District 86 Marketing Expo September 29th, 2018

Marketing expo

You are invited to the first ever District 86 Marketing Expo! It will be a day full of learning, networking and fun, culminating in the “Of the Year” Awards.

When: Saturday September 29th, 2018

Where: Loblaw Head Office, 1 Presidents Choice Cr., Brampton (Vendor entrance)

Time: 8 AM to 6 PM

Registration start at: 8 AM

Cost: $21.50 per member

Please note early access is given to division directors, area directors and club officers (President /VP Education / VP Membership and VP Public Relations). This is due to the fire code regulations and we are limited to 200 seats. Registration for everyone is open on August 20th, 2018.

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Your Program Quality Director, Jacklyn Payne, your Marketing Expo Chair, Dean Moyer, and I are excited to present to you the first event of the year where our District Mission Statement is the focal point.

“We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”

Toastmasters International supports our district mission by helping clubs achieve excellence. The Marketing Expo is the first event focused on building new clubs and increasing membership engagement.

Come learn how:

  • To organize your own successful Marketing Expo
  • To conquer Pathways
  • To run quality meetings
  • To build new clubs
  • To attract new members
  • To win the DCP game
  • To be a Sponsor, Coach or Mentor

Those workshops will certainly spur questions. We will have tables where you can meet with members to get answers and pick-up material that will be useful to you.

We will stop at 5 PM to take time to acknowledge you, the members who have reached excellence. The “Of The Year” Awards Ceremony is the opportunity to recognize excellence among our members.

Don’t miss the biggest event of the Fall! What a great way to set your club up for success!

Remember SEPTEMBER 29th! We hope to see you there!

marketing expo 2018 agenda


The Marketing Expo Team.

Jacklyn, Jocelyne, Dean

Click HERE to view the agenda




Cast Your Vote: Annual Business Meeting 2018

Attention Toastmasters Club President and Club Secretary,

Cast Your Vote

2018 Toastmasters International Convention – Chicago, Illinois, August 22-25 2018

Your club has an important vote to cast during the Annual Business Meeting at the Toastmasters International Convention, Clubs will vote to elect international officers and directors to the 2018–2019 Board of Directors as well as vote on Proposal A.

International Officer Candidates

International Director Candidates

Proposal A Info

Amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International and the Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International. Please plan to attend on Saturday, August 25, at 10- a.m. (see onsite agenda for specific location) in the McCormick Place Convention Centre or Marriott Marquis Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. To learn and understand the roles, attributes and responsibilities, please review the Leadership Roles.  As provided in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article X, Section 1, a Toastmasters club in good standing is entitled to two votes at the Annual Business Meeting. To make your club’s vote count, assign your proxy and cast your votes in one of three ways:

1. Send a delegate from the club who is attending the Annual Business Meeting to carry your club votes.

2. Designate the 2018–2019 district director to act as your club proxy. The district director, program quality director and club growth director will be attending. If (and only if) the district director is not in attendance, the next senior district officer attending the Annual Business Meeting will act as your club proxy.

3. Designate an active member from another club to act as your club proxy.

NOTE: The club president or secretary must assign the club votes. If the votes are not assigned, they cannot be cast. Votes must be assigned even if you are assigning the votes to yourself. To assign the club votes, go to

www.toastmasters.org/clubcentral, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for and click on Club Proxy.

Proxy FAQ

More information and resources here>>.

If you have any questions or need help please contact me.

Kristina Johnston, DTM
District 86 Director

Building a Quality Club

Creekside TD Toastmaster is a corporate club. In the 2017-2018 under the leadership of Club President Sonia McGregor, the club became President Distinguished Club. In the 12 year history (The club chartered in February 2006) this is the first time that award has been achieved, needless to say we are thrilled and wanted to share with the rest of D86 or best practices that we feel have contributed to our club's success.

I think it's important to state from the start that in many cases it may take several years to build a quality club, in our case it took about 3 years. The start of the 2015-2016 saw the club struggling to stay afloat with only 11 members, it was a challenge that the President and club executive faced head on and did not back down. By the start of the 2017-2018 year the club was flourishing again, and the new President continued to build on her predecessor's achievements. Once the club is at a certain level it's much easier to maintain that level than it is to build the foundation.

Here are some of the points that contributed to the success of Creekside TD Toastmaster.

  • Keep the club's mission and the member experience at the forefront
  • Focus on the Moments of Truth and let it be your guide to building a quality club
  • Club Success Plan – devote at least two club executive meetings to complete and review the plan at the start of the Toastmaster year
  • Follow the calendar in the Club Leadership Handbook
  • Encourage club executives to attend club officer training (including workshops which are very valuable) and share their feedback with fellow club officers. Implement best practices from the training workshops during the Toastmaster year
  • Refer to the Club Success Plan at the beginning of each club executive meeting to track against the DCP and leverage the contents of the plan to meet education and membership goals
  • Hold regular club executive meetings (at least monthly)
  • Inject variety into your Toastmaster meetings via themed meetings, workshops (speech writing, leadership series, evaluation workshop etc.), social events (i.e. holiday parties), guest speakers and invite other neighboring clubs wherever possible
  • Celebrate member educational achievements. At the last meeting for the 2018 year, we celebrated our members achievements:

Andrew Mertens – Distinguished Toastmaster
Hilgay Beckles – Advanced Communicator Bronze
Sonia McGregor – Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, & Advanced Leader Bronze
Karen Ryan – Advanced Communicator Gold, Triple Crown Achievement for obtaining three educational awards in a Toastmaster year (ACG, ACS, Pathways VC 1)

Pathways Level 1 completion:
Karen Ryan – Visionary Communication Path (VC1)
Glynis D'Souza – Dynamic Leadership Path (DL1)
Rathika Ravichandran – Effective Coaching Path (EC1)

  • Encourage club officers to deliver presentations from the Successful Club Series
  • Focus on building a robust mentoring program – leverage the internet for resources on how to mentor under Pathways
  • For mature clubs consider a Co-VP Ed role (Traditional Path and Pathways)
  • Hold Open Houses a couple times a year
  • Run a Speechathon and sponsor a YLP a couple times a year if possible
  • Publish a club newsletter (at least annually or biannually)-these have been published on the D86 FB site
  • VP Membership follows up with each guest after every meeting
  • Encourage members to participate in speech contests
  • Take photos of club events and post them to Easyspeak and/or your Facebook or intranet site
  • Prepare a club budget and review it regularly during the Toastmaster year
  • Treasurer and/or VP Membership reaches out to everyone prior to the renewal period to encourage membership retention
  • Consider a SharePoint or shared drive where content can be stored for reuse in subsequent years

Sonia McGregor -Past Club President -Creekside TD Club (2017-2018)
Hilgay Beckles -Past Area Director -Area 47
-Past Club President -Creekside TD Club (2015-2016, 2016-2017)

Happy Birthday, District 86

Happy Birthday, District 86

On July 1, 2018 we turned exactly 10 years old! Although may I say – with due modesty – that we don’t look a day over five!

Yes, it was exactly ten years ago when District 60 gave birth to a new district under the leadership of our first District Governor (now called District Director) Lori Lococo. Maybe we should have been scared of venturing out on our own – but we weren’t. We had strong, experienced leaders – Bill Bienia, Ross Mackay, John MacDonald, Joan Binetti, Jean McAllister, Gina Cook, Ralph Williamson, Harold Usher, just to name a few.

Toastmasters of the new District 86 were in large measure the heart and soul of the old District 60. In many ways, one could think that the “new” district was the reconstituted District 60, rather than the “official” new District 86. Not just because of our leadership, but also the nature of the districts themselves. District 86 became a mix of urban and rural, stretching from Niagara Falls to northern Ontario (eventually including Sault Ste. Marie); District 60 became a heavily urban district, centred mostly (but not exclusively) on the City of Toronto. Which of these districts was markedly different from the old District 60? I would say the reconstituted District 60!

District 86 has accomplished much over its first decade. Many “Distinguished District” honours have been achieved; our District has been represented on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors; the District has been incredibly well-represented at the World Championships of Public Speaking; but more importantly, members continue to set and achieve their goals to improve their speaking and leadership skills, as recently evidenced by our recent achievement of “Presidents Distinguished” for Distinguished Clubs.

Bring on the next 10 years! History is waiting to happen! Be a part of it – it’s up to you!

Michael Proudlock,DTM 




5 Ideas For A Great Open House

When is your open house? Start planning early for the best results. Here are some ideas to help you have the best one yet:

1- Organize a committee:

Find out who in your club needs a CL project
Organize or Help organize club special event
PR campaign - chair or help with
Membership contest
Befriend a guest at a meeting

2- Get all members involved

Share the plan
Review the moments of truth standards - these are found in your Club Leadership Handbook
All members greet guests
Arrange a fun themed meeting – all meeting roles filled in advance
Invite a guest speaker 5-7 minute manual speech with evaluator

3- Promote the event

Flyers - distribute to members to post in the community or at their workplace
Social media, Eventbrite, MeetUp.com
Local papers- press release, article
Community calendar, SNAP

4- Arrange for greeters

Have lots of guest kits made in advance
Ask guests how they found out about the meeting
Introduce both guests and members (30 seconds why they joined)

5- At the meeting

Have an easy fun table topics session, invite guests to try (ask them first)
Have an experienced member deliver the open house Powerpoint (download below)
Hold a special session for guests (VPM) during the break – explain the benefits of joining your club and answer questions

Measure your results

Process memberships promptly
Follow-up with guests
Invite guests to future meetings by phone or email

Open House Checklist




6-8 weeks

Assign a committee & set budget

Club Executive


6-8 weeks

Set date with VP Education, VP Membership & VP PR


Communicate date to Club Members

Plan Public Relations campaign - The key to your success!!!!

Invite local politician if appropriate

Arrange for Guest Speaker - creates buzz and excitement!

Approach experienced members for key roles - put on a good show.

Invite Area, Division & District dignitaries & put on agenda

Invite Past Members to attend - they might re-join

Invite Founding Members, Club, Sponsors/Mentors/Coaches

Ask Club Members to "Bring A Friend"

Pick an appropriate theme for the meeting (new beginnings, achievement etc.)

Pick a Word of the Day that matches the occasion

Prepare a suitable Table Topics session

Select speakers who will represent the club effectively

Prepare Open House packages/New member kits

Consider an incentive to join the day of Open House (with club approval)


2 weeks before

Name tags purchased/prepared


Finalize Agenda

Decorations? Make it fun & festive!

Cake? - (Yellow & Blue theme)

Food? (Consider dietary restrictions when planning)

Supplies for food (plates, forks, napkins, cups)

Finalize incentive if using (gift card, draw, slight discount to fees, etc.)

Print ample supply of "Agenda's"


1 hour before

Set up room theatre style & test AV equipment


Committee & Club Executive arrive early & set the welcoming tone

Guest Greeters to arrive early & set up welcome area

Guest Book, Open House Packets available


During Meeting

Welcome guests

Allow guests to participate in Table Topics

Explain all parts of the meeting and the purpose of it

Thank the guests and dignitaries

Thank the organizing committee

Invite everyone to sign up or come back (Call to action is needed)



Resources from Toastmasters:

Download Open House PowerPoint from TI
Consider Demo Meeting format
Digital brochures to put in Open House Packet
Digital Posters to promote event

Jocelyne Vezina, DTM
District 86 Club Growth Director 2018-2019
District 86 Toastmaster of the Year 2016-2017

Conversion Rates – The untapped metric

What is a conversion rate?

The conversion rate is the number of conversions to new members divided by the total number of visitors.

• A conversion rate is just a number but it can help you to drive meaningful changes in your club meetings, visitor follow-up, set goals for the VP Membership and impact your member retention rates.

Why is a conversion rate important?
It is an efficiency metric! If you can convert 80% of your guests to members then you are doing a much better job than is you convert 30% of your guests to members.

How can you use this?
Start by tracking the number of guests for a one month period of time.
How many became members?
How long did it take for them to become members? (Right away, after their 2nd club visit, after their third visit?)

What if you are not happy with your conversions?
Define the issue first!
a. Not enough members come to the meeting – Attraction issue
Open houses, awareness building, Executive/HR support (Corporate Clubs)

b. Lots of members but they never come back – Engagement issue
Complete a Moments of Truth session to help uncover gaps

Suggestions to improve conversions:
• Do you have a greeter role?
• Are guests invited to introduce themselves or participate in Table Topics
• What happens to your guests during the meeting break?
• Guest Packages?
• Do you invite them back?
• Are they emailed or phoned after the meeting?
• Do you know their goals so you can refer back to them during your follow-up?

Issue defined?
Now you can work with your team to come up with a plan! A good Toastmasters plan is not complete without timelines, targets, accountabilities and happy celebrations once the goal is met!

How to use the Conversion Rate for planning purposes:
• Where are you right now?
• Where do you want to be? Growth goal or flat line retention? (Hint: our goal is growth!)
• Keep in mind we have a 30% churn rate in Toastmasters! A churn rate is the number who do not renew. What is your rate? Are you better or worse than average? Sometimes factors beyond your control can be a challenge especially in a closed corporate club going through layoffs! Remember a churn rate is just a number. What is important is what the number is telling you and what you are prepared to do about it!
The numbers in action!!!!

Example A:
Super Duper Toastmasters Club
Members as of June 30: 50
Churn rate at renewal: 40%
Number of members to be replaced based on churn rate of 40%: 50 members x 40% churn rate = 20
Conversion rate: 70% Wow that is high!

How many guests does Super Duper Toastmasters Club need?
The math: (20x100)/70 = 28 guests are needed

Example B:
High Achiever Toastmasters Club
Members as of June 30: 35
New Member Growth Goal for the year: + 15 new members or 50 members by year end
Churn rate at renewal: 30%
Number of members to be replaced based on churn rate of 30%: 35 members x 30% churn rate = 11
Conversion rate: 60%

How many guests does High Achiever Toastmasters Club need?
They need 11 to replace those who do not renew + 15 new members to meet their club goal. They are not called High Achievers Toastmasters Club for nothing!!!! They need 26 new members!
The math: (26x100)/60 = 44 guests are needed

Now you have calculated how many new members you will need!
• Should you start now or wait until June 1st?
• Should you aim for higher than what the math suggests? (Yes! “Averages” are not the same as an “actual” so we suggest you bump up the number of needed guests!)
• Should you work to reduce the number of members who don’t renew? How can you engage members? (Always a good strategy!)
• How many open houses can you schedule? Are they on your planning calendar?
• Does it make sense to schedule Open Houses with Toastmaster Membership drives? (Yes! There are club incentives tied to Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters and Beat the Clock!)
• How many “bring a friend” nights can you schedule?
• Are you leveraging Meet-up, local media? For corporate clubs are you able to use bulletin boards, company intranet sites, company onboarding or performance management initiatives?

Knowing your conversion rate is a handy planning tool! Have fun planning but have even more fun doing! Good luck!

Leona Wilson
Club Quality Chair
District 86


Guest Kit Checklist

Guest Kit Checklist
District 86 July 2018

Mandatory Items
 Toastmasters Application Form
 About the Club Welcome letter
- history of TM Club / Toastmasters International
- About weekly meetings
- About meeting roles
- About Membership Dues
- How to contact Club Officers
- Reasons to Join Toastmasters
 Pathways -- Overview of 10 Paths
 Features/Benefits/Value Chart
 Brochures: Find your Voice and Confidently Speaking
 Benefits of Toastmasters Membership

Optional Items
 a copy of the Toastmasters monthly magazine
 List of Fees
 Ice Breaker: Speech outline
 Ice Breaker: Evaluation form
 Welcome letter from Club President
 Testimonials from Membership


Club Growth Team | District 86

Open house - A perfect match to the Smedley contest

Dear Members,

The Smedley Award Membership contest is the perfect time for you to have your first Open House of the year.
Find attached a checklist to help you plan the perfect Open House. Once your team is in place have fun with the planning. Treat an Open House as a party.
Who would you invite to this party?
What would be the entertainment?
How would your guests know where to go?
Will you serve food?
Do you have a take away for your guests such as a “Guest kit”? (See checklist attached)
How will you follow-up with the guests after the Open House?
How would you know if your Open House was successful? (See attached conversion rate)

If you have guests interested in becoming members, sign them up for a year not just six months. Think about it. If you sign them up for a year:
You won’t have to worry come April.
You won’t have to chase them for their dues in April
You will know which members are “for sure” in April
You won’t have to worry about losing your DCP points because you don’t have enough members.

For those reasons, you should also consider signing your existing members for a year. I know, not all of them might want to sign for a year or be financially able to, but if you can, you would save yourself so much stress and anxiety come April.

Give it a try. You might be surprised how many members will like the idea of having their membership secured for a year.

To your success,

Jocelyne Vezina, DTM
District 86 Club Growth Director 2018-2019

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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