The new Toastmasters year began July 1, 2015- Have you set your goals?

We're looking forward to the start of a great District 86 Toastmasters year! In order to get the most of your Toastmasters experience whether you're a brand new member, a seasoned Toastmaster, or an officer - here are some ideas to help you plan your year:

District and Club Recognition Programs
Understand the district and club Recognition Programs. Throughout the district, teams are working together to develop success plans using these resources:
Distinguished Club Program - Club success plans
District Recognition Program - Area, Division, and District Success Plans
Speak to your club presidents, area, and division directors to find out what the club, area, division and district program goals are - and how you can help.

Officer Training
Make sure all officers have gone to training.

Communication and Leadership Opportunities
What new communication and leadership opportunities will you explore?
We've outlined a number of opportunities beyond your clubs, and encourage you to try something new this year.

Area and Division Councils
Want to know what's happening in your area or division?
Speak to your area or division director and ask to be part of their area or division council. You'll meet new people, learn what's happening, and be able to offer your expertise beyond your clubs.

District Conference
District Conferences are amazing opportunities to learn, to connect with peers across the district, to be inspired by amazing speakers, and to have fun with other Toastmasters.
Are you signed up for the Fall Conference? If not, check out the Conference page, and sign up today.

Member Communication and Engagement


On April 1st 2014, the Member Communication and Engagement Committee kicked off a project to look at the COMMUNICATIONS processes, applications, technology, organization, and governance of District 86.  We started with a survey of all District Officers, Division Governors, Area Governors, and Club Presidents.  We learned a lot from you.  The top three items that came out of the survey were:

  • Make it easier to figure out who to contact for various needs
  • Make it easier to figure out how to do things within District 86 and Toastmasters
  • Make it easier to find out when things are

And we listened. 

Updating how we communicate on our website  - our new Digital Channel - was critical.  Today, June 30, 2014 - we are doing a soft-launch of this site.  This coming weekend at the District Executive Committee meetings, Division and Area Governors will add their information to all their pages - as part of our new "crowdsourcing content" strategy - one that will allow for more contributors,  and richer information for all members.

Over the next few weeks, the MCEC committee will be completing it's report, and starting a sustainable education process to help everyone get more out of District 86 via:

  • better information at your moment of need
  • better ways for you to contribute information to share your ideas, practices, and milestones.

Just like the Toastmasters journey, this will take some patience and time.  We look forward to your support.

Member Communications and Engagement Committee
Reema Duggal (Chair), Dennis Bartel, Justin O'Donnell, Tuula Redditt,  Chris Brown, Craig French, Hitesh Parmar

Congratulations To All Distinguished Clubs - 2013/2014

Congratulations to all clubs that achieved President's Distinguished, Select Distinguished, and Distinguished status this year.  We know it takes a lot of hard teamwork and focus to get there - well done!

President's Distinguished

Club Name
Thornhill Club A - 21
Woodbridge Toastmasters A - 21
Advanced Speakers on the Hill A - 21
Markham's Talk of the City Club A - 22
Markham SweetTalkers Club A - 23
Unionville Toastmasters Club A - 24
Golden Gavel Club A - 24
Fluid Communicators & Leaders A - 24
Hilltop Toastmasters A - 24
Destiny Toastmasters Club A - 25
Markham Toastmasters Club A - 25
Richmond Hill Toastmasters A - 26
Momentum Toastmasters A - 26
Inclusive Toastmasters A - 26
Brampton Club B - 31
Hershaw Toastmasters Club B - 31
Region of Peel Toastmasters B - 31
Meadowvale Toastmasters Club B - 32
Speaking For Success Toastmasters Club B - 33
Maple Leaf Toastmasters B - 33
Rogers Park Toastmasters B - 34
Chosen Voices Toastmasters B - 36
Confidently Speaking Toastmasters Club B - 37
Brampton Speakeasy Toastmasters B - 37
Mississauga Valley Toastmasters Club C - 41
Creekbank Toastmasters Club C - 41
PepsiCo Canada Toastmasters C - 41
City Centre Club C - 42
Port Credit Club C - 43
Soar To Excellence Toastmasters Club C - 44
Comfortably Speaking C - 45
Brant Toastmasters L - 51
First Oakville Toastmasters Club L - 52
Trafalgar Club L - 52
Glen Abbey Toastmasters L - 52
Horizon Toastmasters L - 52
Honeymoon City Club L - 55
Niagara College Toastmasters L - 55
Skyway Toastmasters Club L - 56
First Waterdown Club L - 56
Barrie Toastmasters Club M - 11
Sunshine Speakers Club M - 11
The Court Of Blarney M - 14
Greater Sudbury Speakers N - 3
London Western Club S - 71
Thames Valley Club S - 72
London City Hall S - 72
Forest City Club S - 73
Lambton Toastmasters Club S - 74
Riverspeak Toastmasters S - 74
Black Walnut Toastmasters Club W - 61
Energetics Toastmasters Club W - 61
CCRAzy Talkers Club W - 61
Grand River Toastmasters Club W - 64
Mount Forest Motivators Toastmasters Club W - 65
Town and Gown Toastmasters W - 66

Select Distinguished

Club Name
Division - Area
DSC Toastmasters Club A - 21
IBM Toronto Lab Club A - 22
Nielsen Insightful Club A - 23
7120 Speakers Corner B - 31
Risky Business Club B - 33
Unscripted Expressions Club B - 35
Point of Tale Toastmasters B - 36
Leaders' Corner Toastmasters Club B - 36
Milton Club B - 37
IPC Toastmasters Club C - 41
Trillium Toastmasters Club C - 42
Sheridan Bruins C - 42
Candu Toastmasters C - 43
Hatch Mississauga C - 43
AMEC Oakville Toastmasters Club C - 43
Stoney Creek Club L - 53
Brock's Talkers L - 54
HatchMasters L - 55
NextNiagara L - 57
Brock Toastmasters L - 57
Barrie's Small Business Club M - 11
Collingwood Toastmasters Club M - 12
Towns Of York Toastmasters Club M - 13
Stouffville Toastmasters Club M - 13
Speak for Success York-Simcoe M - 14
Troy Toastmasters Club M - 14
Sudbury Toastmasters Club N - 3
Voix du Nord N - 3
Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters Club N - 3
Strathroy Toastmasters Club S - 71
London TaxMasters Club S - 73
Podium Pros Club S - 75
Talbot Trail Toastmasters S - 75
Talk Of The Town Club W - 61
Cambridge Toastmasters Club W - 64
Linguists Of Listowel Club W - 65
Guelph Public Speakers W - 67


Club Name
Power Speaking Toastmasters Club A - 22
URS Toastmasters In Ontario A - 25
Speakers of the Hill A - 26
City of Brampton Toastmasters B - 31
Speakwell B - 32
Halton Hills Toastmasters B - 37
COMET Toastmasters Club C - 42
HP Powerspeakers C - 44
TELUS Mississauga Toastmasters C - 44
Valley Town Toastmasters Club L - 51
Grimsby L - 53
Midday Marauders Club L - 54
Mansion Toastmasters Club L - 56
Garden City Toastmasters L - 57
Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club M - 12
State Farm Club M - 13
Simcoe Shores Club M - 14
Cementation Toastmasters N - 2
Campus Communicators Club S - 71
University of Waterloo Toastmasters W - 62
Concordia Club W - 63
The Co-operators W - 66

District 86 2013-2014 SPIRIT Awards


left to right:  1 - Charlene Norman, Mike Proudlock. 2 - Mike Proudlock, Region of Peel Chair Emil Kohl, District 86 Governor Tony Bratschitsch, 3 - Dennis Bartel's plaque held by District 86 Governor Tony Bratschitsch (Dennis' presentation will be made at Hershaw Toastmasters).

Three SPIRIT Awards were recently announced at the District 86 Celebration at Erin Park in Mississauga on June 21st, 2014. The inaugural awards were sponsored by District Governor Tony Bratschitsch and were dedicated to three Toastmasters serving in non-elected positions.

The recipients for 2013 / 2014 are:

Charlene Norman, DTM District Treasurer
For unending dedication in managing District 86's finances with the highest standard of integrity and accountability

Mike Proudlock, DTM Realignment Chair
For courageous and inspirational leadership in realigning District 86 for greater future growth

Dennis Bartel, ACB, ALB District Web Master
For many years of unhesitating and unrelenting service as our District 86 Web Master

CASL - Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

District 86 received the following information from Toastmasters International Legal Department.  We encourage all members to understand the information below and comply with the legislation as explained.


New Anti-Spam Legislation passed in Canada that will go in effect on July 1, 2014.  This legislation will affect how Toastmasters members send their emails, texts, and social media messages. World Headquarters is here to help guide you through the transition process.


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”) defines a Commercial Electronic Message (“CEM”) as a message that encourages participation in a commercial activity. This includes advertisements and information about promotions, offers, business opportunities, events, etc.  Under CASL, the following are identified as CEMs:

  • Email messages;
  • Messages sent through social networking accounts (such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter messages), instant messaging; and
  • Text messages sent to a mobile phone

Compliance with CASL

To be in compliance, starting July 1, 2014 all CEMs must include a signature block with an Unsubscribe notice. A sample signature block with an Unsubscribe notice is provided below:

  • Your Name
  • Member
  • Your Club Name
  • Your club address
  • Your club city, state, country, zip code 
  • Telephone: Your telephone number
  • Your Toastmasters email address
  • This message was sent to you by YOUR NAME, member, on behalf of YOUR NAME at YOUR CLUB NAME. Please contact us at YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or at YOUR CLUB’s MAILING ADDRESS. If you do not wish to receive electronic messages from YOUR NAME/YOUR CLUB NAME, please reply by email and write “Unsubscribe.” Unsubscribing will remove any emails sent to you in the future.

Unsubscribe Process

If someone requests to Unsubscribe, within 10 business days, you must ensure that no further messages are sent to that individual and keep a record of it. We suggest that the club/district secretary keep a log in an excel spreadsheet with the date and name of the unsubscriber for recordkeeping purposes.

Please note text messages and social media messages (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter messages) are also considered CEMs. A good rule of thumb is to avoid sending any unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

As long as you are sending CEMs to members within the Toastmasters organization and the CEMs concern the activities of the organization, you are CASL compliant. 

Action Required

We are requesting that Toastmasters Club, District, and Division leaders acknowledge that your club, division, or district understands members must be in compliance with the requirements.  (Emails were sent to all offcers)

As we continue to research the laws, World Headquarters may send future updates to assist members, including sharing tips on other key components of the new legislation as it relates to members and prospective members. For more information, please visit If you should have any questions, please contact

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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