What’s Happening in Speechcraft?

Are you conducting OR have you conducted a Speechcraft Program yet? If yes, let me know ASAP at speech@toastmasters86.org. I want to let District 86 Toastmasters know of YOUR team collaboration, time management, dynamic leadership and effective coaching skills. WOW – you’re amazing!! [I’m being sincere here!]

Are you still “thinking” about co-ordinating a Speechcraft (SC) program? I have heard that some Toastmasters are thinking that conducting a Speechcraft program would satisfy the requirements for their HPL. SORRY, NO CAN DO. Jocelyne Vezina, DTM, Club Growth Director was informed by Toastmasters International that the High-Performance Leadership Project (HPL) must be a project that is NOT created by Toastmasters International such as Youth Leadership Program or SPEECHCRAFT. Why not connect with me at speech@toastmasters86.org for some ideas that could be considered when organizing a SC program?

To Area Directors and Division Directors – have you considered conducting an Open House event that leads to announcing a community Speechcraft program? Maybe your clubs are experiencing low membership and don’t have enough experienced Toastmasters to co-ordinate and lead a CLUB Speechcraft program. Well – why not ‘pool’ those resources and conduct a SC program? On Speechcraft Graduation Night, conduct another “open house”, showcasing the rewards of participating in a SC program [SC participants giving testimonials on what they’re taking away from the program]. Have a chart showing your Area/Division Toastmasters Clubs contact information available at the door. Another tool to building membership.

One night after leaving a SC session, I experienced an epiphany moment…don’t get them often! As you may know, each week, the participants receive a fundamental or tool to help them craft a speech. Then, they would go home, write a speech that incorporates those principles/fundamentals learned and present their speech at the next session. When the SC program is finished, they get a Certificate of Achievement and an invite to join the Toastmasters club. I felt that the non-Toastmaster needed something MORE…something to tie each session together…something to jog their memory of the fundamentals for crafting a speech.

Now here’s the epiphany – why don’t I prepare an easy to follow checklist or summary that captures the fundamentals or principles that were taught in Speechcraft. This memory jogger could get the creative juices flowing, putting thoughts into a logical sequence and adding some enhancements to keep their audience engaged. YESSS – even novice Toastmasters can use this CHECKLIST. WOW – what an idea! Have a looksee.

Ta Ta For Now,
Margaret Waechter, ACG, ALB
District 86 Speechcraft Chair

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