Hello Division W Members!

Our contests are done, the conference is just around the corner! What talent we have in Division W! Can’t wait to see how we do at the conference!

What’s happening in Division W this month?

  • Please join me in celebrating the newest club to division W – Les Toastmasters Volubiles chartered October 1st. Charter Party is December 16th!
  • November we increased our numbers by 51 members – to date 70 new members since July 1st! Wonderful news! Current membership count is 520. We started in July with 584 so we are getting close to our starting numbers! I want to encourage all clubs to set a goal of 1 new member a month! Consider speech crafts, many clubs are having success with this program!
  • Moments of truth – remember all clubs should have at a minimum 1 moments of truth session every year. Good time to check in and reflect how your club is doing!
  • Have you handed your club proxy’s to someone attending this year’s club conference? If you’re a VP of Ed or President, please make sure if you’re not attending to give your signed someone who can attend the business meeting at the conference – let your voice be heard!
  • The conference is one week away! Sign up and come out. Some members from Division W are hosting workshops!
  • Remember aim to be at +5 over your membership base on July 1st or be at 20 by year’s end – aim for distinguished!
  • January 30th – Officer training is scheduled in Mississauga. Division W’s date will be set shortly, a communication to follow. Make sure at a minimum 4 officers are trained so that you can wrap up your next DCP point!
  • All clubs have a minimum of one DCP point or higher on the board – congrats! Aim for 5.
  • We are looking for club coaches to help some of our clubs – if you have experience getting members in their door – speak with me and I’ll explain how the role works!

There is a new version of an advanced club coming to Division W.
Ryan Avery has created a new advanced club formula based on evaluating speeches and table topics using the contest judging forms. There will be education sessions and round robin evaluations. I am collecting names for now of all those that may be interested so please email me directly if you’re interested in exploring this new format… like any club, we need 20 members to charter a new club!

Have a great month! Let’s cheer for Division W at the conference!

Shawn Salokannel
B. Comm. OMDP, Adult Educ, ACS, ALS
Division W Director

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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