Is Your Club At Charter Strength?

Toastmasters is about members working together to bring out the best in each other, their communities, and their corporations. This can only happen when clubs are healthy with a robust and growing membership.

Charter Strength = 20+ Members

Charter strength (20 + members) is of critical importance!. Members provide the leadership, and undertake the work of conducting meetings and delivering programs, conferences and training. Members ensure the financial stability of the organization and also Toastmasters standing as a leading benefactor of society.  Your continuing challenge is maintaining steady, healthy membership growth in your club.  When is the best time for clubs to get new members? ALWAYS!

Why do clubs need to get to charter strength?

  • That’s the minimum number to ensure members don’t get “burned out” and that all members get the variety of feedback and experience they need to reach their Toastmasters goals.
  • It may also be that your club has more than 20 members, but only a few of those members actually attend meetings on a regular basis.

Charter strength is so important that this year, District 86 is providing two programs to encourage clubs to get to recruit new members:

RaptorsNothin But Net

Clubs that achieve a NET increase of five (5) members from their 2014-2015 base membership as of June 30, 2015 will receive newsletter and web recognition; they’ll also be entered into a draw for tickets to a Toronto Raptors game! And if the club increases their net membership by ten (10) members – the club will be entered into the draw TWICE!

BeatTheClockBeat The Clock

And of course, we have the Toastmasters International Beat The Clock Campaign.  Every club adding five (5) new, dual, or reinstated members by June 30, 2015 will receive a ribbon and 10% TI store discount!

So remember to always bring in new guests, keep your current members engaged, and reach out to members – and former members - whose interest may be lagging. And check out the D86 Marketing Page for tools and information!

Beat The Clock - Membership Contest!


District 86 is offering $25 USD in TI Gift Certificates guaranteed, plus a bonus of up to $75 USD to qualifying clubs for achieving Beat the Clock.  Visit the Incentive page for details.

Toastmasters are taught to run meetings on time, finish speeches on time and reach membership goals on time. In that spirit, "Beat the Clock" is a great motivator for finishing the year on schedule—and with a bang!

Program Dates: May 1 to June 30

The goal for your club is to earn the "Beat the Clock" award! Make this a contest in your club to encourage every member to get involved. Clubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members during May and June receive a "Beat the Clock" ribbon to display on the club's banner. In addition to the ribbon, qualifying clubs earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order. (The discount code expires six months from the date of issue and is not valid with any other offer.)

Applications and payments for members who join between May 1 and June 30 must be received at World Headquarters or online no later than June 30. Each member's join date as listed on the application must be for May or June. The addition of transfer and charter members does not count toward "Beat The Clock Award" credit. The winning clubs will be revealed online within a few weeks of the contest ending. Winning clubs in District 86 should allow up to 21 business days.

What's in it for your club?

  • More people can fill meeting and officer roles
  • No one member is overburdened with responsibilities
  • Meetings are more fun, because more people are involved
  • It's easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs
  • More members means more people benefiting from Toastmasters!
  • Ribbon for your club banner!

Step Up, Speak Out, Have Fun!

Congratulations to Our District86 Contest Winners!

District86 Conference Contest Highlights

Thank you to all clubs, areas and divisions who held their contests leading up to the District 86 International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

Congratulations to all those who participated at every level and especially to the following members who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the District contests held this past weekend in Richmond Hill, at the Spring Conference, A Surprising Adventure!

contest-winnersDistrict 86 International Speech Contest
1st place Roger Caesar
2nd place Mario Keriakedes
3rd place Renaud Durand

District 86 Evaluation Contest
Thank you to our test speaker - Mark Hudon
1st place Neil Dunsmore
2nd place Brian Brennan
3rd place Sandra Gass

Thank you for your dedication to Toastmasters and your desire to improve your skills by entering the contests.
You inspired us and we congratulate and celebrate this major accomplishment with you. Well done!

We wish Roger Caesar the very best as he advances to the International stage at the International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada!
We invite the members of District 86 to attend the International Convention and support Roger in his quest to be the 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking!
Please let Janice know if you will be attending.

Cheering Roger on!

Janice McDonald, DTM
District 86 Director Elect 2015-16

Heather Skoll ACS, ALB Workshop Presenter at the D86 Conference

“Make Speaking a More Peaceful Experience”


Wake up with Heather on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at a 9am workshop at the District 86 Spring Conference. 
Learn 3 memorable YOGA tips that can help with speaking and with life!

Heather’s journey as a Toastmaster has been transformational. She has grown from yoga teacher and body-mind therapist to workshop leader, speaker and social activist working in partnership with businesses and agencies in York Region, Ontario. Heather is the creative director of LifeNotes Wisdom Inc supporting youth and young adults to Find, Face and Follow their PATH which has developed and grown as a result of her confidence as a Toastmaster.

Heather has inspired youth as founder of We Can Change the World Day. Events and fundraisers have promoted volunteerism, leadership and activism in support of the village of Oloirien, Kenya adopted through Free the Children. Heather received the MMAD Award at the 2014 Spring Conference for her involvements through We Can Change the World Day.

Heather says “When you bring what you have learned to new experiences, a new synergy can be created”. Heather integrates 15 years of teaching yoga along with her 6 years as a Toastmaster. Who ever thought that you can speak and practice yoga all at once! Let Heather show you how so you, too, can make speaking a peaceful experience.

“I have the privilege of knowing Heather as a friend, yoga teacher and fellow Toastmaster who inspires me by her generosity and inner strength. Heather is not only a warm and engaging teacher, leader and presenter; she also has a gift for helping people discover their talents, find their inner peace and strength and inspires them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Louisa Steele, DTM I have the privilege of knowing Heather as a friend, yoga teacher and fellow Toastmaster who inspires me by her generosity and inner strength. Heather is not only a warm and engaging teacher, leader and presenter; she also has a gift for helping people discover their talents, find their inner peace and strength and inspires them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.” 
Louisa Steele, DTM

Brennan Wong, Communication & Leadership Award Recipient for Spring Conference 2015

Congratulations to this years reciepent of the Communication and Leadership Award (for non-Toastmasters) Brennan Wong. Brennan will receive the award at the Spring 2015 Conference held April 24 to April 26th


Brennan Wong, Communication & Leadership Award Recipient for Spring Conference 2015

Brennan Wong has accomplished so much. In 2014 he received the award for 20 under 20. His list of awards, many of which come from the Town of Richmond Hill, are impressive and extensive.

He is an extraordinary 17 year old and in his graduating role at Richmond Hill High School, Brennan had been a social activist and supporter of “Free the Children” since he was 10.  
He started 2 organizations with his sister Shannon, one which showcases them as speakers in schools country wide.

In 2012 he began Pledges for Change which has been making an impact in our community and globally.

If that is not enough, Brennan organized a huge event called "igniteFAIR" in Richmond Hill in OCT 2014 to bring together charities looking for volunteers and youth looking to find a volunteer position. It was so successful that the event will be held in New York and Vancouver in 2015.

Brennan is well spoken and is on councils throughout York Region and now on the International Board for Free the Children.

He is truly extraordinary and would be a HUGE inspiration to all Toastmasters. 

Check out:

Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015

Congratulations to the following Toastmasters who will be receiving the Members Making a Difference Award at the Spring 2015 Conference held April 24 to April 26th

Phillip Chen

Phillip Chen - Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015Distinguished Toastmaster, Phillip Chen brings hope to many youth in Jamaica. He is a Member Making A Difference in the lives of the many young men and women he meets, by offering them a rare opportunity, the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (YLP).

Born in Jamaica, Phillip left his homeland for Canada in 1973, joining Toastmasters in 2001.  In 2008, Phillip began offering the YLP to the Brampton Air Cadets, who were ages 14-17 years.  His home club, Markham Sweet Talkers, offered wonderful support and the program ran for two years.

Phillip decided to offer the YLP to 24 girls at the all girl school, Mary Mount High School in Jamaica.  To do so, he compressed the eight sessions, usually spread over eight weeks, into two days. The girls enjoyed it so much that Phillip extended the program to other country schools in Jamaica. With the support of his sister, Sister Colleen, a member of the Franciscans and his home club, Markham Sweet Talkers, he has now presented the YLP 3 times in Jamaica.

Phillip Chen - Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015

On his regular visits home, most recently just one year ago, he again took two days out of his vacation to facilitate the YLP. Each year, he has become increasingly aware of the need to extend the program into the countryside.  “The poor too, need leaders in their communities,” he said.

Sister Grace Yap, Director of Franciscan Ministries Jamaica, suggested offering the program to underprivileged boys working on the farm.  Phillip boldly followed her suggestion and worked with a mixed group of 30 boys & girls, ages 12-19, in Braes River, St. Elizabeth.  He sought to give these youths basic speaking & leadership skills. Although the program lasted for only two days, the youths were able to absorb a tremendous amount of information and they were thrilled to be given the opportunity to express themselves.  During one YLP session a boy admitted, “Mr. Chen, I cannot do a presentation, I don’t know how.” Phillip encouraged him: “Push yourself! You can do this! Apply yourself to the YLP and you will get to university!” 

Phillip Chen continues to demonstrate he is a Member Making a Difference.

Rose A. Weinberg, ACS, ALB

Rose Weinberg, DTM  - Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015

Rose A. Weinberg, Advance Communicator Silver, Advance Communicator Bronce, Current Area 24 Governor, Triple Crown Recipeint 2014, DTM Summer of 2015 is making a difference for people with cancer, and their families one Reiki-blanket at a time.

Cancer touched Rose’s family at the young age of six years old, when she lost her grandmother. Spending what seemed a lifetime, alongside millions of others of not knowing what to do when we hear someone we love has been diagnosed with cancer, in December 2010, Rose found her opportunity to make a difference for a family member. She was visiting her cousin Ruth Adams in California, who was undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Rose is a Wellness Expert and as Reiki Master and educator, Rose was inspired to attune Ruth’s favourite blanket with Reiki-energy. Ruth said that the Reiki-blanket made her feel warm, comfort and peace and helped her during a very difficult time in her life.

This experience inspired Rose to create Project Beam On in 2011, to offer others the same opportunity to send a Reiki-blanket to their loved ones, when they didn’t know what to do. Rose’s vision was to make a difference for people with cancer and their loved ones, through the donation of Reiki-blankets.

TODAY Project Beam On is a non-profit organization making a difference for people touched by cancer, and their loved ones, one Reiki-blanket at a time! Alongside Rose, Project Beam On is run by a team of volunteers, board of directors and new Youth Group Leaders all striving to make a difference in the journey of how someone moves through cancer. Project Beam On is well on it’s way to being a global movement. Project Beam on Reiki-blankets are custom made and are of 100% Canadian-milled organic cotton. They are attuned to Reiki Energy with love, joy and peace by volunteer Reiki Masters to inspire well-being.

Rose Weinberg,  Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015

Over the past 4 years Project Beam On has made a difference for over 750 adults and children, with cancer and their families in over 11 countries. Recipients love their Reiki-blankets and are very grateful for loving energy that Project Beam On offers.

Rose is grateful for the gift of making a difference for someone experiencing cancer. Letting them feel the comfort, warmth and peace this Reiki-blanket offers so that they can feel empowered to heal!

Her vision is that everyone in the world touched by cancer will have the comfort, warmth and support of a Project Beam On Reiki-blanket. She believes this will help grow the vibration of human consciousness to a level of wellness, love and peace!

Rose A. Weinberg is not only a Wellness Expert - Reiki Master/educator, but a Toastmaster Member Making a Difference.

Osbert D'Souza ACB 

Osbert D'Souza,  Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients at Spring Conference 2015Advanced Communicator Bronze Osbert D’Souza is a coach for an Air Cadet squadron debate team. The Air Cadet League of Canada Ontario Provincial Committee hosts an annual debating competition in Hamilton for air cadet squadrons throughout the province – Osbert is an active coach in that program.

The air cadet debate program is a highly structured and well prepared event that obliges their participants with "a duty to clash". It incorporates discipline of mind and quick reaction along with purposeful speaking presentations. There is a lot of work involved in working with an air cadet debate team.

Osbert volunteered to initiate the debate program with a Mississauga-based squadron of young men and women of varied ethnic backgrounds who, otherwise, would not have had a chance to benefit from such an opportunity. He has converted "newbies" into an annual powerhouse. 

Osbert D’Souza is a great credit to the Canadian way of life, but more than that, he’s a Member Making a Difference. 

Rose A. Weinberg, ACS, ALB - Workshop Presenter at the D86 Spring Conference

From Stressed-out to FeelGood!

RoseWeinburgRose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master/Educator, Fulfilled Wife & Mom
Founder, Chair of Project Beam On a Non-profit organization which donates Reiki-blankets to people with cancer worldwide.

Rose transformed her past of panic disorder, anxiety, and being a child of holocaust survivors into a spiritual journey of wellbeing. Today Rose is the ‘feelgood’ lady. Her purpose is to help transform the lives of others to feelgood and have the health they want. She achieves this through one-on-one session, workshops, speaking engagements and books.

Chartered Member of Hilltop Toastmasters, ACS, ALB, Area 24 Governor 2014/2105. Triple Crown Recipient 2014, Founding member of new club Feel Good Toastmasters, Recipient of the MADD Award Spring 2015 (Members Making a Difference), DTM by July 2015. Through this experience, Rose is purpose is to touch the lives of as many Toastmasters as humanly possible to offer a smile, feelgood energy and inspire them to achieve.

Rose is a great addition to the Spring Conference with her feelgood energy, living purposefully with all that she offers to others. She engages others to be inspired through the toastmaster’s experience. Rose embraces the message that District 86 Conference offers; live daily with a sense of resiliency, curiosity, and willingness to take risks. Rose is a master at teaching; entertaining and inspiring others to become a connection with others, and to live purposeful one day at a time.

This workshop will be entertaining, inspiring and highly interactive. Participants will arrive with questions and walk away with one key feelgood-insight that will help transform any area of your life; inside the Toastmasters arena as well as outside in their lives; professionally, personally and spiritually from stress to feelgood! 'Your feelgood life is simpler than you think!'

Deepak Manchanda Workshop Presenter at the Spring Conference

8 Abilities & 8 Motivations. What Would You Like to Be?

Deepak-ManchandaAre you looking for a way to transform your life and achieve higher levels of success, happiness and peace?

Deepak Manchanda is a transformational speaker and personal coach for celebrities. Deepak’s message is powerful, as he taps into his own life experiences to help people gain new heights in their own career and personal endeavors. His methods are effective and easy to implement, and he connects with each member of the audience to encourage them to discover the power within themselves.

Each person walks away with the knowledge they need to succeed, as well as a workbook and a certificate of participation of 'Being Empowered' at the end of each session and workshop. As someone who has experienced difficulties in his own life and has pulled himself out of the darkness, Deepak has developed the tools and techniques that can empower you to quickly achieve your desired success!

Deepak shares the concept of the 7 Levels of Consciousness or Thresholds, Emotional Incubation Time (EIT), 8 abilities and 8 motivations, 20 Ladders through storytelling to improve chances of his audience's faster success. He also shares F-SENT (Focus on Sound in Ear, Nose and Tongue), an old Himalayan meditation technique to empower your mind to enhance choices for your success, happiness and peace. As a member of Toastmasters, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), and ex MC of MoMondays Brampton, Deepak strongly believes that there is a need to change the way people have perceived speakers and through his shows, he wants to bring a new entertaining approach to sharing his knowledge and wisdom.

Remember, 'Life is Beautiful' but it is necessary for each person to make it beautiful with complete intelligence in their own life – Deepak Manchanda, The Stress Buster

More About Deepak

In 2007, Deepak explained to his mother that he wanted to make the world a happy place. His mother said, “The world wants to be successful and rich, not just happy.” It took Deepak seven long years to figure out that success, happiness and peace are three different things, and he uncovered a secret formula for each of these elements and he decided that he will be sharing this information as a form of “HOPE” with the goal to see others redefine their success, happiness and peace.

Deepak has 21 years of middle and upper management experience in global franchising with companies like NIIT, Aptech, Informatics and Academy of Learning. Some of these organizations had more than 4,000 career colleges worldwide, making him pioneer in franchising and in post-secondary education.

In the last three years Deepak has conducted seminars at Toronto University, York University, several provincial government employment hubs, career college alumni's and graduations. His organization, CCBES, has also conducted seminars at Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce!, Canadian IIT Alumni, corporations like Sun Life Insurance, Desjardin Insurance, Home Life Reality and several others.

Over the years, he has received hundreds of professional recommendations, newspaper articles, coverage and interviews worldwide including Toronto Sun, 24/7, and Metro. He has also had several radio and TV interviews in Canadian main stream broadcast media, and has made several short videos which are extremely popular on YouTube. Deepak is a story teller, and has been empowering people to redefine their success, happiness and peace as stress buster since 2012. Deepak`s sessions are contagious and passionatly entertaining shows with his most talented team members, like Dave La Fame, Dusko Jocic, David Barnwell, Sudhir Pawar and others with years of experience working together for Deepak`s mission and vision.

Contact Deepak to learn more about his workshops and 90 minute transformational sessions and shows. He is a great speaker for your next conference or lunch meeting, and his message will empower your staff, clients, students and every person in attendance. Deepak also provides personal coaching to celebrities and authorities, who are going through stressful time in their career or life or wants to redefine their success, happiness and peace. Deepak supports the Canadian Sick Kids Foundation, Deepu Di Gaushala in India and 5% of total sales are and will be donated to these foundations.



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