There’s nothing like dangling a carrot in front of Toastmasters to encourage them to expand their experiences and skill set. That carrot for me was the Go for Bold Challenge.

As the Area 62 Director, some of the tasks I was expected to do anyways. Why should I be rewarded for doing what I was expected to do? We’re all volunteers here in District 86. Clearly, we don’t do what we do for the pay! However, a reward is always appreciated.

It’s more than this, though. I was expected to help plan our Division W Marketing Expo. I didn’t have to present a workshop, but the “carrot” encouraged me to do so.

I was expected to attend the Spring Conference. I didn’t have to volunteer to be an Activator and help with the contests, but the “carrot” encouraged me to do so.

The Go for Bold Challenge helped me to go all out to do things I hadn’t done before or not for a very long time: Attend a meeting outside District 86, visit a club that has less than 12 members, give a speech at a club outside my own club and more (including this blog!).

. The “carrot” may have been the initial motivator, but the satisfaction of seeing other clubs in their many and varied cultures, of making new Toastmaster friends, and exchanging ideas for club growth, meeting themes, and retaining members became its own reward.

You don’t have to be an Area Director to take on the Go for Bold Challenge. In fact, taking it on as a club member just might entice you to go to the next level and take on a District role.

What is that carrot, anyway? Shopping! Time to visit TI and make a decision. Shall I go for a blue tooth speaker or the dress shirt?

Sue Wright

Sue Wright
Area 62 Director

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