The Conference Experience by Carl J Naus

Are you getting the most from Toastmasters?

You can get added value by attending the District’s Conference where we come together to compete, learn, network and socialize. You will see inspiring keynote speakers, learn through educational workshops and experience fantastic speech contests. (The speech contest may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and compete yourself). You will learn from each other's best practices and how to enhance your club experience (practical ideas that you can take back to your club). Corporations can sponsor their members who will be invigorated by the great speakers they will see. Personally, I have attended over 10 Conferences and have always enjoyed myself. I have gained so much from the workshops and have been inspired to become a better speaker.

The Conference is at the Hilton Meadowvale April 24-April 26, 2020 and is valued at $299.00 until Dec 31 when prices will rise!

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Carl J Naus
District 86 Spring Conference Sponsorship Chair

D86 Douglas Barclay Award Recipient 2018-2019

Tony Bratschitsch, DTM is the most recent recipient of the Douglas Barclay Award. He is a Past District Governor (2013-2014) in which District 86 achieved Distinguished District status. As well, for over ten years, Tony has been very active in the community as a volunteer. Some of his experiences are:

Royal Canadian Legion

Legion Exec 2015
The Royal Canadian Legion was created by an Act of Parliament two years after the founding of Toastmasters. The Legion has official responsibilities for supporting veterans and their families and in honouring Remembrance of the men and women who served, suffered and died doing their duty to our country.

Tony Bratschitsch has been a member of the Legion for twelve years and he has been the Dundas Branch's Chair of the Youth Education program for six years. Tony has been a member of the Branch's executive for five years. He is also a member of the Colour Party which is always front and centre of any Remembrance or other Legion public activity. His participation in the Legion is related to that of Toastmasters because the two organizations in the Town of Dundas have supported each other in many ways.

Tony was asked to be the Chair of the Youth Education program because he was a Toastmaster. During his duration as Chair, Tony has promoted the venerable Annual Poster & Literary Contest to the students and schools in the Dundas, Ancaster and West Hamilton area. This was something that he experimented with by trying different techniques in getting the Grade 1 - 12 students involved and excited about participating in the contests with their poems, essays and posters.

The way it's turned out, unknown to Tony at the beginning, is that he got involved, because he was a Toastmaster, the following has developed:

  • more students, teachers and their families got involved
  • many more students blossomed with recognition for their submissions
  • He had to make different types of presentations to the students
  • sometimes as many as eight in one day in individual classes
  • sometimes if front of large assemblies of approximately 650 people 
  • uniquely, at one exceptional family's home (home-taught students) for five straight years. Their mother recently told Tony that her kids no longer consider him as "the Legion guy" but as "their friend" - a very high compliment presentations made at Legion award ceremonies

Tony came home one day and found himself on the front cover of the Dundas Star. This is just one of many media news releases that the local newspapers have provided. Three years before, the Ancaster News posted another separate picture of Tony with students on its front page.

Of the seven Legion Branches in our Zone (Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Stoney Creek), Tony's Branch students win 70% of the awards, consistently.

Mohawk College
Eleven years ago, Tony was contacted by a professor at Mohawk College to provide a 45-minute presentation on public speaking. Since then, members of his club, Valley Town Toastmasters, have made such presentations every year - except for the year of the provincial strike - in which they also heavily promoted the Toastmaster program. One year, Tony and his club members made nine separate presentations at Mohawk. This past February, Tony and two more members presented to a packed-room audience of 73 students. Over the years, Tony had personally received plenty of "thank you notes" from students. One of his newer neighbors was a student in one of the presentations five years ago and she clearly remembered Tony and Toastmasters.

Air Cadets
Ten years ago, Tony was referred to the Southern Ontario Air Cadet organization because he was a Toastmaster. Since then, every year near the end of April, local Toastmasters have been judging their annual debates at Mohawk College. Last April, Tony was recognized by the Chief Judge in front of 30 other judges for his contributions. There is a photo of Toastmasters posing with Air Cadets attached to this email.

Cactus Festival Parades
In 2008, Tony initiated his club's participation in the annual Cactus Festival Parade during August in Dundas. Other local clubs have supported this initiative as well. This has brought great awareness of the Toastmaster program in the area and members have learned over the years that some people joined various clubs because they saw Toastmasters in the parade. There is a photo from the most recent parade attached.

Arthritis Society of Canada
Eleven years ago, a coordinator from the Arthritis Society of Canada sent emails to local Toastmaster clubs looking for volunteer presenters. Since then, Tony has done approximately 30 two-hour presentations on managing chronic pain. In 2015, he received the Ontario Provincial award for excellence (see the photo of him with the bouquet and trophy with the young lady). A few years ago, the Society's HQ asked for Tony, the "Toastmaster", to be the MC at a local fundraising walkathon.

Hamilton SMOG Hockey Team
Team SMOG Champions 2016This may appear to be unrelated, however, it was significant for older hockey players. As captain of the Hamilton SMOG, Tony facilitated co-ed (male and female) participation in a men's league. One year, his team won a tournament in Newmarket with a good mix. See the two photos. Activities like this are important to "social" improvement.

Young Taiwanese Merchants Association
This is one of Tony's favourite stories. At the last minute, he was "promoted" to be the primary keynote speaker at a conference for the Young Taiwanese Merchants Association of Toronto. Instead of presenting to a smaller group in a classroom, Tony made a longer presentation on "Overcoming the barriers to multi-cultural communication" in a large ballroom in front of 160 attendees, television, radio and newspaper crews. There is a photo of a newspaper article in a Chinese newspaper attached. Tony was also personally interviewed on the radio.

Over the years, Tony has also made presentations to the City of Hamilton Health Unit (6), Free Masons of Hamilton and the Women's Institute of Canada. He has also been called upon to provide advice on many speech contests and debating activities by volunteer organizations.

Reflections of the TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) June 1st 2019

TLI June 1st 2019

Reflecting back many years to our officer training sessions we used to have I have to say there is such a great improvement and it's more of an experience than just an education session. I remember back in June 1st 2013 our district transformed its officer training sessions and launched it's first TLI training session. Carolyn Hoxie, D86 Lieutenant Governor of Education at the time came up with this wonderful idea that we have prided ourselves on ever since. The school auditorium was packed with standing room only for some of us. It was a record breaking success. The District presented a skit on 'Toastmasters Behaving Badly' which I was a part of and enjoyed thoroughly giving a bad evaluation for a bad speech. The District 86 Executive stepped up and presented quality workshops and training. They brought in caterers feeding hundreds of hungry Toastmasters a delicious hot lunch satisfying all special diets. We increased the cost of attending to accomodate great food and venue costs. This was the beginning of our District's future to present quality training for our clubs.

Fast forwarding to June 1st 2019 TLI training at the Meadowvale Secondary School which I attended with several our club's newly elected executive. Not much has changed since our first TLI in 2013. We still provide the same quality training, entertainment ...and great food. Leading me to express my gratitude for having the pleasure of working with great leaders all these years. Why mess with a good process! If the event draws in 100's of people I think we are doing something right don't you think?

Finally I'd like to share with you all my very first NEWSLETTER. In this newsletter there is a great article about our first TLI event.  I have been taking care of the Newsletters and Blog posts all these years and have enjoyed reading and sharing the great news from our District. If you have a story you would like to share check out how to do that here BLOG PAGE.

Testimonial by Felicia Simpson incoming Secretary for Speak To Inspire Toastmasters Club in Brampton

Felicia attended the June 8th Training session in Malton and this is what she had to say:  It was excellent.  I enjoyed the day!  Learned a lot.  Especially loved the two speeches in the afternoon by the blind lady, Melanie Taddeo.  Her speech was very emotional and the  title was "The Unforeseen Journey" and also the very inspiring speech by Steve Hopkinson, "DIG Plant Grow."  It was encouraging to see so many people out so early on a Saturday morning!  I saw two ladies whom I had met previously at the Mississauga Toastmasters held at the Mississauga Civic Centre. One of these ladies led the Secretary Training.  Her training was excellent and it was nice to see that there were a few male secretaries as well. 



Candu Toastmasters Hosts Their First Speechcraft Series

In January 2018, the Candu Toastmasters Executive met to discuss possible OpenHouse activities - traditionally we'd either invited guest speakers or hosted workshops, but we were ready to try something different. We'd heard a great deal about Speechcraft but weren't certain that we could cover the content in six, one-hour sessions. Our Club President, François Cussac, took the lead in tailoring the program while the remaining Club Officers agreed to both serve as mentors and deliver the program presentations.

From our first session held on March 7th, it was clear that the Speechcraft program is the necessary jumping off point for new members under Pathways; it was amazing to see how each student’s confidence improved and, by the final session, each of them had become comfortable public speakers (two of the students have gone on to join Toastmasters, one at our club). The most memorable feedback from one of the students was "It wasn't at all what I was expecting … it was FUN!"

To celebrate their (and our) success, the following was posted on Nuclear Canada’s Intranet:
Let's congratulate Candu Toastmasters Speechcraft graduates

SpeechcraftersOn April 17, seven Nuclear Canada employees successfully completed the six-week Speechcraft program that was organized by Candu Toastmasters club:

Simer Jawandha

Emma MacDonald

Padmashri (Anu) Paranjape

Grace Tineo

Teodora Narvaez

Fabiola Jimenez

Kal Elenein

The graduates learned the basics of both speech development and evaluation as well as several techniques to improve the impact of their presentations. Their mastery of these basic skills was demonstrated during presentations where one student would provide an introduction, a second would deliver a speech and a third would evaluate both the speech content and its delivery.

VP Public Relations, Candu Toastmasters Club
Area 81 Director

Education Session by Pat Johnson at TLI

Speaker Bio Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson, past international president, is the owner of Pat Johnson & Associates, where she coaches leaders to help them find their greatest versions of their authentic selves. She works to help individuals overcome their self limitations and to aspire to more in life. She is also an affiliate and mentor coach at Accomplishment Coaching.

From 2004 to 2006, Pat was elected and served as International Director on the Board of Directors for Toastmasters International. She continued in Vice President roles until 2010/11, when she served this non-profit educational organization as their International President and Chairman of the Board. She is the only Canadian woman to serve in this prestigious role.

During the past 15 years, Pat has been a keynote speaker and educator in a long list of countries around the world. She was the manager for Learning Masters, who provided expertise for the new Toastmasters Pathways learning experience program. Most recently, she held the role of Host District Convention Chair for the 2017 International Convention in Vancouver, Canada.

TLI Education Sessions – Building and Sustaining Vibrant Corporate Clubs.

How Mentors and Coaches from Community clubs Communicate with Corporate clubs.

Approximately 60 percent of our Toastmasters clubs are in corporate environments – yet many of these clubs struggle. That’s because we support them using the techniques and knowledge that has worked for community clubs.

To help these struggling clubs, we must:

  • Think like a genuine stakeholder within the corporation
  • Meet their expectations of us as their education program provider
  • Have expectations of them beyond providing a meeting facility and tuition being paid

Join Pat for an informative discussion that can change your interaction with, and expectations of, your corporate programs.

District 86 Douglas Barclay Award-2018-2019:

Tony B DB award

The Douglas Barclay Award is given annually to a Past District Officer who continues to exemplify Toastmasters values of integrity, respect, service & excellence and for their contributions and continued service as well as promotion of Toastmasters to the outside community.
Congratulations to this year’s recipient Tony Bratschitsch, DTM. Tony has been a Toastmaster for 12 years and has held many officer roles including District Governor, Division Governor and numerous club officer roles. He delivered seventeen training sessions since 2010 and continues to promote the Toastmasters program wherever possible. Tony is a well-respected Toastmaster in District 86 and continues to demonstrate the Toastmaster values whenever he can.
The award was presented to Tony at the District 86 Toastmaster’s Spring Conference, April 14, 2019 held in Mississauga.

The Douglas Barclay Award committee is made up of past recipients. The award began in 2009 after the split of District 60. Past recipients are:
2018 Carol Dowell, DTM
2017 Karim Premji, DTM
2016 Avis Brodie, DTM
2015 John MacDonald, DTM
2014 Eric Solowka, DTM
2013 Doreen Hillier, DTM
2012 Eva Britton, DTM
2011 Joan Binetti, DTM
2010 Isabel Hershaw, DTM
2009 Jean McAllister, DTM

Message from 2018 International Speech Champion - Roger Caesar

speech contest 2019 d86

This past Sunday at the District 86 Spring Conference I had the honour and privilege, as the 2018 International Speech Champion, to be the contest chair for the 2019 International Speech competition. We watched as 10 very accomplished speakers competed for the title of District 86 International Speech Champion for 2019. Congratulations to all those who competed. You continue to show why District 86 is one of the strongest districts in Toastmasters International. 

With so many great messages, I found myself sitting there wanting to give something back to the audience. Traditionally, as a contest chair, I try to comprise all the messages of each speaker and put it together in a nice compact summary. By popular demand many of you have asked for me to send the summary that I had for this year‘s international speech contest. It is my pleasure and honour to do so.
“ There are many lessons that we can take away from what we heard today. In life, don’t allow others negative words to deter you from reaching your goals. Remember that the river of doubt will always creep in and try to persuade you in the wrong direction. When you feel that fear just remember in order to beat it, Meet it! You do this by finding your motivation, your preparation, and your faith to allow you to overcome your fears and just JUMP! Never let the dream killers in your life to assassinate your dreams… Just Simply WALK AROUND THEM! Understand that no matter how many times you feel you can’t do it… Just say YES and figure it out after! Above all else LOVE YOURSELF!! Please never judge a book by its cover. Our different cultures make us unique! Love and respect ALL IDENTITIES!!! When you feel good about giving to others, you feel good about yourself. You will have moments in life where your own personal troubles or demons will battle within you.  NEVER STAY SILENT! And if you see someone who might be suffering… It just takes a cup of coffee to Help them open up. You don’t have to change the world you just have to change YOUR WORLD! When you do that the world will become a better place. But if you are ever seen talking to yourself in a public place… Please Please WEAR EARPIECES!!!! After all… BALL DON’T LIE!!!!!”

Best Regards,

Roger Caesar, ACG, ALB
Speaker/ Speech Coach
3 time International Speech Award Winner
District 86 Speakers Bureau Chair 2018-2019

Brampton Toastmasters/ Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters

Speechcraft Works!

Speechcraft at Maple Leaf Poultry in Brampton by Tuula Redditt DTM

MLF Speechcrafters

Speak To Inspire Toastmasters Club has had a wonderful few months delivering speechcraft sessions for Maple Leaf Poultry in Brampton. The experience of delivering communication and leadership skills to a employees of this large corporation was truly gratifying. Here is a list of advisors that we had help out from Speak to Inspire TM and other clubs in District 86:

Cal Lockhart | Dimitra Bolton | Firdaus Walele | Gerry Phillips | Novlette Evans | Olusola Adeosun | Pauline Bourne | Phil Coakley | Razina Patel | Tuula Redditt | Veronica Hislop | Zeina Kdouh

With our collective efforts we were able to deliver two (2hr) sessions every Thursday for 8 weeks from Jan 10th to Mar 7th, 2019. The reason for 2 sessions was the shifts that the speechcrafters were working and the size of the boardroom to accomodate two separate groups. Here is a list of the Maple Leaf Food Employees that participated in the speechcraft program:

Alvaro Figueroa | Ana Silva | Chris Sajda | Elaine Reyes | Enzo Calipa | Johnny Ho | Nerissa Baligod | Nelson Cabral | Paulo Sousa | Phani Gannamaneni | Ron Basu | Saru Vaikuntharajan | Sonia Lourenco | Sophia Peng | Stephen Costa | Vikas Kashyap

Thank you to all our advisors who took the time out of their busy work schedules to come out and volunteer their time to the success of this great program. We would also thank all the speechcrafters for successfully going above and beyond and capturing the true essense of the Toastmasters program and proving to Maple Leaf Foods that we are all leaders and can achieve success in our workplace. Outstanding efforts and congratulations everyone!

Once the program was completed we approached the speechcrafters to see if there was an interest to continue on their journey as future Toastmasters. The response was positive and although forming a corporate club in Maple Leaf Foods would be difficult, Speak to Inspire Toastmasters club has invited those interested to join our club which is located just a block away. We conveniently meet every Wednesday from 12-1pm in the Education and Training Centre at the corner of Ruthorford and Queen. The future of Speechcraft continues on with our club starting another 9 weeks starting the beginning of April on Tuesdays from 12-2pm at One World in Mississauga. For more information about the Speechcraft program please contact the D86 Speechcraft Chair Margaret Waechter, ACG, ALB at

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