think about your audience’s interests…and what they want to read!”

Craft a Title

Perhaps the most crucial part of actually getting readers to start reading your post is when they see it on the blog site or D86 website. “As in any speech that we write we want to grab the audience’s attention with a clever title!”

The Opening Line

First impressions matter. Once you’ve got someone past your post’s title your opening line draws them deeper into your post. “Once again we all know as toastmasters how important that introductory line is…the one that sets the hook and starts reeling us in!”


A post needs to have a message. If it’s just an intriguing title and opening you’ll get people to read – but if the post doesn’t ‘matter’ to them it’ll never get traction. “In your CC speech project _Get to the Point_ get your point across with simplicity, eliminating any jargon and unnecessary words and descriptions.”

Activate Your Audience

Driving readers to do something cements a post in their mind and helps them to apply it and helps you to make a deeper connection with them. “We constantly inspire others with our speeches. Make your words memorable so your audience can relate to them.”

Fine Tune Your Post

Small mistakes can be barriers to engagement for some readers. Spending time fixing errors and making a post ‘look’ good can take it to the next level. “As Toastmasters we know that good use of grammar is very important and easy to do when writing so taking the time to edit your words helps the editor (myself) in the long run.”

Length of Your Post

The length of your post should be 150-300 words in length. “Like an elevator speech, saying what you want to see in a short period of time.”

Promote Your Blog Post

Before sending off your blog to me to edit try sending it off to a few of your fellow Toastmasters to receive testimonials that you can add at the end just like a great book. “Readers will definitely want to read it then!”


Often the real action happens once your post is published and being interacted with by readers and other bloggers. Taking time to dialogue can be very fruitful. “The D86 Facebook page is a great way to get people to comment on your ideas and give you positive feedback like in a speech evaluation or mentor feedback on a written speech.”

2. Prepare Your Pictures 

Photo Size

Our photos for the blog are generally either:  900p x 300px for large pictures or 300px x 300px for headshots. 

Photos can be cropped in most photo editors on your desktop, but if you don't have one - a free tool online called PicMonkey can help immensely.  You load your photo, make adjustments to size, and then save back onto your computer.

They should be saved as jpeg files and should typically be not more than 100k in size.



Sometimes One Picture Won't Do

Here is a way to get three pictures into one using PicMonkey Collage Maker.  It allows you to add 3 or 4 pictures into the 900px by 300px size.  This is perfect for Charter Parties and Celebrations. 

First set the size settings in PicMonkey (per screen settings below), then choose your photos and upload them onto the canvas.   Choose your large people photo for the big box, choose a few important people for one of the small boxes, and perhaps choose your charter celebration cake for the other small box. Give it a try.  No downloading necessary.



3 Click submit button and send to the editor - we post every Tuesday

When you feel you have crafted a blog that will inspire your readers, submit your post and photo to District 86 Blog Editor Tuula Redditt, DTM by clicking on button below.

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