5 Ideas For A Great Open House

OpenHouse When is your open house?  Start planning early for the best results. Here are some ideas to help you have the best one yet:

1- Organize a committee:

  • Find out who in your club needs a CL project
  • Organize or Help organize club special event
  • PR campaign - chair or help with
  • Membership contest
  • Befriend a guest at a meeting

2- Get all members involved

  • Share the plan
  • Review the moments of truth standards - these are found in your Club Leadership Handbook
  • All members greet guests
  • Arrange a fun themed meeting – all meeting roles filled in advance
  • Invite a guest speaker 5-7 minute manual speech with evaluator

3- Promote the event

  • Flyers - distribute to members to post in the community or at their workplace
  • Social media, Eventbrite, MeetUp.com
  • Local papers- press release, article
  • Community calendar, SNAP

4- Arrange for greeters

  • Have lots of guest kits made in advance
  • Ask guests how they found out about the meeting
  • Introduce both guests and members (30 seconds why they joined)

5- At the meeting

  • Have an easy fun table topics session, invite guests to try (ask them first)
  • Have an experienced member deliver the open house Powerpoint (download below)
  • Hold a special session for guests (VPM) during the break – explain the benefits of joining your club and answer questions

Measure your results

  • Process memberships promptly
  • Follow-up with guests
  • Invite guests to future meetings by phone or email

Press releases for media coverage


Create a flyer

Share your ideas and successful events. Create a D86 website blog post.

Doreen Hillier Receives President's Citation Award

D86PRO-Doreen Hillier

This award recognizes Doreen Hillier's outstanding achievements in representing the goals and ideals of Toastmasters International and is one of Toastmasters highest honours. The recognition will be presented to her on Thursday August 13 at the Hall of Fame ceremony at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas.

Each year at the Toastmasters International Convention, the International President announces recipients for a Presidential Citation. This citation is presented to members who have shown continual support and dedication to the organization. Recipients of this citation are selected at the sole discretion of the International President.

Ms. Hillier is the first District 86 representative to be presented with this award since District 86 was formed in 2008. Click to view this list of past recipients. Not all nominees will receive an award, and an individual cannot receive the award more than once.

Every year a different number of awards are passed out. Approximately 10 -20 awards are passed out during a given year. It is indeed quite rare and an honour to be selected.

Doreen is celebrating her 20th year as a Toastmasters member and has served in many roles including District 86 Governor 2009-2010. She is currently a member of the Lincoln Road Toastmasters club in Division W Area 63.

Congratulations Doreen!


Cathy Herschell DTM
PRM District 86

Roger Caesar - Semifinalist: World Championship of Public Speaking


Roger Caesar Brampton, Ontario - semifinalist in the world's largest speech contest representing District 86.

Roger completed with 9 division winners to win the district 86 competition of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest April 25,2015.

Roger has qualified to advance to the semifinal rounds of the contest. Roger is vying for one of 10 spots in the World Championship of Public Speaking to be held at the Toastmasters International Convention Saturday, Aug. 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roger, a member of the Brampton Toastmasters Club, (website), in Brampton, Ontario surpassed fierce competition to win the hearts of the audience and judges alike with his speech. The speech touched on the themes of inspiration, passion and confidence

Ninety-six winners from districts around the world advanced to the semifinal round after a six-month process of elimination through club, area and district speech competitions. Their five- to seven-minute speeches were judged on content, organization, gestures and style.

"Toastmasters speech contests are another way to build your confidence, because you sharpen your skills and speak to many different audiences," says Caesar. "I am looking forward to competing on a much larger stage in Las Vegas!" Caesar is the owner of a logistics company in Brampton, Ontario. He joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker and leader at work and in the community.

The Toastmasters International Speech Contest is the world's largest speech contest, involving 30,000 participants from 126 countries. It culminates with the popular World Championship of Public Speaking held annually at the organization's 2015 International Convention.

Follow @Toastmasters International on Twitter (#TIConv15) to track Caesars progress.


District 86 Achieves Distinguished District!

Thank you, District 86!

We are grateful to have achieved Distinguished District for the Toastmasters year ending June 30, 2015.

We know that everyone worked very hard to deliver Toastmaster’s quality communication and leadership programs. We appreciate everything you’ve done to make our member’s experiences outstanding!

Mike Proudlock DTM, Lt. Governor Marketing 2014-15, having met the Distinguished goals in club and membership growth will receive the Excellence in Marketing Award.

Janice McDonald DTM, Lt. Governor Education and Training 2014-15, having met the Distinguished goals in training and number of Distinguished clubs, will receive the Excellence in Education and Training Award.

Toastmasters International recognizes Districts that are Distinguished for three or more consecutive years with an Excellence in Leadership Award. Having been Distinguished three years in a row, Carolyn Hoxie DTM, District Governor 2014-15 will be presented with the Excellence in Leadership Award in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Congratulations everyone! Without you, none of these awards would have been possible. Thank you so much for your support this past year. We are excited to receive these awards and look forward to another awesome year in District 86!

Distinguished district

District 86 News - July 2015

July 11th District 86 DEC Meeting Participants


Some of the topics discussed at the meeting were the District Success Plan by our District Director Janice McDonald. DTM, website traing by webmasters: Chris OBrien, CC / Dennis Bartel, ACS ALB, and conducting quality speech contests by Mike Proudlock, DTM Program Quality Director. Also a great presentation by our D86 International speech contest winner, Roger Caesar as he prepares for his big debuit at the International Convention in Las Vegas's Caesars Palace.  
Glynis Pereira D'souza wrote ... The DEC meeting was very well organized, informative and helpful. Breakfast, lunch, venue, meeting room and all other logistics were way above expectations. Well done Janice McDonald and team!

August 2015 Annual Business Meeting - Assign your Club's Proxy by August 12th.

Las Vegas August 12-15, 2015
The 2015 Toastmasters International Convention will be held in one of the most exciting cities in the world—Las Vegas, Nevada!
District Director (DD) – Janice McDonald, Program Quality Director (PQD) – Mike Proudlock, and Club Growth Director (CGD) – Vitaliy Fursov will be celebrating 90 years of Toastmasters history!

They will be attending excellent training, learning new ideas and best practices from International colleagues to enable District 86 to grow and be even more successful.

An important item to bring to your attention:

The Annual Business Meeting! Assign your club proxy before August 12th to either

    • An attending club member
    • 2015-16 District Director
    • Another attending, active Toastmaster

If a member of the club is attending the Annual Business Meeting, the member may be the delegate.
For further instructions on how to do that click here FAQ Proxy 
If no one from the club is attending the Annual Business Meeting, the club customarily designates the 2015-2016 District Director as the club's proxy holder. The district director will ensure the club's vote is cast at the meeting.
If no one from the club is attending the Annual Business Meeting, the club may choose as its proxy holder an active Toastmaster from another club who is planning to attend.

To assign your two club votes, go to Club Central, login, choose the club(s) you are assigning the proxy for and click on Assign/Delegate International Election Club Proxy.

Please assign your proxy as soon as possible.

On August 15th, delegates will be casting their votes to
Elect the International officers and directors to the 2015-2016 Board of Directors
Amend the Bylaws of Toastmasters International – Cast your Vote for Proposal A

Refer to June 2015 Toastmaster magazine pp. 28-29 for further information.
Questions? Contact Janice McDonald, District Director, 2015-16 districtdirector@toastmasters86.org

How to Assign Your Club's Proxy

Proxyhowto 3 2015


Distinguished Young Clubs in District 86 2014-15


When a new club becomes chartered it can take a little bit of time before they become fully aware and are intentionally following the Distinguished Club Program.

The following clubs are being especially congratulated and recognized for their outstanding effort in the Distinguished Club Program:

Mississauga Sales & Marketing - President’s Distinguished and chartered only 4 ½ months ago on February 12, 2015!

Huntsville Spotlight Speakers – Select Distinguished and chartered only 4 ½ months ago on February 16, 2015!

Congratulations as well to the following young clubs who also achieved in the Distinguished Club Program.

Club Toastmasters FrancoFun
Walmart Canada Toastmasters Club
Sheridan Davis Bruins Toastmasters Club
Callisto Toastmasters
Georgian Bay Toastmasters
City of Guelph
Chez Nous Toastmasters Club

Well done!


Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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