Candu Toastmasters Hosts Their First Speechcraft Series

In January 2018, the Candu Toastmasters Executive met to discuss possible OpenHouse activities - traditionally we'd either invited guest speakers or hosted workshops, but we were ready to try something different. We'd heard a great deal about Speechcraft but weren't certain that we could cover the content in six, one-hour sessions. Our Club President, François Cussac, took the lead in tailoring the program while the remaining Club Officers agreed to both serve as mentors and deliver the program presentations.

From our first session held on March 7th, it was clear that the Speechcraft program is the necessary jumping off point for new members under Pathways; it was amazing to see how each student’s confidence improved and, by the final session, each of them had become comfortable public speakers (two of the students have gone on to join Toastmasters, one at our club). The most memorable feedback from one of the students was "It wasn't at all what I was expecting … it was FUN!"

To celebrate their (and our) success, the following was posted on Nuclear Canada’s Intranet:
Let's congratulate Candu Toastmasters Speechcraft graduates

SpeechcraftersOn April 17, seven Nuclear Canada employees successfully completed the six-week Speechcraft program that was organized by Candu Toastmasters club:

Simer Jawandha

Emma MacDonald

Padmashri (Anu) Paranjape

Grace Tineo

Teodora Narvaez

Fabiola Jimenez

Kal Elenein

The graduates learned the basics of both speech development and evaluation as well as several techniques to improve the impact of their presentations. Their mastery of these basic skills was demonstrated during presentations where one student would provide an introduction, a second would deliver a speech and a third would evaluate both the speech content and its delivery.

VP Public Relations, Candu Toastmasters Club
Area 81 Director

Education Session by Pat Johnson at TLI

Speaker Bio Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson, past international president, is the owner of Pat Johnson & Associates, where she coaches leaders to help them find their greatest versions of their authentic selves. She works to help individuals overcome their self limitations and to aspire to more in life. She is also an affiliate and mentor coach at Accomplishment Coaching.

From 2004 to 2006, Pat was elected and served as International Director on the Board of Directors for Toastmasters International. She continued in Vice President roles until 2010/11, when she served this non-profit educational organization as their International President and Chairman of the Board. She is the only Canadian woman to serve in this prestigious role.

During the past 15 years, Pat has been a keynote speaker and educator in a long list of countries around the world. She was the manager for Learning Masters, who provided expertise for the new Toastmasters Pathways learning experience program. Most recently, she held the role of Host District Convention Chair for the 2017 International Convention in Vancouver, Canada.

TLI Education Sessions – Building and Sustaining Vibrant Corporate Clubs.

How Mentors and Coaches from Community clubs Communicate with Corporate clubs.

Approximately 60 percent of our Toastmasters clubs are in corporate environments – yet many of these clubs struggle. That’s because we support them using the techniques and knowledge that has worked for community clubs.

To help these struggling clubs, we must:

  • Think like a genuine stakeholder within the corporation
  • Meet their expectations of us as their education program provider
  • Have expectations of them beyond providing a meeting facility and tuition being paid

Join Pat for an informative discussion that can change your interaction with, and expectations of, your corporate programs.

District 86 Douglas Barclay Award-2018-2019:

Tony B DB award

The Douglas Barclay Award is given annually to a Past District Officer who continues to exemplify Toastmasters values of integrity, respect, service & excellence and for their contributions and continued service as well as promotion of Toastmasters to the outside community.
Congratulations to this year’s recipient Tony Bratschitsch, DTM. Tony has been a Toastmaster for 12 years and has held many officer roles including District Governor, Division Governor and numerous club officer roles. He delivered seventeen training sessions since 2010 and continues to promote the Toastmasters program wherever possible. Tony is a well-respected Toastmaster in District 86 and continues to demonstrate the Toastmaster values whenever he can.
The award was presented to Tony at the District 86 Toastmaster’s Spring Conference, April 14, 2019 held in Mississauga.

The Douglas Barclay Award committee is made up of past recipients. The award began in 2009 after the split of District 60. Past recipients are:
2018 Carol Dowell, DTM
2017 Karim Premji, DTM
2016 Avis Brodie, DTM
2015 John MacDonald, DTM
2014 Eric Solowka, DTM
2013 Doreen Hillier, DTM
2012 Eva Britton, DTM
2011 Joan Binetti, DTM
2010 Isabel Hershaw, DTM
2009 Jean McAllister, DTM

Message from 2018 International Speech Champion - Roger Caesar

speech contest 2019 d86

This past Sunday at the District 86 Spring Conference I had the honour and privilege, as the 2018 International Speech Champion, to be the contest chair for the 2019 International Speech competition. We watched as 10 very accomplished speakers competed for the title of District 86 International Speech Champion for 2019. Congratulations to all those who competed. You continue to show why District 86 is one of the strongest districts in Toastmasters International. 

With so many great messages, I found myself sitting there wanting to give something back to the audience. Traditionally, as a contest chair, I try to comprise all the messages of each speaker and put it together in a nice compact summary. By popular demand many of you have asked for me to send the summary that I had for this year‘s international speech contest. It is my pleasure and honour to do so.
“ There are many lessons that we can take away from what we heard today. In life, don’t allow others negative words to deter you from reaching your goals. Remember that the river of doubt will always creep in and try to persuade you in the wrong direction. When you feel that fear just remember in order to beat it, Meet it! You do this by finding your motivation, your preparation, and your faith to allow you to overcome your fears and just JUMP! Never let the dream killers in your life to assassinate your dreams… Just Simply WALK AROUND THEM! Understand that no matter how many times you feel you can’t do it… Just say YES and figure it out after! Above all else LOVE YOURSELF!! Please never judge a book by its cover. Our different cultures make us unique! Love and respect ALL IDENTITIES!!! When you feel good about giving to others, you feel good about yourself. You will have moments in life where your own personal troubles or demons will battle within you.  NEVER STAY SILENT! And if you see someone who might be suffering… It just takes a cup of coffee to Help them open up. You don’t have to change the world you just have to change YOUR WORLD! When you do that the world will become a better place. But if you are ever seen talking to yourself in a public place… Please Please WEAR EARPIECES!!!! After all… BALL DON’T LIE!!!!!”

Best Regards,

Roger Caesar, ACG, ALB
Speaker/ Speech Coach
3 time International Speech Award Winner
District 86 Speakers Bureau Chair 2018-2019

Brampton Toastmasters/ Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters

Speechcraft Works!

Speechcraft at Maple Leaf Poultry in Brampton by Tuula Redditt DTM

MLF Speechcrafters

Speak To Inspire Toastmasters Club has had a wonderful few months delivering speechcraft sessions for Maple Leaf Poultry in Brampton. The experience of delivering communication and leadership skills to a employees of this large corporation was truly gratifying. Here is a list of advisors that we had help out from Speak to Inspire TM and other clubs in District 86:

Cal Lockhart | Dimitra Bolton | Firdaus Walele | Gerry Phillips | Novlette Evans | Olusola Adeosun | Pauline Bourne | Phil Coakley | Razina Patel | Tuula Redditt | Veronica Hislop | Zeina Kdouh

With our collective efforts we were able to deliver two (2hr) sessions every Thursday for 8 weeks from Jan 10th to Mar 7th, 2019. The reason for 2 sessions was the shifts that the speechcrafters were working and the size of the boardroom to accomodate two separate groups. Here is a list of the Maple Leaf Food Employees that participated in the speechcraft program:

Alvaro Figueroa | Ana Silva | Chris Sajda | Elaine Reyes | Enzo Calipa | Johnny Ho | Nerissa Baligod | Nelson Cabral | Paulo Sousa | Phani Gannamaneni | Ron Basu | Saru Vaikuntharajan | Sonia Lourenco | Sophia Peng | Stephen Costa | Vikas Kashyap

Thank you to all our advisors who took the time out of their busy work schedules to come out and volunteer their time to the success of this great program. We would also thank all the speechcrafters for successfully going above and beyond and capturing the true essense of the Toastmasters program and proving to Maple Leaf Foods that we are all leaders and can achieve success in our workplace. Outstanding efforts and congratulations everyone!

Once the program was completed we approached the speechcrafters to see if there was an interest to continue on their journey as future Toastmasters. The response was positive and although forming a corporate club in Maple Leaf Foods would be difficult, Speak to Inspire Toastmasters club has invited those interested to join our club which is located just a block away. We conveniently meet every Wednesday from 12-1pm in the Education and Training Centre at the corner of Ruthorford and Queen. The future of Speechcraft continues on with our club starting another 9 weeks starting the beginning of April on Tuesdays from 12-2pm at One World in Mississauga. For more information about the Speechcraft program please contact the D86 Speechcraft Chair Margaret Waechter, ACG, ALB at

Talk up Toastmasters - Its PIZZA time


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What’s Happening in Speechcraft?

Are you conducting OR have you conducted a Speechcraft Program yet? If yes, let me know ASAP at I want to let District 86 Toastmasters know of YOUR team collaboration, time management, dynamic leadership and effective coaching skills. WOW – you’re amazing!! [I’m being sincere here!]

Are you still “thinking” about co-ordinating a Speechcraft (SC) program? I have heard that some Toastmasters are thinking that conducting a Speechcraft program would satisfy the requirements for their HPL. SORRY, NO CAN DO. Jocelyne Vezina, DTM, Club Growth Director was informed by Toastmasters International that the High-Performance Leadership Project (HPL) must be a project that is NOT created by Toastmasters International such as Youth Leadership Program or SPEECHCRAFT. Why not connect with me at for some ideas that could be considered when organizing a SC program?

To Area Directors and Division Directors – have you considered conducting an Open House event that leads to announcing a community Speechcraft program? Maybe your clubs are experiencing low membership and don’t have enough experienced Toastmasters to co-ordinate and lead a CLUB Speechcraft program. Well – why not ‘pool’ those resources and conduct a SC program? On Speechcraft Graduation Night, conduct another “open house”, showcasing the rewards of participating in a SC program [SC participants giving testimonials on what they’re taking away from the program]. Have a chart showing your Area/Division Toastmasters Clubs contact information available at the door. Another tool to building membership.

One night after leaving a SC session, I experienced an epiphany moment…don’t get them often! As you may know, each week, the participants receive a fundamental or tool to help them craft a speech. Then, they would go home, write a speech that incorporates those principles/fundamentals learned and present their speech at the next session. When the SC program is finished, they get a Certificate of Achievement and an invite to join the Toastmasters club. I felt that the non-Toastmaster needed something MORE…something to tie each session together…something to jog their memory of the fundamentals for crafting a speech.

Now here’s the epiphany – why don’t I prepare an easy to follow checklist or summary that captures the fundamentals or principles that were taught in Speechcraft. This memory jogger could get the creative juices flowing, putting thoughts into a logical sequence and adding some enhancements to keep their audience engaged. YESSS – even novice Toastmasters can use this CHECKLIST. WOW – what an idea! Have a looksee.

Ta Ta For Now,
Margaret Waechter, ACG, ALB
District 86 Speechcraft Chair

Your Vote Is Important

The District 86 Council Annual Business Meeting April 13, 2019 starting at 2pm

Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga
6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga ON. L5N 2L3
Map and Directions | Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga

Click here to register for the conference>> Spring Conference: Saturday, April 13, 2019
There is no cost to attend the Annual Business Meeting only, however you are requested to pre-register by April 8th, to receive your voting ballots at the conference, register here>>> Annual Business Meeting April13, 2019

Pick up your ballots at the credentials desk before 1:00 pm, Saturday April 13. The credientials desk will be open Friday 2 pm - 6:45 pm, Saturday 7:00 am - 8:00 am, 9:00 am -10:00 am and 12 noon - 1:00 pm.

Why Vote?

  • Participate in decisions affecting the members of District 86, including your club.
  • Enable the District to carry on its business and vote for next years elected Directors.

Who Can Vote?

  • District Executive Committee members.
  • Your club has 2 votes: Club president and club vice president education of a club in good standing. (dues paid by March 30). These votes can be assigned by PROXY to any active member who registers to attend the Annual Business Meeting in person and vote.
  • One paid member may carry both votes for the club.
  • A paid member of a club who has been assigned a proxy. Once assigned the proxy holder cannot transfer the proxy to another member.
  • District Executive Committee members have one vote. This vote cannot be assigned via proxy.

Pre-Registration is Requested by April 8, 2019

  • Indicate your attendance at the meeting and pre-register for your ballot by April 8th.
  • Click here to register>>> Annual Business Meeting April13, 2019
  • Why? We need to achieve quorum and prepare your ballots in advance.

Important Documents to Read 

Voting Proxies

  • To assign a proxy, download this proxy form 
  • President and the VP education who cannot attend the meeting complete their forms and assign their proxies to an active member, who will check in at the Credentials Desk at least an hour before the Annual Business Meeting,

Pick Up Your Voting Ballot

  • If you are the president or vice president education, pick up your ballots at the credentials desk
  • If you are a representative from your club, please present the prepared proxy (printed) form, to receive your ballots.
  • Credentials desk closes promptly at 1:00pm Saturday April 13th.
  • Annual Business Meeting begins at 2:00pm Saturday April 13th.

For further information please see Toastmasters International information on credentials / voting / proxy

Cathy Herschell, DTM, IPDD
District 86 Credentials Chair

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