Announcing District 86 Meetup

Meetup October BlogWe are pleased to announce that a account has been arranged for District 86 and that all divisions and clubs will have the opportunity to use this social media tool to attract more guests to visit their clubs. is a highly recommended public social media tool to use to attract guests to attend/ visit Toastmasters club meetings by those that have accounts in District 86. There is a cost for this account and clubs have been very successful attracting guests with their own accounts.


Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.
Every club will have the opportunity to be represented within their division account through the division directors. All VPPR's are encouraged to participate by developing and managing a page for their club. For those clubs that already have their own account, this will be additional exposure.

Division W has been set up by Shawn Salokannel – Division W Director who has made this possible by his hard work over the past few months. Thank you Shawn! See the Division W MeetUp here>>>

Communications are underway to all division directors and clubs about how to access the account and details about how to set up club pages from Shawn. How_to_get_started_promoting_your_Toastmasters_club_with_MeetUp.pdf

Ensure that you follow the Toastmasters International branding guidelines for your club's page. Learn more>>>

This is a great opportunity for all clubs. If you would like to help with your division account setups please contact your division director, Shawn or myself.

Cathy Herschell, DTM
Public Relations Manager – District 86

District 86 Council Business Meeting - November 14, 2015

Come to the best part of the Fall 2015 Conference - The District 86 Council Business Meeting! It's free and open for anyone to attend! However, please note, only ballot holders can participate in the meeting.

When: Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 4:00 PM
Where: Blue Mountain Resort
Address: 108 Jozo Weider Blvd., Blue Mountains, Ontario L9Y 3Z2

Google Map

The latest international news from the 2015 International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as what's happening in District 86 will be presented. Stay informed!

Who Can Vote

  • The president and vice president education of each club have one vote. If neither can attend the District 86 Council Business Meeting, another active member of the club can be assigned both proxies. Once assigned the proxy holder cannot transfer the proxy to another member.
  • District Executive Committee members have one vote. This vote cannot be assigned via proxy.

The Proxy

  • The proxy is emailed one month ahead of time to all voting members
  • To assign a proxy, you can use the proxy form attached in the email or it is available as a download here

pdfClub Proxy form Sat. November 14 2015.pdf

  • The president and vice president education completes the form and assigns the proxy to an active member of their club who will be attending the District 86 Council Business Meeting
  • If the proxy-holder forgot the proxy at home it can be faxed to the Blue Mountains Resort Fax: 705.444.1751
  • If the president or vice president education forgot to assign the proxy, the information can be emailed from the club president or vice president education to the proxy-holder. The email must contain: the district number; a description of the event (i.e. District 86 Council Business Meeting); the date and location of the meeting (i.e. Nov. 14, 2015, Blue Mountains); the club name and number; the name of the club president or vice president education; the name of the active member who will be attending as the proxy-holder. The date of the email will be the date of the proxy. The proxy-holder must print out the email and present the printed copy to the credentials desk.

How to Vote

You must register at the credentials desk (next to registration desk). The hours are:
Friday, November 13: 2:00 PM - 6:45 PM and 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday, November 14: 7:00 AM - 7:50 AM and 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM

At the credentials desk:

  • The president or vice president education will be given their ballot(s)
  • The proxy-holder will be given their ballot(s) in exchange for their completed proxy form
  • The District Executive Committee members will be given their ballot
  • Copies of the reports and minutes will be available as well. 

If you are attending the District 86 Council Business Meeting only, please be at the credentials desk no later than 3:20 PM on Saturday. If you arrive at 3:45 PM you will not be in time to receive your ballot.

The credentials desk will close at 3:45 PM in order to allow sufficient time to calculate attendance and establish whether there is quorum. Coffee will be available as a courtesy.

The District 86 Council Business Meeting will start at 4:00 PM on Saturday, November 14.
Rather than attending only the District 86 Council Business Meeting, we encourage you to attend the entire conference!

The last day to register is Nov. 6th. You can register here.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Julie Christiansen, Communication & Leadership Award Recipient for Fall Conference 2015

Congratulations to this years reciepent of the Communication and Leadership Award (for non-Toastmasters) Julie Christiansen, M.A.; R.P. - Author, Speaker, Coach. Julie will receive the award at the Fall 2015 Conference held November 13 to November 15.

Julie ChristiansenAn internationally recognized speaker, psychotherapist, published author, adjunct professor of psychology. Julie Christiansen brings over 15 years' experience in group and individual counseling, to your boardroom. Branded as "Oprah for the Office" and "The Anger Lady" by her clients, Julie educates and entertains audiences throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. Julie has an energetic, humorous, and insightful style that is all her own.

The youngest of three children, Julie was born in Jamaica but immigrated with her family to Canada at the age of 6 to escape political unrest in her home country. Having grown up against the backdrop of familial aggression, poverty, and financial struggle, Julie is no stranger to hardship. Early in her life, she committed her future to finding and sharing real solutions to stress and anger.

After 15 years of working the front lines as a counselor, Julie successfully merged her previous career with her passion for helping people to create radical, positive, lasting change in their lives. Julie's personal and corporate mission is to leverage people and organizations into open communication so they can live free of conflict, tension, anger, and fear.

Julie's private sector background includes public relations, communication, and small business ownership/management. A guest expert in the media she has had numerous appearances on radio, television programs and print articles in Canada and the United States.


October is Toastmasters Month, Spread the Word!

An (Exceedingly) Brief History of Toastmasters
By David T. Shaw, District 86 Historian

October is Toastmasters Month!

The first official Toastmasters club, circa December 1924.

Why? Well, on October 22nd, 1924 there was the maiden Toastmasters meeting in Santa Ana, California. This was the first meeting of Club #1 – the "Smedley Chapter One Club". The Smedley Chapter One Club is not only the oldest club in Toastmasters International, it is also where men visited, and then took the idea elsewhere to create new clubs. It is the birthplace of Toastmasters International.


But the Toastmasters story actually started elsewhere and a couple of decades earlier.

After graduating from University in 1903, Ralph Smedley started working at the Bloomington, Illinois YMCA as its Educational Director. He saw a need for the Y's boys and young men to learn how to speak at meetings, and how to run them. He decided to call this club the Toastmasters Club. Although most (if not all) participants in the club would be too young to join a modern Toastmasters Club, the structure and intent (as well as the name) of the club was the same as the club formed in California, 21 years later.

Mr. Smedley (he hadn't received his Honorary Doctorate yet) was promoted to the position of YMCA General Secretary and transferred to Freeport, Illinois in May 1906. Here he raised the idea of starting a Toastmasters Club at the YMCA. The members decided that the training the club would provide was needed by the adult members of the Y, and thus the first Adult Toastmasters Club was created.

As Mr. Smedley went from YMCA to YMCA, he started Toastmasters Clubs – one in Rock Island, Illinois before WWI, another in San Jose, California in 1919. Whenever he moved however, the clubs quickly faltered, mainly due to lack of support from the YMCA hierarchy, and to the fact that there was no one with Mr. Smedley's vision and organizational skills to run the clubs.

We now return to October 22,1924 and Santa Ana. The idea spread, first in California, then north and east of the state. Conveniently, the first Canadian club was also chartered in October – on October 24, 1935, in Victoria, British Columbia. So in Canada, we have two reasons for celebrating October as Toastmasters Month. It is the anniversary of the first ever Toastmasters club to be formed, as well as the anniversary of the first club in Canada to be chartered.

The oldest clubs in District 86 (and the two oldest surviving clubs in Ontario), Garden City and Hamilton No. 1, both chartered in June 1952.* Now, 63 years later, District 86, which didn't even exist until 2008, has 233 clubs.

Although the manuals, educational programs, and even the sex of club members (Toastmasters was pretty much male only until 1973) has changed, the basic goals of the organization – leadership and public speaking in a fun, friendly environment – haven’t changed from Dr. Smedley's first vision of what such a club should be, and what it could achieve.

Addendum *Formation of District 86

Over the next four years more clubs formed in and around the golden horseshoe until finally in 1956 a group of Canadian Toastmasters from the then District 34, which included upper New York State, Ontario, and Quebec, decided to try for an
all-Canadian district. Their efforts paid off in 1957 when two groups of Canadian clubs were spun off from District 34 and granted Provisional District status with the numbers 60-P and 61-P. By July 1st, 1958 District 60 lost the 'P' and became a full-fledged District.

After almost half a century of growth and success, the Board of Directors approved a recommendation to reform (split) the district into two smaller districts effective July 1, 2008, fifty years after the birth of the District 60. The reformation would be effective July 1, 2008, with clubs in Toronto and points east retaining the designation of District 60, whilst the rest of the clubs would form a new district, District 86.


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Roger Caesar Appearance on Global TV's The Morning Show

The Morning Show

World Championship of Public Speaking 2015 semi-finalists Roger Caesar - Brampton Toastmasters, District 86 and Ande Clumpus - District 60 appeared on Global TV's The Morning Show on Wednesday August 19, 2015.
Congratulations to both gentlemen!

Special thanks to Carolyn MacKenzie of Global News - The Morning show for making this happen!


District 86 Wins 4 Awards at the International Convention

Highlights from the International Convention in Las Vegas

Awards Presented at the Conference

  • Mike Proudlock DTM, Lt. Governor Marketing 2014-15, having met the Distinguished goals in club and membership growth received the Excellence in Marketing Award.
  • Janice McDonald DTM, Lt. Governor Education and Training 2014-15, having met the Distinguished goals in training and number of Distinguished clubs, received the Excellence in Education and Training Award.
  • Toastmasters International recognizes Districts that are Distinguished for three or more consecutive years with an Excellence in Leadership Award. Having been Distinguished three years in a row, Carolyn Hoxie DTM, District Governor 2014-15 was presented with the Excellence in Leadership Award.
  • Doreen Hillier was presented with the President's Citation Award recognizing her extensive accomplishments over her 20 year toastmasters journey.

Congratulations Well Done District 86!


2015 World Champion of Public Speaking - Mohammed Qahtani

To view Highlights of his winning speech titled "The Power of Words." Check it out on Youtube!

5 Ideas For A Great Open House

OpenHouse When is your open house?  Start planning early for the best results. Here are some ideas to help you have the best one yet:

1- Organize a committee:

  • Find out who in your club needs a CL project
  • Organize or Help organize club special event
  • PR campaign - chair or help with
  • Membership contest
  • Befriend a guest at a meeting

2- Get all members involved

  • Share the plan
  • Review the moments of truth standards - these are found in your Club Leadership Handbook
  • All members greet guests
  • Arrange a fun themed meeting – all meeting roles filled in advance
  • Invite a guest speaker 5-7 minute manual speech with evaluator

3- Promote the event

  • Flyers - distribute to members to post in the community or at their workplace
  • Social media, Eventbrite,
  • Local papers- press release, article
  • Community calendar, SNAP

4- Arrange for greeters

  • Have lots of guest kits made in advance
  • Ask guests how they found out about the meeting
  • Introduce both guests and members (30 seconds why they joined)

5- At the meeting

  • Have an easy fun table topics session, invite guests to try (ask them first)
  • Have an experienced member deliver the open house Powerpoint (download below)
  • Hold a special session for guests (VPM) during the break – explain the benefits of joining your club and answer questions

Measure your results

  • Process memberships promptly
  • Follow-up with guests
  • Invite guests to future meetings by phone or email

Press releases for media coverage

Create a flyer

Share your ideas and successful events. Create a D86 website blog post.

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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