The Division Director of the Year is based on the Division performance and the individuals contributions to that achievement.  The achievements are measured across membership building and retention, club extensions, distinguished club program, education and training, leadership commitment and support, and public relations.

Finalists in Alphabetical Order



Tracey Harding

I joined Toastmasters in February 2012 to improve my public speaking skills and I have never looked back. Like most people, it took me a long time from realizing I needed help to joining a club. Brampton Speakeasy is a wonderful club that I joined the first night I attended a meeting. The club is strong and its members are very supportive.

My confidence with public speaking and leadership have soared over the years. There was a time when I would always hesitate to give my opinion during business meetings – not anymore! By taking full advantage of the TM program, I have learned a lot. Going from being on the club executive, to Area Director, to Division Director I have truly enjoyed myself and have met so many wonderful people along the way.

As my journey continues, I look forward to improving my skills even more while helping others to achieve their goals. Toastmasters has definitely helped me to become a better speaker and a better leader.



 Jane Harnadek

Jane has been a member of Toastmasters since November 2009, missing only 14 months, because she wasn’t as good enough. She joined at the suggestion of the men in a Correctional Facility where she facilitated a life skills program. They said, “I needed to inspire and motivate others the way I inspired and motivated them.” Jane was a member of Confidently Speaking Toastmasters for 5 and ½ years. She is currently a member of IPC Toastmasters and Great Minds Advanced Toastmasters (GMAT).

Jane has presented twice at the District 86 conference and at TLI. She has been a club mentor and club coach. Currently she is working on being a club coach, second time around. She has held a number of positions within the club level: VP of Education, VP of Membership, VP of Public Relations and Secretary. She is the current President of Great Minds Advanced Toastmasters.

Loved being an Area Director (2014-2015) and just stepped down as Division C Director (2016-2017). Jane achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster in July of 2015 and believes DTM means – duty to members. Jane assisted at the District 86 conference as Hostess Chair, and part of the Promotions teams for two years.
Jane is unsure what the future holds for her in Toastmasters with the Pathways. Although, she is setting her sights on completing a second Distinguished Toastmaster(DTM), she knows there are new opportunities and she is looking forward to embracing them. For now, it’s Duty to Members wherever she is called.


Saima1Saima Malik

Saima Malik DTM has been a Toastmasters for ten years. She is s member of Markham Sweettalkers and joined Toastmasters to improve her communication skills. She worked diligently towards achieving her goals. In her journey in Toastmasters, she discovered that her leadership skills improved tremendously. As an ESL professional Saima began her professional career as a second language teacher and now works as a team leader at the YMCA Language Assessment and Referral Centre in Toronto. In Toastmasters career she has worked as Area 53 Director 2015-2016, Division A Director 2016-2017 and is currently working as District 86 Club Retention Chair. Toastmasters not only helped her to become confident but helped her to grow as a person.


The finalists of the District 86 Toastmasters "Of the Year Awards" for the 2016 - 2017 Toastmasters Year as selected by the awards committee lead by Vitaliy Fursov, DTM Immediate Past District 86 Director. The winner for each award will be announced and presented after the DTM Recognition dinner on Friday night November 10th during the District 86 Fall Conference November 10th to 11th at the Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute, King City, Ontario. 

All Finalists for the 2016 - 2017 Of the Year Awards

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