Time To Check Your Pulse – Will Your Club Achieve Distinguished Status?


Time To Review Your Club Success Plan.  Will your club and your members be able to achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the year?  How many members are on track to achieve their goals?  Do they need help?

On June 30 - the Distinguished Club Program is finalized for the year - just 8 weeks left.  Will your club be:

  • a distinguished club with 5 points?
  • a select distinguished club with 7 points?
  • a presidents distinguished club with 9 or more points?

We've put together a number of ideas to help you achieve distinguished status and make your club a winner! The three easiest goals to get?  Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze, and a membership goal.  If you have any questions on these, please discuss with your Area Governor.

Goals 1+2:  Four Competent Communicator (CC) Awards

Look for members that have at least 7 speeches done.  3 more speeches by June is attainable.  Here are some ideas to help them reach that goal.

  • Schedule the speeches once a month from now till early June
  • Support those members in completing this task by encouragement and being available if they need help.
    • Have the member discuss their next speeches with their mentor or a few senior members. 
    • Help the member brainstorm ideas for the speeches.
    • Run a speech creation workshop - sometimes members just need that spark to help them move forward

Not enough room in your speaker schedule? 

  • Do 4 speeches a night instead of 3
  • Have a speechathon meeting with six speeches
  • Have an open house or extra meeting just for speeches to showcase your club.
  • Encourage the member to give a speech at another club.

Goals 3+4: Two Advanced Communicator (ACB, ACS, ACG) Awards

Look for members that have at least 7 speeches done.  3 more speeches by June is attainable.  Here are some ideas to help them reach that goal.

  • Since Advanced speeches can be longer - scheduling may become challenging - so schedule them in first.
  • Support those members in completing this task by encouragement and being available if they need help.

Not enough room in your speaker schedule? 

  • Have a special meeting to promote and showcase only Advanced speakers.
  • Encourage the member to give a speech at another club that is looking for speakers.

Goals 5+6:  Two Leadership (CL, ALB, ALS or DTM) Awards

Competent Leader

  • Look for members that have at least 7 projects done and signed off.
  • Projects related to meeting roles  - get them scheduled in your weekly roster as soon as possible.
  • Projects related to items outside of regular club meetings include:

Advanced Leader Bronze

  • Every Club Officer that already has served for at least six months, has their Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, and has attended Club Officer Training is a prime candidate to get this designation.
  • Encourage them to do two education presentations from from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series  These are free downloads.
  • Discuss what presentations make sense for the club.  After delivering the presentations, they will get their designation

Goals 7+8: Eight New Members

Growing your membership by at least 8 members each year is the right thing to do because: no one member is overburdened with responsibilities; meetings are more fun, because more people are involved; more people can fill meeting and officer roles; and it’s easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs.

If your club has not attracted at leas 8 new members this year, here is a great list of resources and ideas to help you: Blog Post - Grow Your Membership This Fall

Goal 9 - Club Officers Trained June-August AND In December-February

If your club was not able to get at least 4 club officers trained during each training cycle - then please make sure you make this a priority in the the upcoming club elections.  Discuss the need to attend both training sessions with nominees so they know what is expected before they run.

Goal 10 - Membership-Renewal Dues On Time AND Club Officer List On Time

If your club got your renewal dues in on time and your officers lists in on time – Congratulations!  If your club has not renewed, please do so IMMEDIATELY.

Workshops in our District 86 Spring Conference


Hot Opportunities in 2015 by Charlotte King, DTM

Are you a professional speaker? Are you a writer? Do you want to stay up on what is current? Do you just want to write and deliver interesting speeches?

You will not want to miss the Workshop given by Charlotte King on Saturday April 25th. You will learn WHAT IS HOT in 2015 but you will also come away with what is GOING TO BE HOT and how you will be able to always stay ahead of the curve no matter if you are a writer, a speaker or simply someone who wants to always stay in touch with the what is going on out there. Check out the Spring Conference website this workshop and so many others.

The Question

What Do I Wear to the Friday night “Let’s go Fly a Kite” Dance?

kit hat

This is the question that people have been asking and I have some ideas that you can start crafting your outfit. We will be giving away prizes for best outfit or headpiece and for the best dance moves with our DJ Peter O’Desse “ENJOY THE MUSIC”.

Here are just a few ideas we have to dress up that favorite hat. My favorite pink Panama Jack hat can be decorated however you like. A tail can be easily attached to the back using colourful ribbon, rope or whatever you can find around the house to make tail or string for your kite. You are the kite. You don’t have to glue a kite to your hat but if you want to be really creative paper kites can be easily made and attached to your hat. In the picture I made little pink kite earings to accent my outfit. The tail for my hat is my pony tail that I might braid with some ribbons. I might even get a pony tail extension from the dollar store to make it long and beautiful.

Your favourite hat might be tied up with a beautiful silky scarf and ribbons tied to it as your tail. Make sure it’s colourful!

For the men, step outside the box like one Toastmaster who will be unravelling part of his turban down his back as the tail for his headpiece. Or maybe grab that party fedora and tie a colourful necktie around it and have it hanging down the back.

Spring is the opportunity to take out our spring and summer clothes with some colour to dress up in. My favourite happy colour is ‘PINK’ obviously. If you have an idea you would like to share with us feel free to go our D86 blog page and submit a blog post of your idea.

Member News March - 2015

Brahm Memone Receives His DTM


Congratulations Brahm for acheiving your DTM!


ADVENTURE-Susan Griffiths Visits The Court of Blarney in Newmarket

On February 5th I had the pleasure of visiting another club within my area. Myself and the president of my club attended The Court of Blarney (club 5591) meeting in Newmarket. The visit was truly enlightening.

Our club is very new, having charted in October of 2014, and we are therefore all learning as we go.The members of the court of Blarney welcomed us with open arms and we picked up a lot of time saving and organization tips that have improved our meetings immensely. We left feeling very energized and motivated. Our club president went home that night and wrote her next speech, and I went home and made notes of all the things we learned. I was also very honored to be voted the best table topics speaker of the evening. It is one thing to be successful within your club, but when members of another, much more experienced club tell you are doing a good job, it is very empowering and motivating. The Best table topics ribbon is very proudly displayed on my desk at work along with my Charter certificate.

THANK YOU court of Blarney for having us visit, and your ongoing support of our new club. The comradery and support that I have discovered within Toastmasters is truly amazing.


Susan Griffiths

ADVENTURE-Susan Griffiths Member of Allied Global-Leaders in Speech

Contests are amazing!
Energy is high, enthusiasm is electric and everyone is routing for all contestants!

I had the opportunity this week to attend my first contest. This was the international speech contest and the evaluation contest for our area. While I did not compete, I was asked, and honored to be able to fill the role of timer for the contest. Getting out to contests allows you to meet other toastmasters from other clubs. It allows you to hear amazing speeches and evaluations.
I met many members from many levels of many clubs. Even though it was a “competition” the comradery and support for all members is still the most obvious theme in the room, not “who won”.
I want to congratulate all toastmaster members who have participated in contests this year. Even if you didn’t “win” your contest, you have still experienced a personal win by successfully competing. Our club is very excited about jumping into the competition circuit this fall and next spring (we just chartered in October).

What Story Are You Telling? by Brian Gomes

At a recent Toastmasters meeting, I was excited to learn that one of the speakers would be talking about Affiliate Marketing since Affiliate Marketing is what I do for a living.

The speaker started out a with a definition of Affiliate Marketing which is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company pays a commission to affiliates when they refer customers that lead to sales. He then talked about different industries engaging in affiliate marketing, the size of the industries, trends in the industries, and he provided lots of numbers. My excitement fizzled, the speech was drier than I expected and it almost had me rethinking my career choice.

After his speech, he fielded a question from the audience: “How did you become interested in Affiliate Marketing?” The speakers face lit up and he explained, “Well, I have a friend who was broke and unemployed. My friend was approached by a company that was struggling to sell windows and doors and they asked him to help them get sales. In his first month, he earned $300 but he stayed with it and was able to increase that to $2,000 a month after three months. Today, he earns over $100,000 a year and the company has made him a partner in the business. I’m learning everything I can from my friend and I’m going to start in Affiliate Marketing soon.” That’s the speech I wanted to hear!

In talking with the speaker after the Q&A Session, he saw how he could have done things differently. The speaker just needed to tell the story of his friend’s experience in Affiliate Marketing and how it inspired him while also adding details and explaining Affiliate Marketing. There was no need to manufacture a speech with research – he had an interesting, personal story to share which he was passionate about and that the audience could connect with.

By telling his story, the message of the speech would also be focused. His title and message could have gone from, “Affiliate Marketing” which is a broad topic to, “Why I Want to Become an Affiliate Marketer” which is a narrowly focused, interesting message.

The audience always wants to hear our story. Stories are engaging, they’re what actually happened to us during our life journeys, and they are the situations and events that allowed us to learn the messages we are delivering in our speech. Stories allow us to show rather than tell. Audiences are less receptive when they are told things, they want to be taken for a ride, a journey where they see and live what happened, and these stories also convey our message.

If you’re doing a speech about your father and telling us he’s the greatest man you know, you can give us a list of things you admire about your father, or you can instead tell us stories in which your father’s great qualities come to life. A full story is not always required and anecdotes will often do. Anecdotes are short stories or descriptive accounts that are interesting or amusing. Even an informational speech can and should include stories and anecdotes. Let’s say you are doing a doing a workshop on “Outstanding Customer Service” - you can tell us the value of going above and beyond in customer service and explain to us how we can accomplish this, but to truly sell this to us, include a story about the airline pilot who, after a severely delayed flight, stayed at the luggage carousel until every passenger got their bags.

The Toastmasters International Speech Contest is a great forum to see storytelling in action. Winners and finalists of the International Speech Contest always tell a story – you cannot get to these highest levels of speaking without telling a story. At the Toastmasters club level, you will often see speakers telling rather than showing through stories. Stories are not just for the storytelling manual, we need to tell stories to engage and interest our audience, to personally connect with our speech, and to deliver our message. With every speech, it’s important to ask ourselves, “What story am I telling?”

Public Relations News & Tips by Doreen Hillier, DTM, PDG, PRO

A Lot of Action Happening in District 86

Have you checked out our District 86 website lately? Let’s celebrate as a team.

Links to Media:
While on the district website – you will see the links to the media in your town/city or close by town. The contact info is there – all you need to do is make the call, prepare a press release, make an appointment or interview time.

Did you see the news in Sault Ste. Marie?
WOW! Great job, Pat and Shelli!
I interviewed Justin O’ Donnell – our new REP – for the Revitalized Education Program. Over the next couple of years Toastmasters is hoping to revitalize the education program but continue for at least the next two years in your education program as it is. There will be a phase by phase transition. 

Open Houses:
Have you booked yours yet, why not?
We had 90 guests at our Open House. -Shelli Donofrio

Do you want NEW MEMBERS? If you don’t then run a community one and send the potential members to other clubs in your area. Use it as your High Performance Leadership project towards your Distinguished Toastmaster Award.
Lincoln Road Toastmasters is holding another Speechcraft starting March 24th. Location is 124 Lincoln Road, Waterloo if you know of people that live in that area and would like to find out more about Toastmasters by getting involved.

Training for Executive Officers:
The training for Public Relations Officers was videotaped and can be sent to anyone who would like the link. Just let me KNOW!!!

2015 Spring Conference:
Have you registered for the Spring Conference on April 25-27th? Find out about "The Surprising Adventure" that awaits you? My responsibility at the conference is to introduce you to the Communication and Leadership Award Recipient at the Saturday luncheon. YOU WILL BE TOTALLY INSPIRED by the Winner of this years Communication and Leadership Award. An event YOU do not want to miss!!!! WOW! Great job, Pat and Shelli!

Today we have Lance Miller – an Amazing World Champion Speaker – and at the conference we have another Amazing World Champion Speaker – Craig Valentine – where or where do we get such training and hear such fantastic speakers at such a low cost? We all benefit as we learn from those who have gone before us – and when we apply – we cut a trail to our success. Will you be the a future WORLD CHAMPION SPEAKER?

Speaker’s Corner:
Check out youTube – I did a SPEAKERS CORNER on the streets of Waterloo – with many Toastmasters speaking and theme meetings for 4 days – over 4 weeks of Open Streets. People stopped by and listened, asked questions and picked up information from the table. After review of those who signed the guests list at least 4 I know of, joined Toastmasters and how many more I had no way of gauging but it was great that the seeds were planted.

Celebrating an Anniversary:
Clubs are celebrating their Anniversary – Port Credit Toastmasters – 60 years
Individual Doreen Hillier will be celebrating her 20th anniversary with Toastmasters October 5th, 2015.
I am sure you all know of clubs and individuals who are celebrating – let’s celebrate together!!! Get the word out.

By now most of you have held your club contests or are holding them. Area Contests are coming up and soon the Division Contests. Invite LOTS OF GUESTS!!! Entertaining, Motivating, Treats for a fraction of the price of a movie – but the benefits – INTRODUCE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND OTHERS to Toastmasters through your CONTESTS.

Club News March - 2015

Sales and Marketing Toastmasters Club in Mississauga Open House Celebration!

Sales and Marketing Toastmasters Club in Mississauga is having an Open House.

Date: Friday March 27, 2015
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Mississauga Real Estate Board (MREB) Offices
Address: 3450 Ridgeway Drive, Unit #1, Mississauga, ON
Registration: We ask to please register on the Eventbrite link. Admission is FREE!
Contact: Kim Dabrowski at kimdabrowski@rogers.com or 416-845-0444

You don't want to miss this great event! We will be having a surprise guest speaker along with some food and familiar faces. Please join us on March 27th!

Lincoln Road Toastmasters is having an OPEN HOUSE!

Lincoln Road Toastmasters is having an OPEN HOUSE with guest speaker JUDY SUKE.  

Join us for refreshments and networking sfterwards.

When: Tuesday March 17th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Lincoln Road Toastmasters, 145 Lincoln Road, Waterloo, ON
Cost: FREE

Tillsonburg Toastmasters Charter Party Celebration!

TillsonburgTM CharterParty

CONGRATULATIONS! to Tillsonburg Toastmasters on their Charter Party - March 16, 2015!

Port Credit Toastmasters 60th Anniversary - Come and Celebrate!


Cathy Herschell with Glynis Pereira D'souza and 17 others at Port Credit Toastmasters 60th Anniversary

Port Credit Toastmasters 60th Anniversary Celebration. We had an amazing evening with our Toastmasters friends, District leaders and special guest 2005 World Champion Lance Miller. Thank you organizers - Bob Yewchuk, Steve Elliot, Audrey Murphy, Kristina Johnston & club president Carl Naus. Speeches by Carolyn Hoxie, Cathy Herschell, Bob Yewchuk and John Wang, with special presentation to us from Lance Miller.

Open House Shows Sault Toastmaster Clubs Are Open for Business!


We had heart. We had passion...We had ONE HUNDRED in attendance at the inaugural Sault Area Toastmasters Open House on Feb 9, 2015 -- a collaborative effort of four Sault Ste. Marie clubs: OLG Lotto Talkers & Dr. Roberta Bondar (corporate clubs) and Algoma Toastmasters & Sault College Communicators (open clubs). Held at Sault College, approximately 100 people (incl. 14 local Toastmasters) with varied interests and backgrounds ventured out on a frigid evening to attend this event. Admission was courtesy of our umbrella organization “Superior Speakers”, to which all four clubs belong.

Toastmaster John Clement kept the audience entertained and interactive. Some in attendance even jumped right into Table Topics without hesitation. New members or not, we worked hard to advertise, advertise, and advertise, pushed for media resources and in the end, we got our message out there. What matters most is that 100 people who knew nothing about Toastmaster are now IN THE KNOW! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Our Open House Consultant, Vitaliy Fursov, was an invaluable resource along the way. Special thanks to our spectacular Open House planners and speakers: Leeann Wallenius, Allison Martin, Vladimir Yasenovskiy, Sarah Huckson, Pat Bolduc, Chelsea Osesky, Troy Woods, John Clement, Sean Clement, Susan Hunter, Jennifer Barton, Ryan Walker, George McVittie, Micki Wilding, Jennifer Barton, Craig Kohler, Lan Gao. Our next step is to document lessons learned, what went well, what went even better than expected, and how others can learn from us.

Our local Shaw TV station filmed the entire event along with interviews with Toastmasters, which will be aired all week. Check out some of our media coverage.
Soo Today
Sault Online
Local2 and Local2B  (scroll through clips to find Feb 9 City Council meeting, start at 6:00 mark and wait for the Mayor’s Proclamation!)

Yours In Toastmasters,
Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco, Area 1 Governor, Open House Chair



A Family Adventure

A Family Adventure inside A Surprising Adventure!

Can it get any better than attending a Surprising Adventure? Yes, it can… You can make a Surprising Adventure a Family Adventure!
With Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference conveniently located at Richmond Hill, just north of city of Toronto opportunities for a whole family to enjoy are endless… Some of special events happening in the Area during our Conference are:

  • Earth Day Massasauga Rattlesnake Workshop at Toronto’s Zoo
  • Samarkand and Silk Road Cities of Uzbekistan exhibit at ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)
  • Elly’s Emotions, Location: Solar Stage Children's Theatre; A delightful play about a little girl, her emotions and the world of movement
  • JiggiJump: The World’s Greatest Machine, Location: Ontario Science Centre; This live show features aerobics and music. Guests are encouraged to help JJ Kangaroo find the World’s Greatest Machine
  • The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route, Location: Aga Khan Museum; A glimpse of life in the 9th century is seen through the artifacts of a shipwreck which happens to be the earliest example of a maritime trade route between two empires
  • Family Sundays @ AGO, Location: Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO); The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has fun activity days for families every Sunday
  • Studio Tour King is a free community event that happens throughout King Township. Featured are local artists in studio; info@artssocietyking.ca; Website
  • Passage to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad, an exhibit at the Heritage Centre; On loan from the Welland Historical Museum, the Heritage Centre is pleased to offer this opportunity to travel back to the 1800s to learn about slavery, the escape route referred to as the Underground Railroad, and the challenges freedom-seekers faced once they reached their promised land – Canada; Location: Heritage Centre
  • Events at Ripley Aquarium 

    Visiting some of Toronto landmarks like CN Tower or Canada Hockey of Fame might be just something you are looking for. You can get “a little bit of shopping” done or check some of current fashion trends, as Hotel is surrounded by Malls hosting exclusive stores:

Hillcrest Mall | Vaughan Mills | The Promenade 

You will have a hard time deciding among variety of fine Restaurants in the Area:

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant | Alice Fazooli’s | China Buffet King | Fox in the Fiddle | Frankie Tomato’s | Jack Astors | Jake’s on Main | Kelsey’s | Lone Star Café | Mandarin | Marlowe | Moxies | Red Lobster
Restaurants- Casual Dining | Swiss Chalet | The Host | The Keg | Unionville Arms

Or if you feel like just taking a break and relaxing some of Hotel amenities include 2 indoor swimming pools | steam rooms | sauna and spa | racquetball | squash | tennis courts | table tennis | virtual golf | billiard tables are just some... Additionally there are organized Aerobic classes or Boot Camp and Aqua Fit.

I hope that some of information will get you to consider making a Surprising Adventure a Family Adventure. If you are interested in any of content listed, please please please “ASK ME!”…

Dragana, Hospitality Chair Toastmasters District 86 Spring Conference 2015, e-mail


Division A - Round 2 Club Officer Training An Outstanding Success!


Division M held the Round 2 Club Officer Training event this past Saturday February 21, 2015. Not even the weather could dissuade the enthusiastic crowd of leaders. With 84 attendees, it was a packed house.

We heard Tony Bratschitsch our past District Governor, kick off the session with an energizing and motivating Keynote - "Run With It!".

Merri Macartney, DTM, Professional Speaker, Author, Certified Coach, Past District 86 Governor, 2010-2011 gave a riveting workshop on “9 Qualities of Successful Teams”.

And the day would not have been complete or so successful without the powerhouse of leaders we have in District 86 leading the Executive Training Session

  • President – Louisa Steele, DTM - 2013 D86 Club President of the Year
  • VP, Educations – Carolyn Hoxie, DTM - District Governor 2014-2015
  • VP, Public Relations – Mike Proudlock, DTM - District 86 Lieutenant Governor of Marketing 2014-2015
  • VP, Membership – Eric Solowka, DTM - 2013 D86 Club Coach of the Year
  • Treasurer – Saqib Cheema, ACS/ALB - District 86 Treasurer 2014-2015
  • Secretary – Anne Irwin, DTM – Former Area Governor District 60 and District 86
  • Sergeant at Arms – Al Steele, DTM - District 86 SAA 2014-2015, 2013 D86 Toastmasters of the Year

I took on this task as my HPL and I had an amazing support team with my Division M Governor, Leizyl Sobrinho and fellow Area Governors, Robert Laurin, Al Steele, and Jim Chapman. Based on the feedback I received I think I more than met my vision for the Division M Round 2 Club Officer Training.

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support.

Steven Zolnierczyk
Area 12 Governor and COT Round 2 Event Organizer

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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