World Vision Speechcrafters

WorldVision Speechcrafters

Our 8 week speechcraft session ended Tuesday at World Vision with a celebration of food and fantastic speeches by Olusola Adeosun from Brampton Talks and Cal Lockhart from Speak to inspire Toastmasters. What an inspiring group of speechcrafters receiving their certificates by management. Congratulations! Thank you to all the Toastmasters who volunteered their time to help out from Speak to Inspire members Cal Lockhart, Firdaus Walele, Novlette Evans, Tuula Redditt and Tobista Michaels, Brampton Talks member Olusola Adeosun, Brampton Alpha member Pauline Bourne, One World member Martina De Ruyte and Tangri Toastmasters member Satish Prabhu. We couldn't have done it without your help. Well done everyone.

Our Speechcrafters who graduated were:
Ermira Simeqi, Esther Waweru, Jennifer Miller, Joanne Legin, Sandra Torres, Marcellin Danhoundo and Maya Thomas

Congratulations everyone for inspiring us all with your wonderful stories. The evaluations we received afterwards were extremely positive and World Vision is lucky to have you all working with such a warm group of people. Thank you for sharing your stories. Take advantage of furthering your skills now at One World Toastmasters Club. 

Candu Toastmasters Open House

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

On Friday, May 28th, members of Candu Toastmasters, joined by members from both Hatch and Woods Toastmasters Clubs, welcomed former Toastmasters International President Pat Johnson DTM to our Corporate Headquarters.  Nuclear Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development, Francesca Ottoni offered opening remarks which lead naturally into Pat Johnson's presentation where she discussed professional development and transferrable skills in the Corporate environment. Also attending the event were the incoming District Trio, Jackelyn Payne DTM, Jocelyn Vezina DTM and Clifford Graham DTM and several former Candu Toastmasters members.

CanduToastmasters OpenHouse

Speechcraft at Progressive TM Club

A Positive Growth Experience

Progressive Toastmasters regularly hosts Speechcraft (SC) twice a year. We have found that the right time to do this is around October-November and March-April. What has worked for Progressive Toastmasters is Facebook advertising for Speechcraft. We also purchased a ‘square’ to sign a guest up quickly to the SC program and to renew memberships. If a SC participant comes in while a program is underway, we don’t turn them away. As we’re following Pathways, we have them start wherever they join in the workshop. Always allow a 4-week marketing campaign; but be prepared, people will only commit in the last week before the start date.

As Toastmasters International has not finalized the update to the Speechcraft manual to reflect Pathways, we modified the Speechcraft program slightly to make sure it incorporates the components of Pathways speech projects for Level 1. By doing this, a non-member participant [who decides to join Toastmasters] OR a new member [wishing to jump-start their learning] can continue their Toastmasters journey. We have found the 6-week program always works best😊; having tried the 4wk -- it was too tight; and, 8wk was too long.

What we have done is keep all aspects of the Speechcraft manual plus adding in two additional educational speeches so that we have 5 over the 6-week period. The slight changes we have made to the Speechcraft program are the participant speeches. As the SC participant or new member must start on Pathways right away, it makes sense for them to start Level 1 under their chosen Pathways.

Note – Level 1 speech projects are the SAME for ALL Pathways. We replaced the first three speeches of the Competent Communicator manual with the first three speech projects of Pathways: the Ice Breaker; followed by two Presentations & feedback + 1 Evaluation. We include an educational presentation on the Pathways logging in and explain how the program works. This modification to the SC program has been a positive experience for our participants as they learn how to log into Pathways right away to start their journey. Now the Speechcraft participant/new member only has to complete the Research/Presentation speech to finish Pathways Level I. A more positive experience overall for both the club’s DCP program and the new member.

In summary, adding two additional education sessions and starting into Pathways right at the start has been very beneficial for everyone. 😊

Shawn Salokannel, DTM
BCOMM, DTM, Cert Adult Educ., OMDP
Club President, Progressive Toastmasters
Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Growing

Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasters in the News

Toastmaster Leaders

We have great news coming from Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasters (OTM)! Our intrepid VP PR, Peter Day, CC, worked his miracles to get us a spot on the Cogeco Nightly News, Monday, April 29th. OTM's SAA, Elora Taylor IP1, alongside OTM's star rookie, Elvis Gregov, DL2, is seen in the photo below on Monday's evening session.

There will be a special viewing of this segment at our End-of-Year Open House on June 20th at St Simon's Anglican Church, 1450 Litchfield Rd, Oakville (across from Sheridan). It would be great if you could join us This is another George How Pak Hing, DTM and Paulette Jervis, DL1, CC, ALB, extravaganza that promises to be a great showing of community.

Thank you for your dedication to Toastmasters! Come out and celebrate Toastmasters with us on June 20th!

Kind regards,
Sasha-Li Chinloy, ACB, ALB, 2019/2020 Area Director Candidate

OTM In The News

Memoirs from the North

Go For Bold Challenge by Colleen Charland

Inspired by OPS Toastmasters and their kick off to 2019 with Moments of Truth, North Bay and Area Toastmasters chose March 20, the first day of spring, a time of renewal and regrowth as the perfect time for Moments of Truth.

In addition to the need for more members, we decided we needed more social activities especially those that included family, friends and Toastmasters from other clubs. I went home that night wondering what social events might interest our Toastmasters and possibly attract new ones.

Low and behold within 36 hours, a “Call to Dinner” appeared in my inbox. Edwin a Mining Engineer/Estimator (PEng) for Cementation Canada North Bay, ON and VP of Education of Cementation Toastmasters invited our members to a fellowship dinner where he was the guest speaker. I’m happy to report four members with four guests attended to support and evaluate a fellow Toastmaster with his speech “Keep Your Fork the Best Is Yet To Come. Pretty impressive for a club with only ten members.

Less than a week later I received another email from the other corporate club requesting help with Pathways. I offered to do a Q&A session or a speech and was given a speaking spot. My level 4 speeches did not fit the time allocated so I signed up for my second path and broke the ice.

In the right place at the right time, good karma, or divine intervention? I'm not sure but I’m going for BOLD! and more inter club events.

Colleen Charland DTM
North Bay and Area Toastmasters

Speechcraft at Waterloo Silver Tongue

During one of our exec meeting’s, the executive was facing two challenges. We were looking for ideas on how to grow our membership. We also identified that the current membership was not progressing well on presenting prepared speeches. It was identified that we should offer a Speechcraft program which also included any of our current membership participating. The result exceeded all our expectations.

I called the Speechcraft program “Toastmasters on Steroids”. Not only did we attract new members, our current membership embraced the program and accelerated their own development. In the span of 6 weeks, several of our members presented 3 speeches. Prior to Speechcraft, we were averaging members presenting a speech about every 3 months! Some had been members for some time and had yet to do their Ice Breaker.

One of the issues we had in running the Speechcraft program was that most of our club’s membership base were fairly new. To assist with the mentoring, we brought in mentors from other clubs to assist with the program. Each participant was provided an experienced Toastmaster mentor. These mentors assisted in speech development, evaluations and in providing the education sessions. The result was a very successful Speechcraft program which ended with an Open House/Graduation Night. We had so many guests attend this event that we needed more chairs!

Based on how successful our first Speechcraft program was, it was decided to run a second program starting in January 2019. We promoted this Speechcraft at our Open House Graduation and on social media. We were able to attract a high number of participants, most of which have become members. One of the most impressive parts of Speechcraft was seeing the progression in speech presentations through the program. At the first graduation, we had the participants present a speech on “what they had learned” through the program. It was not intended as a sales pitch, but after hearing the testimonials, we did attract a large interest in our upcoming January Speechcraft.

The first Speechcraft was offered in lieu of our regular meetings. As not to disrupt the club’s normal meetings, the second Speechcraft was offered on alternating weeks. In addition to guests experiencing a normal club meeting, the two-week separation provided our Speechcraft participants time to prepare for their next speech project.

Since conducting Speechcraft, I have found the club fellowship seems stronger and members are more engaged. Our club’s motto was “We May Be Small In Size, But We Are Mighty In Energy”. I think we need to change our slogan as we are not small in size anymore. Speechcraft has assisted our club in growing membership and keeping the current members highly engaged in a warm, friendly and motivating environment.

Our “Small Club That Thinks Big”, is now “A Big Club That Thinks Members Come First”.

Russell Deacon, CC, PI L1
Club President, Waterloo Silver Tongue

Survivors and Self-Advocates Toastmasters - Club Launch

Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, that 15% of the world’s population live with a disability?

I don’t know about you, but I live with some serious {dis}Abilities and attending a brick and mortar club is sometimes not possible because of my health or physical limitations.

I think I was extremely lucky to have rolled through the doors of Cambridge Toastmasters ( club 2728) and found a room full of people who were accepting and willing to adjust their norms, just slightly, so that I could become a member of their club. The changes weren’t huge, but they made all the difference in the world to me!

Now picture a world that is soundless, a world that is dark, a world in which you have no voice, or a world where pictograms are your only form of communication! Does Toastmasters have a place for people like this?? The answer is now…. YES!!

With the support of Toastmasters International, a TI Past President, 2 Sponsors (both from District 86), and 2 club mentors, we are working towards an open and supportive online club for people who might need extra time, need interpreters, may not speak the way you or I do, and anyone else interested in this club. A special thanks goes out to Jennifer Aucoin for developing and nurturing this concept and turning into a reality!

My call to action for you District 86, is to think about your loved ones, your friends, and other people who have touched your life who might benefit from being a Toastmaster or who may benefit from a club that is trying to meet their needs.

Ralph Smedley said: “Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others.”

Survivors and Self-Advocates Toastmasters inaugural meeting as we work to found this new club is:

Thursday March 14th at 11:30 am EST.
The meeting begins at 12pm EDT (-4 GMT).

Please arrive early so we can help you overcome technical issues and get everyone settled in :)

You can find us at:

Have any Questions?? Contact

CJ Janzen
Pathways EC5, PM5, IP1, Pathways Mentor

Club ‘Invasion’? Bring it On!

There were not 2, or 3, or 4... but 9 guests from Port Credit Toastmasters who literally ‘invaded’ our Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters meeting on January 11. WOW!!!!! With our club members’ habitual camaraderie and their amazing energy, that meeting was simply OUTSTANDING.

Following their visit and inspired by that initiative, we decided to pay back the 'invasion’, having 7 of our members join the Port Credit Toastmasters meeting on February 4th. The result? Another fantastic meeting with guests and members alike truly enjoying the experience! Have you ever considered doing a ‘club invasion’ of this sort? Well... we absolutely loved it AND recommend it!


The best part about visiting other clubs is being inspired by their best practices, to share these new ideas with your own club members. I was personally impressed by the way Port Credit Toastmasters has a “Guest Greeter” role in their agenda, to introduce each guest and give them the chance to speak or be introduced by a seasoned member.

In my corporate clubs, guests are usually introduced by the Toastmaster of the meeting, but depending on the experience of the person in the role, welcoming of guests and requesting their feedback at the end of the meeting are sometimes ‘hit and miss’ practices, rather than the formal process I saw performed so well by the “Guest Greeter” at Port Credit Toastmasters. A great meeting role to suggest and start applying in my other clubs!

They also have a “Book of the Week” practice, that allows their club members to borrow a book on Communication, Presentation Skills or Leadership for two weeks. What a neat idea and an additional way to entice guests to join the club, so they can also benefit from that unique opportunity!

Visiting other clubs is an awesome way to discover great ideas that can make the experience of guests and members a lot better in our own club(s). Make sure to plan a visit to another club if you have never done so -maybe even plan having an ‘invasion’ of your club members to another club, to change the routine up and give memorable and truly enjoyable meeting experiences to all involved, and share any awesome best practices you discover here in our blog! In the end, everyone leaves a winner thanks to the experience, and stronger inter-club connections are built.

At Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters we have enjoyed this couple of ‘invasions’ so much, that we plan to continue doing them throughout the year. Will your club be next???

Looking forward to our next club ‘invasion’!!!!!!

Amparo Cifuentes, DTM
VP Public Relations, Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters 2018-2019

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