Give the Gift of Toastmasters

SpringConference-2015 gift

Twas the Gift of Toastmasters

Twas the Eve of the 25th, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
There were socks by the chimney, hung all in a row,
In hopes they’d have Toastmaster gifts by tomorrow.

Toastmasters were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Toastmaster mugs danced in their heads.
Gail Gustin in her ‘kerchief, and Frank in his cap,
Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Gail sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window she flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A Surprising Adventure Spring Conference next year.

A man had appeared, I thought was a prank
She knew in a moment that it was just Frank.
More rapid than eagles other Toastmasters came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"There was Janice, Mike, Vitaliy and Dawna!
Oh and Carolyn, Sarrah, Myrna and Tuula!
Up a ladder then up the side of the wall!
Climbed Frank with his Toastmasters haul!

And then, in a twinkling, Gail heard on the roof
The struggling and grunting and then a big “OOF”!
As she drew in her head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney Frank came with a bound.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the cap on his head was now covered in snow.

He was jolly and proud, a real Toastmaster elf,
Gail laughed when she saw him, in spite of herself!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Letting her know she had nothing dread.

He spoke the whole time, like a Toastmaster does,
And filled all the stockings, with Toastmaster stuff.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
He gave me a nod, and up the chimney he rose!

He climbed down the ladder, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
As they drove out of sight I heard him sing,
"A Surprising Adventure, awaits you this Spring.

Stuck for ideas on what to give that favourite Toastmaster this holiday season?

Check out Toastmasters International online store or simply go to our Spring Conference page and maybe give the gift of a Spring Conference Admission Ticket. 

Shopping this year is at your finger tips. Simply sit back with your mug of hot chocolate and wait for the surprised look on the face of your favourite Toastmaster.


Spring Conference 2015 – Leadership Opportunities

A surprising adventure logo

Planning for the Spring 2015 Conference is underway. Over 300 District 86 Toastmasters will be coming together to embark on A Surprising Adventure. The conference will be at the beautiful Sheraton Parkway in Richmond Hill from April 24-26/2015.

Leadership Opportunities

Our first team meeting is happening this Saturday, November 22nd at the Conference venue. We have more than 30 leadership opportunities for Toastmasters to collaborate over the next six months and create an exciting Spring Conference that will truly be 'A Surprising Adventure'.

Would you like to be part of this Adventure? You will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities you will have to expand your goals. We welcome you to step up and take advantage of this opportunity to grow as leaders.

Check out all the Spring Conference page and VOLUNTEER today!

Your journey begins now so MAKE attending the Conference your personal goal and MOTIVATE others to join you and finally don't forget to MARK your calendars April 24-26/2015. Find Adventure in leading others!

2014 Fall Conference

And if you’re interested in knowing what happened at the 2014 Fall Conference – check out the Fall Conference recap page. You’ll see the amazing program, lineup of speakers, and make sure you click on the Check Out the Photos On Flickr button to see the photos.

Smile, Speak, Shine!

Frank Gustin DTM / Gail Gustin DTM
Co-Chairs District 86 Spring’15 Conference

Members Making a Difference Award Recipient

It is my pleasure to announce that Kathie Weaver, DTM will be receiving the Members Making a Differnce Award at the Communication & Leadership Recipient Luncheon on Saturday November 8, 2014 at the 2014 District 86 Fall Conference

MMAD Award Recipient Kathie Weaver, DTM

Kathie Weaver DTM, Members Making a DifferenceIn August 2014, Toastmaster Kathie Weaver travelled to Cambodia with a team of 6 other individuals to host a day camp for approximately 70 Vietnamese children.

The Vietnamese people of Cambodia are a displaced community who live without state or status. This means they are unable to utilize government services or be employed. Typically, the main breadwinners of the family are the children who wander the streets pulling large wooden carts and rummaging through garbage cans or who sacrifice their innocence for money.  

Kathie participated in a program to allow these children ample time to complete their family obligations yet still have fun and learn. Kathie and her colleagues provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch for those who attended. Many of these children would eat a portion of it and then bag it up to take home and share with their families. 

Kathie and her colleagues provided lessons in computer skills and character building. Additionally, and most importantly, they provided the children with the much needed love, attention and care that they so deserved and desired; from playing games to tending to infected wounds, they did what they could to show these children that they were important. Kathie Weaver is a member of Destiny Toastmasters, Area 25 in Division A.  She has served as a Past President of Open to Speak and Lexmark and is a past Area Governor.  But more than that, she’s a member making a difference.

20 / 20 Campaign - Aiming For Charter Strength!

KeepCalmCharterStrengthToastmasters is about members working together to bring out the best in each other, their communities, and their corporations. This can only happen when clubs are healthy with a robust and growing membership.

Charter strength (20 members) is of critical importance! Members provide the leadership, and undertake the work of conducting meetings and delivering programs, conferences and training. Members ensure the financial stability of the organization and also Toastmasters standing as a leading benefactor of society.

Your continuing challenge is maintaining steady, healthy membership growth in your club. When is the best time for clubs to get new members? ALWAYS! Why do clubs need to get to charter strength?

  • That's the minimum number to ensure members don't get "burned out" and that all members get the variety of feedback and experience they need to reach their Toastmasters goals.
  • It may also be that your club has more than 20 members, but only a few of those members actually attend meetings on a regular basis.

Charter strength is so important that this year, District 86 is providing an incentive program called "The 20/20 Campaign" to promote clubs getting to 20 members by December 20, 2014.

Clubs that started the year (July 1) with fewer than 20 members and achieve charter strength (20 members) as of December 20, 2014 will receive Newsletter and web recognition; also a RECOGNITION PRIZE! The 20/20 Campaign winning clubs will be revealed online with a few weeks of the contest ending.

So remember to always bring in new guests, keep your current members engaged, and reach out to members – and former members - whose interest may be lagging. And check out the D86 Marketing Page for tools and information!

District News November - 2014

Conference Pic

Hashtag for the Conference by Vitaliy Fursov, D86 PRO

Hashtags. What you need to know about them.

In June 2014 the new word hashtag was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
Hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character, #. It is a type of metadata tag used in social networking services such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. For example:

"District 86 Toastmasters will meet in London, ON on a weekend November 7-9, 2014 for traditional #TM86Fall2014 Fall Conference."

A hashtag allows grouping of similarly tagged messages, and also allows an electronic search to return all messages that contain it. As you've noticed, District 86 Fall Conference will be using #TM86Fall2014 as an official hashtag. When you'll be posting your pictures and updates in social media, please use #TM86Fall2014 hashtag. This will help us to promote the Toastmasters brand, and District 86 conference. It will make searching easy, and will certainly help fellow Toastmasters to stay connected.

District 86 General Business Meeting - November 8, 2014

Our District has seen unprecedented success over the past few years!  Come find out why at the District 86 General Business Meeting at the Fall Conference:

District 86 will present the latest international news from the 2014 International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, the District 86 success plans, annual budgets, and vote on important District 86 business.

It’s Time For Your Club To Vote

  • Each club has 2 votes.  These have been given to the President and VP ED
  • These votes can be assigned by PROXY to any active member who attends the General Business Meeting
    IN PERSON to vote.
  • One active member may carry both votes for the club.

Voting Proxies

  • To assign a proxy, download this proxy form:  pdfProxy Form - Nov 8 2014.pdf
  • Have the President and VP Ed complete the form and assign the proxy to the active member who will be attending the General Business Meeting.
  • Let the District know who the representing active member is by emailing
    In the email, include: club name, club number, and representatives name.

Voting Process At The General Business Meeting

To vote, you must register at the Credentials Desk (next to registration desk). The Credentials Desk hours are:

  • Friday, November 7: 2:00 pm - 6:45 pm
  • Saturday, November 8: 7:00 am - 8:00 am and 1:45 pm - 3:45 pm

The General Business Meeting starts at 3:00 pm on Saturday, November 8. Register early as lines can get long at the last minute, and there must be sufficient time to calculate attendance and establish that we have quorum. Coffee will be available immediately outside the room as a courtesy.

If you are the President or VP Education, the credentials desk will give you your ballots.
If you are a representative from the club, please present your proxy forms, and you will be given your ballots.

For further information please see Toastmasters International information on credentials / voting / proxy’s.

We look forward to your participation in conducting important District Business at the General Business Meeting.

And while you're at the General Business meeting, why not consider staying for the whole conference?  Check out the Fall Conference page.

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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