World Vision Speechcrafters

WorldVision Speechcrafters

Our 8 week speechcraft session ended Tuesday at World Vision with a celebration of food and fantastic speeches by Olusola Adeosun from Brampton Talks and Cal Lockhart from Speak to inspire Toastmasters. What an inspiring group of speechcrafters receiving their certificates by management. Congratulations! Thank you to all the Toastmasters who volunteered their time to help out from Speak to Inspire members Cal Lockhart, Firdaus Walele, Novlette Evans, Tuula Redditt and Tobista Michaels, Brampton Talks member Olusola Adeosun, Brampton Alpha member Pauline Bourne, One World member Martina De Ruyte and Tangri Toastmasters member Satish Prabhu. We couldn't have done it without your help. Well done everyone.

Our Speechcrafters who graduated were:
Ermira Simeqi, Esther Waweru, Jennifer Miller, Joanne Legin, Sandra Torres, Marcellin Danhoundo and Maya Thomas

Congratulations everyone for inspiring us all with your wonderful stories. The evaluations we received afterwards were extremely positive and World Vision is lucky to have you all working with such a warm group of people. Thank you for sharing your stories. Take advantage of furthering your skills now at One World Toastmasters Club. 

Reflections of the TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) June 1st 2019

TLI June 1st 2019

Reflecting back many years to our officer training sessions we used to have I have to say there is such a great improvement and it's more of an experience than just an education session. I remember back in June 1st 2013 our district transformed its officer training sessions and launched it's first TLI training session. Carolyn Hoxie, D86 Lieutenant Governor of Education at the time came up with this wonderful idea that we have prided ourselves on ever since. The school auditorium was packed with standing room only for some of us. It was a record breaking success. The District presented a skit on 'Toastmasters Behaving Badly' which I was a part of and enjoyed thoroughly giving a bad evaluation for a bad speech. The District 86 Executive stepped up and presented quality workshops and training. They brought in caterers feeding hundreds of hungry Toastmasters a delicious hot lunch satisfying all special diets. We increased the cost of attending to accomodate great food and venue costs. This was the beginning of our District's future to present quality training for our clubs.

Fast forwarding to June 1st 2019 TLI training at the Meadowvale Secondary School which I attended with several our club's newly elected executive. Not much has changed since our first TLI in 2013. We still provide the same quality training, entertainment ...and great food. Leading me to express my gratitude for having the pleasure of working with great leaders all these years. Why mess with a good process! If the event draws in 100's of people I think we are doing something right don't you think?

Finally I'd like to share with you all my very first NEWSLETTER. In this newsletter there is a great article about our first TLI event.  I have been taking care of the Newsletters and Blog posts all these years and have enjoyed reading and sharing the great news from our District. If you have a story you would like to share check out how to do that here BLOG PAGE.

Testimonial by Felicia Simpson incoming Secretary for Speak To Inspire Toastmasters Club in Brampton

Felicia attended the June 8th Training session in Malton and this is what she had to say:  It was excellent.  I enjoyed the day!  Learned a lot.  Especially loved the two speeches in the afternoon by the blind lady, Melanie Taddeo.  Her speech was very emotional and the  title was "The Unforeseen Journey" and also the very inspiring speech by Steve Hopkinson, "DIG Plant Grow."  It was encouraging to see so many people out so early on a Saturday morning!  I saw two ladies whom I had met previously at the Mississauga Toastmasters held at the Mississauga Civic Centre. One of these ladies led the Secretary Training.  Her training was excellent and it was nice to see that there were a few male secretaries as well. 



Candu Toastmasters Open House

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

On Friday, May 28th, members of Candu Toastmasters, joined by members from both Hatch and Woods Toastmasters Clubs, welcomed former Toastmasters International President Pat Johnson DTM to our Corporate Headquarters.  Nuclear Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development, Francesca Ottoni offered opening remarks which lead naturally into Pat Johnson's presentation where she discussed professional development and transferrable skills in the Corporate environment. Also attending the event were the incoming District Trio, Jackelyn Payne DTM, Jocelyn Vezina DTM and Clifford Graham DTM and several former Candu Toastmasters members.

CanduToastmasters OpenHouse

Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters Elvis Gregov Wins 2019 Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales Contests

Traditionally the Clubs in the Oakville area have been holding the Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests in the month of May for the past 10 years or so. The Tall Tales Contests would start at the club level in the month of April / May, and the club winner will go on to represent the home club. The contests venue would rotate from year to year amongst various, willing community clubs.

For the 2019 edition of the Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests, Area 83 Director Prashant Lal and Organising Team wanted to try something different from previous years. Let the contests venue be the pub! Accordingly, the Contests were held on Monday, May 27th, 7.30 to 9.30 pm at the Abbey Arms Pub Restaurant, 481 North Service Road W, Oakville.

Invited Oakville Clubs

The invited Clubs with the Representative in bracket, included the following:

• Glen Abbey Toastmasters (Krista Rowen)
• Horizon Toastmasters (Doug Flowers)
• Sheridan Bruins Oakville (Mashaal Effendi)
• Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters (Elvis Gregov)
• First Oakville Toastmasters (Rebecca Valero)
• Callisto Toastmasters (Muhammad Asif)
• Burloak Toasmasters (Did not participate)
• SUEZ Toastmasters (Victoria Oswell)
• Trafalgar Toastmasters (Iryna Boyco)
• Mansion Toastmasters (Paul Wouters)

Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales ContestContestants Speaking Order

1 Victoria Oswell, SUEZ Toastmasters
2 Muhammad Asif, Callisto Toastmasters
3 Doug Flowers, Horizon Toastmasters
4 Mashaal Effendi, Sheridan Bruins Oakville
5 Iryna Boyco, Trafalgar Toastmasters
6 Rebecca Valero, First Oakville Toastmasters
7 Paul Wouters, Mansion Toastmasters
8 Elvis Gregov, OTM Oakville Toastmasters
9 Krista Rowan, Trafalgar Toastmasters


2019 Mary Heary Tall Tales Contests Winners

1st Place: Elvis Gregov, R E A F Remover
2nd Place: Iryna Boyko, A Careful Driver Appreciation Day
3rd Place: Rebecca Valero, The Micro Manager

Elvis Gregov Winning Speech R A E F Remover

The Winning Speech R A E F (read backwards as F E A R) Remover synopsis, per Elvis Gregov: “A travelling salesman comes into town with an invention, which will help the local town folk change their lives forever. Common fears like flying, going to the dentist office, and sleeping in the dark are tackled with this genius invention. There is a twist thought, we all have the individual power to remove F E A R, and not rely on a gadget to do this for us”.

Pub Environment Advantage

The Pub Owner did not charge for the venue. We enjoyed some fine British food and beer. The Pub Owner was happy to offer the venue on a Monday night, which unless there was a game, is usually a slow night for them. In a sense, it was a win for Toastmasters, a win for the Pub Owner. The positive experience from the many feedback received suggest that we will certainly entertain holding future contests in similar venues. Contestants are well advised to refrain from any alcohol consumption prior to their speeches. This guideline is not applicable to others. The rest of us can consume alcohol before, during and after the contests!


The 2019 Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests were a highly successful event. Kudos to the Organising Team, that includes Prashant Lal, Area 83 Director, Shelley Orchin, Area 87 Director, Carol Todd-Skuce, DTM, former Division L Governor, and Linda Rossi, DTM, Incoming Division D Director. Thanks and appreciation to Contest Team: Contest Chair Supritha Pai, Chief Judge George How Pak Hing, Timers and Ballot Counters Jeff Turk and Anna Meyers, the Internal and External Judges and Tie-Breaking Judge (that shall remain anonymous). Huge Thank You to the Contestants for giving their very best performance. Thank You to Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters for being there.
George How Pak Hing, PEng, DTM
OTM Oakville Toastmasters Founder & IPP

Town of Oakville Proclamation June 2019 as Toastmasters Month

On May 30, 2019 the Town of Oakville Mayor, Rob Burton proclaimed June 2019 Toastmasters Month in Oakville. George How Pak Hing, DTM, Founder of Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters began the process by contacting the Mayor's office in April 2019. George was instrumental in getting the Town of Oakville Proclamation, three years in a row.

Community and Corporate Clubs from Area Clubs in Area 83 and Area 87 that are in Oakville

  • Glen Abbey Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • Horizon Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • Sheridan Bruins Oakville Toastmasters (A83) (College)
  • Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • First Oakville Toastmasters (A87) (Community)
  • Callisto Toastmasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • Burloak Toastmasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • GE Toasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • Trafalgar Toastmasters (A87) (Community)

Oakville Proclamation

Speechcraft at Progressive TM Club

A Positive Growth Experience

Progressive Toastmasters regularly hosts Speechcraft (SC) twice a year. We have found that the right time to do this is around October-November and March-April. What has worked for Progressive Toastmasters is Facebook advertising for Speechcraft. We also purchased a ‘square’ to sign a guest up quickly to the SC program and to renew memberships. If a SC participant comes in while a program is underway, we don’t turn them away. As we’re following Pathways, we have them start wherever they join in the workshop. Always allow a 4-week marketing campaign; but be prepared, people will only commit in the last week before the start date.

As Toastmasters International has not finalized the update to the Speechcraft manual to reflect Pathways, we modified the Speechcraft program slightly to make sure it incorporates the components of Pathways speech projects for Level 1. By doing this, a non-member participant [who decides to join Toastmasters] OR a new member [wishing to jump-start their learning] can continue their Toastmasters journey. We have found the 6-week program always works best😊; having tried the 4wk -- it was too tight; and, 8wk was too long.

What we have done is keep all aspects of the Speechcraft manual plus adding in two additional educational speeches so that we have 5 over the 6-week period. The slight changes we have made to the Speechcraft program are the participant speeches. As the SC participant or new member must start on Pathways right away, it makes sense for them to start Level 1 under their chosen Pathways.

Note – Level 1 speech projects are the SAME for ALL Pathways. We replaced the first three speeches of the Competent Communicator manual with the first three speech projects of Pathways: the Ice Breaker; followed by two Presentations & feedback + 1 Evaluation. We include an educational presentation on the Pathways logging in and explain how the program works. This modification to the SC program has been a positive experience for our participants as they learn how to log into Pathways right away to start their journey. Now the Speechcraft participant/new member only has to complete the Research/Presentation speech to finish Pathways Level I. A more positive experience overall for both the club’s DCP program and the new member.

In summary, adding two additional education sessions and starting into Pathways right at the start has been very beneficial for everyone. 😊

Shawn Salokannel, DTM
BCOMM, DTM, Cert Adult Educ., OMDP
Club President, Progressive Toastmasters
Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Growing

Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasters in the News

Toastmaster Leaders

We have great news coming from Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasters (OTM)! Our intrepid VP PR, Peter Day, CC, worked his miracles to get us a spot on the Cogeco Nightly News, Monday, April 29th. OTM's SAA, Elora Taylor IP1, alongside OTM's star rookie, Elvis Gregov, DL2, is seen in the photo below on Monday's evening session.

There will be a special viewing of this segment at our End-of-Year Open House on June 20th at St Simon's Anglican Church, 1450 Litchfield Rd, Oakville (across from Sheridan). It would be great if you could join us This is another George How Pak Hing, DTM and Paulette Jervis, DL1, CC, ALB, extravaganza that promises to be a great showing of community.

Thank you for your dedication to Toastmasters! Come out and celebrate Toastmasters with us on June 20th!

Kind regards,
Sasha-Li Chinloy, ACB, ALB, 2019/2020 Area Director Candidate

OTM In The News

Candu Toastmasters Hosts Their First Speechcraft Series

In January 2018, the Candu Toastmasters Executive met to discuss possible OpenHouse activities - traditionally we'd either invited guest speakers or hosted workshops, but we were ready to try something different. We'd heard a great deal about Speechcraft but weren't certain that we could cover the content in six, one-hour sessions. Our Club President, François Cussac, took the lead in tailoring the program while the remaining Club Officers agreed to both serve as mentors and deliver the program presentations.

From our first session held on March 7th, it was clear that the Speechcraft program is the necessary jumping off point for new members under Pathways; it was amazing to see how each student’s confidence improved and, by the final session, each of them had become comfortable public speakers (two of the students have gone on to join Toastmasters, one at our club). The most memorable feedback from one of the students was "It wasn't at all what I was expecting … it was FUN!"

To celebrate their (and our) success, the following was posted on Nuclear Canada’s Intranet:
Let's congratulate Candu Toastmasters Speechcraft graduates

SpeechcraftersOn April 17, seven Nuclear Canada employees successfully completed the six-week Speechcraft program that was organized by Candu Toastmasters club:

Simer Jawandha

Emma MacDonald

Padmashri (Anu) Paranjape

Grace Tineo

Teodora Narvaez

Fabiola Jimenez

Kal Elenein

The graduates learned the basics of both speech development and evaluation as well as several techniques to improve the impact of their presentations. Their mastery of these basic skills was demonstrated during presentations where one student would provide an introduction, a second would deliver a speech and a third would evaluate both the speech content and its delivery.

VP Public Relations, Candu Toastmasters Club
Area 81 Director

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