Workshops in our District 86 Spring Conference


Hot Opportunities in 2015 by Charlotte King, DTM

Are you a professional speaker? Are you a writer? Do you want to stay up on what is current? Do you just want to write and deliver interesting speeches?

You will not want to miss the Workshop given by Charlotte King on Saturday April 25th. You will learn WHAT IS HOT in 2015 but you will also come away with what is GOING TO BE HOT and how you will be able to always stay ahead of the curve no matter if you are a writer, a speaker or simply someone who wants to always stay in touch with the what is going on out there. Check out the Spring Conference website this workshop and so many others.

The Question

What Do I Wear to the Friday night “Let’s go Fly a Kite” Dance?

kit hat

This is the question that people have been asking and I have some ideas that you can start crafting your outfit. We will be giving away prizes for best outfit or headpiece and for the best dance moves with our DJ Peter O’Desse “ENJOY THE MUSIC”.

Here are just a few ideas we have to dress up that favorite hat. My favorite pink Panama Jack hat can be decorated however you like. A tail can be easily attached to the back using colourful ribbon, rope or whatever you can find around the house to make tail or string for your kite. You are the kite. You don’t have to glue a kite to your hat but if you want to be really creative paper kites can be easily made and attached to your hat. In the picture I made little pink kite earings to accent my outfit. The tail for my hat is my pony tail that I might braid with some ribbons. I might even get a pony tail extension from the dollar store to make it long and beautiful.

Your favourite hat might be tied up with a beautiful silky scarf and ribbons tied to it as your tail. Make sure it’s colourful!

For the men, step outside the box like one Toastmaster who will be unravelling part of his turban down his back as the tail for his headpiece. Or maybe grab that party fedora and tie a colourful necktie around it and have it hanging down the back.

Spring is the opportunity to take out our spring and summer clothes with some colour to dress up in. My favourite happy colour is ‘PINK’ obviously. If you have an idea you would like to share with us feel free to go our D86 blog page and submit a blog post of your idea.

Public Relations News & Tips by Doreen Hillier, DTM, PDG, PRO

A Lot of Action Happening in District 86

Have you checked out our District 86 website lately? Let’s celebrate as a team.

Links to Media:
While on the district website – you will see the links to the media in your town/city or close by town. The contact info is there – all you need to do is make the call, prepare a press release, make an appointment or interview time.

Did you see the news in Sault Ste. Marie?
WOW! Great job, Pat and Shelli!
I interviewed Justin O’ Donnell – our new REP – for the Revitalized Education Program. Over the next couple of years Toastmasters is hoping to revitalize the education program but continue for at least the next two years in your education program as it is. There will be a phase by phase transition. 

Open Houses:
Have you booked yours yet, why not?
We had 90 guests at our Open House. -Shelli Donofrio

Do you want NEW MEMBERS? If you don’t then run a community one and send the potential members to other clubs in your area. Use it as your High Performance Leadership project towards your Distinguished Toastmaster Award.
Lincoln Road Toastmasters is holding another Speechcraft starting March 24th. Location is 124 Lincoln Road, Waterloo if you know of people that live in that area and would like to find out more about Toastmasters by getting involved.

Training for Executive Officers:
The training for Public Relations Officers was videotaped and can be sent to anyone who would like the link. Just let me KNOW!!!

2015 Spring Conference:
Have you registered for the Spring Conference on April 25-27th? Find out about "The Surprising Adventure" that awaits you? My responsibility at the conference is to introduce you to the Communication and Leadership Award Recipient at the Saturday luncheon. YOU WILL BE TOTALLY INSPIRED by the Winner of this years Communication and Leadership Award. An event YOU do not want to miss!!!! WOW! Great job, Pat and Shelli!

Today we have Lance Miller – an Amazing World Champion Speaker – and at the conference we have another Amazing World Champion Speaker – Craig Valentine – where or where do we get such training and hear such fantastic speakers at such a low cost? We all benefit as we learn from those who have gone before us – and when we apply – we cut a trail to our success. Will you be the a future WORLD CHAMPION SPEAKER?

Speaker’s Corner:
Check out youTube – I did a SPEAKERS CORNER on the streets of Waterloo – with many Toastmasters speaking and theme meetings for 4 days – over 4 weeks of Open Streets. People stopped by and listened, asked questions and picked up information from the table. After review of those who signed the guests list at least 4 I know of, joined Toastmasters and how many more I had no way of gauging but it was great that the seeds were planted.

Celebrating an Anniversary:
Clubs are celebrating their Anniversary – Port Credit Toastmasters – 60 years
Individual Doreen Hillier will be celebrating her 20th anniversary with Toastmasters October 5th, 2015.
I am sure you all know of clubs and individuals who are celebrating – let’s celebrate together!!! Get the word out.

By now most of you have held your club contests or are holding them. Area Contests are coming up and soon the Division Contests. Invite LOTS OF GUESTS!!! Entertaining, Motivating, Treats for a fraction of the price of a movie – but the benefits – INTRODUCE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND OTHERS to Toastmasters through your CONTESTS.

A Family Adventure

A Family Adventure inside A Surprising Adventure!

Can it get any better than attending a Surprising Adventure? Yes, it can… You can make a Surprising Adventure a Family Adventure!
With Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference conveniently located at Richmond Hill, just north of city of Toronto opportunities for a whole family to enjoy are endless… Some of special events happening in the Area during our Conference are:

  • Earth Day Massasauga Rattlesnake Workshop at Toronto’s Zoo
  • Samarkand and Silk Road Cities of Uzbekistan exhibit at ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Elly’s Emotions, Location: Solar Stage Children's Theatre; A delightful play about a little girl, her emotions and the world of movement
  • JiggiJump: The World’s Greatest Machine, Location: Ontario Science Centre; This live show features aerobics and music. Guests are encouraged to help JJ Kangaroo find the World’s Greatest Machine
  • The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route, Location: Aga Khan Museum; A glimpse of life in the 9th century is seen through the artifacts of a shipwreck which happens to be the earliest example of a maritime trade route between two empires
  • Family Sundays @ AGO, Location: Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO); The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has fun activity days for families every Sunday
  • Studio Tour King is a free community event that happens throughout King Township. Featured are local artists in studio;; Website
  • Passage to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad, an exhibit at the Heritage Centre; On loan from the Welland Historical Museum, the Heritage Centre is pleased to offer this opportunity to travel back to the 1800s to learn about slavery, the escape route referred to as the Underground Railroad, and the challenges freedom-seekers faced once they reached their promised land – Canada; Location: Heritage Centre
  • Events at Ripley Aquarium 

    Visiting some of Toronto landmarks like CN Tower or Canada Hockey of Fame might be just something you are looking for. You can get “a little bit of shopping” done or check some of current fashion trends, as Hotel is surrounded by Malls hosting exclusive stores:

Hillcrest Mall | Vaughan Mills | The Promenade 

You will have a hard time deciding among variety of fine Restaurants in the Area:

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant | Alice Fazooli’s | China Buffet King | Fox in the Fiddle | Frankie Tomato’s | Jack Astors | Jake’s on Main | Kelsey’s | Lone Star Café | Mandarin | Marlowe | Moxies | Red Lobster
Restaurants- Casual Dining | Swiss Chalet | The Host | The Keg | Unionville Arms

Or if you feel like just taking a break and relaxing some of Hotel amenities include 2 indoor swimming pools | steam rooms | sauna and spa | racquetball | squash | tennis courts | table tennis | virtual golf | billiard tables are just some... Additionally there are organized Aerobic classes or Boot Camp and Aqua Fit.

I hope that some of information will get you to consider making a Surprising Adventure a Family Adventure. If you are interested in any of content listed, please please please “ASK ME!”…

Dragana, Hospitality Chair Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference 2015, e-mail


Division A - Round 2 Club Officer Training An Outstanding Success!


Division M held the Round 2 Club Officer Training event this past Saturday February 21, 2015. Not even the weather could dissuade the enthusiastic crowd of leaders. With 84 attendees, it was a packed house.

We heard Tony Bratschitsch our past District Governor, kick off the session with an energizing and motivating Keynote - "Run With It!".

Merri Macartney, DTM, Professional Speaker, Author, Certified Coach, Past District 86 Governor, 2010-2011 gave a riveting workshop on “9 Qualities of Successful Teams”.

And the day would not have been complete or so successful without the powerhouse of leaders we have in District 86 leading the Executive Training Session

  • President – Louisa Steele, DTM - 2013 D86 Club President of the Year
  • VP, Educations – Carolyn Hoxie, DTM - District Governor 2014-2015
  • VP, Public Relations – Mike Proudlock, DTM - District 86 Lieutenant Governor of Marketing 2014-2015
  • VP, Membership – Eric Solowka, DTM - 2013 D86 Club Coach of the Year
  • Treasurer – Saqib Cheema, ACS/ALB - District 86 Treasurer 2014-2015
  • Secretary – Anne Irwin, DTM – Former Area Governor District 60 and District 86
  • Sergeant at Arms – Al Steele, DTM - District 86 SAA 2014-2015, 2013 D86 Toastmasters of the Year

I took on this task as my HPL and I had an amazing support team with my Division M Governor, Leizyl Sobrinho and fellow Area Governors, Robert Laurin, Al Steele, and Jim Chapman. Based on the feedback I received I think I more than met my vision for the Division M Round 2 Club Officer Training.

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support.

Steven Zolnierczyk
Area 12 Governor and COT Round 2 Event Organizer

Surprises & Adventure with SPEECHCRAFT

Workshop Presenter Caroline Beren, DTM Shares Her I.D.E.A. at the D86 Spring Conference

Caroline Beren DTM has been a Toastmasters for 20 years. As a leader she has continually faced surprises that led, willingly and not so willingly, into adventure. One adventure in Toastmasters is coordinating and supporting a Speechcraft program (not crafting a speech) with non members and members. Caroline has an I.D.E.A. to implement a Speechcraft program. New ideas are a part of the equation, but excellent execution is necessary for a Speeccraft success.

Caroline inspired the chartering of the Mount Forest Motivators and has been a mentor to Saugeen and Centre Wellington Toastmaster clubs. She has held many executive roles within her club and held District positions. She has completed two DTM’s and #3 is within sight. Through all her experiences in Toastmasters, she believes Speechcraft is a surprising jewel in the Toastmaster program. Learn how to stretch leadership skills, develop membership, raise community awareness, and inspire surprising outcomes from Speechcraft participants. Caroline’s I.D.E.A. Speechcraft... A surprising adventure!

Don't miss Caroline at the District 86 Spring Conference on Saturday April 25, 10:15 am 


The Spring Conference in April is Fast Approaching

Spring is in the Air!

Groundhog Day has passed us by and we are now only TEN weeks from A Surprising Adventure, our District Spring’15 Conference!

We are finding the Conference team experience to be a very fulfilling and challenging journey, fraught with surprises and many opportunities for leading and learning while making plans and preparations. Have you had a look at the beautiful Conference page on the District 86 website lately? It is a vivid and vibrant advertisement of the value and variety coming your way at the Sheraton in April.

We would like to offer a PERSONAL INVITATION to every Toastmaster we meet and introduce the Conference 5 W’s as we see them.

  • WHO – you will learn from – workshop presenters, and keynotes – especially Craig Valentine DTM, 1999 WORLD Champion of Public Speaking
  • WHAT – attending the International Speech and Evaluation Contests will provide to you inspiration and delight!
  • WHERE – The Sheraton Parkway, paradise right in the midst of the big city. A fabulous venue for you to bring your family to celebrate spring.
  • WHEN – April 24, 25, 26 – the gateway to great Canadian weather!
  • WHY – The Spring’15 Conference will be a once in a lifetime experience – A Surprising Adventure!

Register now – you’ll be glad you did!

Spring’15 Conference Co-Chairs
Frank Gustin DTM
Gail Gustin DTM

Opportunity to Sell your Books, CDs and DVDs at the Spring Conference 2015

Our District 86 Spring’15 Conference, A Surprising Adventure! Is just weeks away, April 24 to April 26. We look forward to hearing your educational presentation and are certain that everyone will enjoy and learn from your workshop. We are excited to offer you and other Toastmasters the opportunity to sell your books, CDs and DVDs at the conference.

See the guidlines on the Spring Conference Page

April 1, 2015 is the DEADLINE. Please remit all your information today!!

Thank you, Jale Fancey ACS, ALB Author's Corner Chair

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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