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Incoming 2017-18 Executive, Lincoln Road Toastmasters

We asked the members of our outgoing executive to send us a few thoughts on their experiences this year being part of our club leadership team. For some of us, this was our first time on an executive and others are more seasoned.

Read about their 2016-17 year at Lincoln Road:


Anthony Wikkerink - I've been SAA for a year, and was mentored for a few months in the previous year. I really enjoyed the role. I loved helping set up and clean up the room as well as the other responsibilities. I also don't like being in the spotlight that much. Sure, the SAA introduces the meeting, but no one really talks about them much elsewhere, except during the executive meeting.

I expected a light role with few responsibilities. What I got was a role with a lot of responsibility attached to it, but I grew a lot as a Toastmaster.. The SAA doesn't have to do everything, since most of the role is delegation it’s a lot of responsibility.

I would recommend anyone who wants to learn delegation and taking responsibility. The role does not set you up to fail. All the members will pitch in and help you along the way, and you will grow.


Lizzy Stohr - I felt excited about being on the executive as the secretary. My expectations were that it was only about taking notes during the executive meetings. The reality however was that it is about keeping and maintaining all of the clubs important documents. I am happy that I was able to keep up with writing down notes while people talk. I wish I could have kept up on emailing the minutes to the rest of the executive. The thing that surprised me the most is what documents the secretary has to keep track of. Yes I would recommend someone joining the exec because it is a great way to see what happens behind the scenes of a club.


VP of Membership:

Lilliane dos Santos - I enjoyed being part of the executive team this year as VP of Membership. It was a good opportunity to work on my leadership and teamwork skills since being part of the executive team involves being able to share ideas, learn different points of views from others, and collaborating to achieve goals for the club.

I realized the expectations I set for myself were unrealistic & I had a long list of goals. I would recommend that the executive team to create a list of goals and choose a couple to focus on, and to share them with the executive team in order to gain insight and help meet them. Delegation is one of the keys to learn to achieve your goals. Instead of trying to accomplish everything on your own, it'll be less stress on yourself to ask some of your club members to help you with certain tasks. It can also give your club members an opportunity to take credit for tasks in their CL manual.

I would recommend anyone to join the executive team as an opportunity to learn more about the behind the scenes a club. It will take you out of your comfort zone by being able to accomplish tasks that you otherwise wouldn't have the chance to do.


VP of Public Relations:

Julie Tauro - This was my first year on a Toastmasters executive and it was a wonderful learning experience. I served as VP of PR, and I am the incoming President for the 2017-18 year.

I have served on other executives and Boards of Directors in the community, and every time, it has been a rich learning experience. Serving on an executive or on a committee is an excellent way to ‘get the most bang for your buck’ in terms of experience. You get to know people on a different level than just participating in weekly meetings, and gain deeper understanding and appreciation for your membership and the organization.

Participating on an executive is a wonderful way to gain leadership experience that you may not have previously had in your working or volunteering life. These are true resume and skill building opportunities., and it is a great way to have influence on the direction of your club.

This has been a great year, and we are really looking forward to an even greater year in 2017-18. With the launch of Pathways in our district, we will be challenged in new ways to grow our program and membership. We look forward to this with enthusiasm!

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