20 / 20 Campaign - Aiming For Charter Strength!

KeepCalmCharterStrengthToastmasters is about members working together to bring out the best in each other, their communities, and their corporations. This can only happen when clubs are healthy with a robust and growing membership.

Charter strength (20 members) is of critical importance! Members provide the leadership, and undertake the work of conducting meetings and delivering programs, conferences and training. Members ensure the financial stability of the organization and also Toastmasters standing as a leading benefactor of society.

Your continuing challenge is maintaining steady, healthy membership growth in your club. When is the best time for clubs to get new members? ALWAYS! Why do clubs need to get to charter strength?

  • That's the minimum number to ensure members don't get "burned out" and that all members get the variety of feedback and experience they need to reach their Toastmasters goals.
  • It may also be that your club has more than 20 members, but only a few of those members actually attend meetings on a regular basis.

Charter strength is so important that this year, District 86 is providing an incentive program called "The 20/20 Campaign" to promote clubs getting to 20 members by December 20, 2014.

Clubs that started the year (July 1) with fewer than 20 members and achieve charter strength (20 members) as of December 20, 2014 will receive Newsletter and web recognition; also a RECOGNITION PRIZE! The 20/20 Campaign winning clubs will be revealed online with a few weeks of the contest ending.

So remember to always bring in new guests, keep your current members engaged, and reach out to members – and former members - whose interest may be lagging. And check out the D86 Marketing Page for tools and information!

District News November - 2014

Conference Pic

Hashtag for the Conference by Vitaliy Fursov, D86 PRO

Hashtags. What you need to know about them.

In June 2014 the new word hashtag was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
Hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character, #. It is a type of metadata tag used in social networking services such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. For example:

"District 86 Toastmasters will meet in London, ON on a weekend November 7-9, 2014 for traditional #TM86Fall2014 Fall Conference."

A hashtag allows grouping of similarly tagged messages, and also allows an electronic search to return all messages that contain it. As you've noticed, District 86 Fall Conference will be using #TM86Fall2014 as an official hashtag. When you'll be posting your pictures and updates in social media, please use #TM86Fall2014 hashtag. This will help us to promote the Toastmasters brand, and District 86 conference. It will make searching easy, and will certainly help fellow Toastmasters to stay connected.

District 86 General Business Meeting - November 8, 2014

Our District has seen unprecedented success over the past few years!  Come find out why at the District 86 General Business Meeting at the Fall Conference:

District 86 will present the latest international news from the 2014 International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, the District 86 success plans, annual budgets, and vote on important District 86 business.

It’s Time For Your Club To Vote

  • Each club has 2 votes.  These have been given to the President and VP ED
  • These votes can be assigned by PROXY to any active member who attends the General Business Meeting
    IN PERSON to vote.
  • One active member may carry both votes for the club.

Voting Proxies

  • To assign a proxy, download this proxy form:  pdfProxy Form - Nov 8 2014.pdf
  • Have the President and VP Ed complete the form and assign the proxy to the active member who will be attending the General Business Meeting.
  • Let the District know who the representing active member is by emailing dgov@toastmasters86.org.
    In the email, include: club name, club number, and representatives name.

Voting Process At The General Business Meeting

To vote, you must register at the Credentials Desk (next to registration desk). The Credentials Desk hours are:

  • Friday, November 7: 2:00 pm - 6:45 pm
  • Saturday, November 8: 7:00 am - 8:00 am and 1:45 pm - 3:45 pm

The General Business Meeting starts at 3:00 pm on Saturday, November 8. Register early as lines can get long at the last minute, and there must be sufficient time to calculate attendance and establish that we have quorum. Coffee will be available immediately outside the room as a courtesy.

If you are the President or VP Education, the credentials desk will give you your ballots.
If you are a representative from the club, please present your proxy forms, and you will be given your ballots.

For further information please see Toastmasters International information on credentials / voting / proxy’s.

We look forward to your participation in conducting important District Business at the General Business Meeting.

And while you're at the General Business meeting, why not consider staying for the whole conference?  Check out the Fall Conference page.

District 86 Fall Conference Communication & Leadership Recipient Chris Moss

After 23 years working in the nonprofit sector, Chris Moss has worked with many types of organizations to help create a positive yet lasting impact in people's lives. Working on the front line caring for people with significant physical disabilities, mental health issues, homelessness and housing concerns and teenage parents taught her a lot about her own leadership. Now, as a new business owner and consultant in the areas of community and leadership she works to develop young leaders, reenergize older leaders and create caring, innovative and authentic leaders who work with our most vulnerable populations. Always wanting to shake up the status quo and help people to look at life in new ways, Chris strives each day to challenge people to do more than they ever imagined was possible.


Chris Moss, M.A.
Moss Leadership Consulting

Tips for Contest Time

Attention Contest Organizers & Contest Chairs

I wish to draw your attention to the following 3 contest rules and 1 common practice.

1. How to introduce contestants?
Stating the numerical order for contestants is the wrong way to introduce them. Do not make the numerical placement part of your introduction for a contestant. Only state Name, Title, Title, Name.

Wrong way:
Our second contestant is Micaela Jones, My Traveling Companion, My Traveling Companion, Micaela Jones.

Correct way:
Please welcome Micaela Jones, My Traveling Companion, My Traveling Companion, Micaela Jones.

2. Contests with 3 Contestants, no time disqualifications – who to announce?

Wrong way:
Only the 1st place winner is announced publicly. The 2nd place winner is told privately afterwards.

Correct way:
2nd place winner announced
1st place winner announced

3rd place winner is not announced

3. Who sets up/takes down contestant’s props?

Wrong way:
• Sergeant at arms connects with each contestant to find out what, if any, props, he or she needs help with.
• A contestant expects the sergeant at arms to automatically take care of his or her props.

Correct way:
• A contestant connects with the sergeant at arms in plenty of time before the contest to see if the sergeant at arms can help set up and take down his or her props.
• A contestant puts props in place quickly while judges are marking the minute before he or she is to speak and removes them immediately following his or her speech.
• A contestant has someone else place props quickly in place before he or she is to speak and removes them immediately following his or her speech.

Interviewing Contestants

There is no rule about interviewing a contestant only after the 2nd contest if the contestant is participating in both contests.

If two contests are being held on the same day, they should still be conducted as though they were on two separate days.

The contestant is to be interviewed after each contest.

Thank you for all your time and effort to follow the 2014 Rulebook and provide a professional and fun contest for every one!

Believe it or not… there are no losers at contests.  If you’re there, you win!

Janice McDonald, DTM - District 86 Lieutenant Governor Education

Spread the Word! October is Toastmasters Month in Brampton!

September 10th Brampton Proclmation

On September 10, 2014 during the Brampton City Council Meeting, Mayor Susan Fennell proclaimed October to be Toastmasters Month. Division B Governor Lorna Miller and Hershaw Toastmasters Club President Dennis Bartel accepted the proclamation.(above picture left) Hershaw Toastmasters Vice President Public Relations Jinisha Bhatt(above pictures right) and Vice President Mentoring Hulda Mullings were also in attendance, along with representation from City of Brampton and Brampton Toastmasters clubs. 

Click on Proclamation Image to view 

BramptonProclamationThumbNailWatch it on Rogers TV

It turns out that Rogers tapes city council meetings, and now the proclamation is on TV Online!

Watch it Online Here (See it from: 129.35)

Mayor Susan Fennell Reads the proclamation and Hershaw Toastmasters President Dennis Bartel accepts it and thanks her on behalf of the Members of Hershaw Toastmaters. Division B Governor Lorna Miller speaks on behalf of the clubs in Brampton and the importance of Toastmasters in the community.

City Councillor Grant Gibson recognizes the President of the City Of Brampton Toastmasters Cindy Tate, which meets at Brampton City Hall, for her contributions. 

City Councillor Bob Callahan comments on the importance of Toastmasters in the community. He has credited Toastmasters as the reason he went to law school and is a city Councillor, and believes the that program changes lives. 

Spread The Word

Share this article with follow Bramptonians. There are 12 Clubs in Brampton, with 7 of them open to the public. 

Grow Your Membership This Fall

Toastmasters International founder Dr. Ralph Smedley said it best. “We work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others."

Membership Is The Lifeblood Of Toastmasters.

Members provide the leadership, and undertake the work of conducting meetings and delivering programs, conferences and training. Members ensure the financial stability of the organization and also Toastmasters standing as a leading benefactor of society.

Your continuing challenge is maintaining steady, healthy membership growth in your club. When is the best time for clubs to get new members? ALWAYS! Why do clubs always need new members? Here’s why!

  • More people can fill meeting and officer roles
  • No one member is overburdened with responsibilities
  • Meetings are more fun, because more people are involved
  • It’s easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs
  • Make up for natural attrition

Resources To Help You In Your Membership Building Efforts:



Guides Manuals and Handbooks

Speaking of Dr. Ralph Smedley, the SMEDLEY CAMPAIGN ends September 30 – get your new members’ names into Toastmasters International and qualify for a ribbon and special website discounts!

Mike Proudlock, Lieutenant Governor Marketing

Celebrating 90 Years

90-years-video-with-play-buttonThis year Toastmasters International celebrates 90th anniversary. Toastmasters Founder, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley: "Toastmasters grew out of an effort to meet the needs of a group of men [...] [who] needed help in talking, when they were meeting other people. They had the ideas, but they didn't know how to express them. However, they did not want a formal class in public speaking. And when I've suggested a club in which they could learn the talk by talking, they've welcomed the idea." In 1924, a group of men met in a California basement to practice their speeches. 90 years later, men and women throughout the world continue to meet, speak, learn and grow.

International President 2008-2009 Jana Barnhill, DTM, AS: "We inspire each other to move beyond whatever is holding us back. What's holding you back? Be it personal, or professional, large or small, we must first believe that we can. And Toastmasters can instill that belief in us, if we let it." What's holding you back? Would you let Toastmasters to help you?

Executive Director 1958-1967, Maurice Forley: "While many Toastmasters become excellent public speakers, this is not the purpose of the program. The purpose of Toastmasters is to help all its members help themselves by learning to speak effectively and with confidence at any time and under any circumstance." Why not you? Why not now?

International president 2009-2010, Gary Schmidt, DTM: "We provide service to our clubs and our members within this outstanding organization, but most importantly, we provide service to the world. We take the skills and talents we learn in Toastmasters, and make our professions better, our communities better, our families better, and ultimately, we change and improve the world." How does that sound to you? Do you have a dream of a better community, a better family, a better you? Join us. Together let's make your dream a reality.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 313,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,650 clubs in 126 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations. "Many thousands of men throughout the free world have profited by Toastmasters training, and have been led into more productive living, more satisfactory living by these means." (Dr. Ralph C. Smedley)

Toastmasters Resources - History, 90 Years, and Promotion Ideas

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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