Division ContestsCongratulations to the particpants of the nine division humorous and table topics contests! Those of you who attended these events will agree that they were indeed fun-filled! Thank you to the organizers and all those who helped with these events.

Come to Blue Mountain and cheer on the winners of each division's contest at the fall conference November 13-15 as they compete for the district titles. Time is running out before midnight November 6 (the registration deadline). http://www.toastmasters86.org/conferences/fall2015

 Division  Humorous Speech   Table Topics 
A  Rowan Faludi  Mario Keriakedes   
 Gary Ford  Dennis Bartel
 Mohammed Zackria     Yvonne Horvat
D  Joe Pacak  Richard Lewis
L  Mo Carter  Joe Vanderkooi
M  Gianni D'Ambrosio  Annette Lavigne
N  Stephen Korski  George McVittie
S  Louise Dufresne  Lance Mercer
W  Sharon Sweeney  Sean Brown

District 86 Program Quality Director Mike Proudlock said when asked about why competing in speech contests is good for Toastmasters "When I think about memorable events in my own Toastmasters journey, the vast majority of them happened outside my clubs: either at Conferences or Speech Contests. Competing in a speech contest is fun, challenging, nerve-wracking, but most of all – rewarding! You learn so much about yourself and make new friends along the way."

At my club meeting last night, a member remarked that the "competition" in speech contests isn't really "against" others – it's a competition "against" yourself! How good can you be? Are you improving? What can you learn from other speakers? We're all in Toastmasters to improve our leadership and communications skills – entering a speech contest helps us do just those things!"

If you unable to attend the conference you can still attend the individual speech contests and pay at the door. Check the Fall Conference website for times and registration information.>>>

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Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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