1st Youth Inspirational Speech & Evaluation Contests from Gavel Clubs a Success

BRAMPTON, ON, May 16th, 2016

The first public speaking contest that brought together all existing Gavel clubs in Brampton and Mississauga was held Sunday at the head office of Loblaw Companies Limited, to showcase the public speaking talents of the young members in the clubs.

YLP Contest

Three groups of six students each competed for first, second and third place awards; two groups participated in a “Inspirational Speech Contest” for Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12 categories, and one group competed in a “Speech Evaluation Contest”.

Ryan Belluz, coordinator for the Brampton Gavel Club, Amparo Cifuentes, coordinator for the Junior Masters Gavel Club at Loblaw and Annie Bai, coordinator for the Mississauga Gavel Club, said the students did a great job showcasing the public speaking and critical thinking skills they are developing in their clubs, where members follow the Toastmasters International educational program.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to continue building their confidence and speak about topics they are passionate about,” Amparo said.

The event also featured keynote speaker Neil Dunsmore, Winner of Toastmasters District 86 Humorous Speech Contest (2011) & Evaluation Contest (2015), and counted with the support of many dignitaries and volunteers from the District. Youth Gavel clubs provide the Toastmasters experience to students under 18. Meetings are typically held weekly, and the clubs operate in the same way adult Toastmasters clubs do. Members follow similar Toastmasters club protocols, use club officer titles and education manuals, but members are called “Gaveliers”. Participants increase their self-confidence as they become better speakers and leaders.

YLP 002Evaluation Contest, from left to right: Gaveliers Kayla Vitor and Vanessa Nguyen, Contest Chairs; 1st Place Winner, Shane Sun; 2nd Place Winner, Somesh Karthi; 3rd Place Winner, Eddy Ji





YLP 003Grades 9-12 Inspirational Speech Contest, from left to right: Gaveliers Neha Singh, Contest Chair; 1st Place Winner, Lily Liu; 2nd Place Winner, Roaa Shahbaz; 3rd Place Winner, Hannah Tang;
Contest Chair, Joseph Wu.





YLP 004Grades 5-8 Inspirational Speech Contest, from left to right: Gaveliers Joseph Wu, Contest Chair; 3rd Place Winner, Sarthak Das; 2nd Place Winner, Zaynah Bhanji; 1st Place Winner, Nathan
Nambiar; Contest Chair, Neha Singh.

Club News May - 2016

Goals by Bud Brown

Tomorrow I will be going to our District Club Officer Training. As the incoming President of my club, I expect that I will hear about creating a club success plan. Now anyone who has read the club success plan manual knows that the club success plan is a lengthy document that addresses all the areas in which clubs should attempt to grow and improve to make their program strong and effective. When I was an Area Governor (before they were called Area Directors), I expressed the opinion that I couldn’t create an Area Success plan until I had seen all of my Area’s clubs’ plans. After all, I couldn’t cram my ideas of what the clubs ought to do down their throats could I?

Now I realize that the initial plan of a Club, and Area, and Division, even a District is a ready-fire-aim kind of a deal. Create a plan that assumes the best of everyone and then share that vision with the people you are leading to inspire their plans. Once they complete their plans you may need to tone yours down a bit but don’t begin with the toned-down version. As Stephen Covey taught me, “Shoot for the eagle so you can bag the pheasant then you don’t eat crow”.

Back to my club plan. I will sketch out an overview of my plan for the club to present to my club officers. Then I will ask them to flesh it out by filling in the blanks I have left. I am not saying that the club success plan format provided by Toastmasters International is the only way to plan for success but it does cover all of the key points and if you complete that plan, you will have a very good roadmap to success.

Once my executive have fleshed out the club success plan I plan to share it with all of the members of the club and then ask them what part of the plan they want to help with: I am going to ask them to create their own personal success plan.

At that point, having paved the way, I will hand the process off to my VP of Education. He will find it a lot easier at that point to ask members for their personal goals and to help them establish how they plan to achieve those goals.

It sounds so simple and it is but it will not be easy. As with anything worthwhile, it will be a bit of hard work but I expect that by next June, it will have proved to be worth it.

It is going to be a terrific year!

MCBP Gavel Club receives the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award!


Left to Right: Jamshaid Gul (Club Counsellor), Anisha Akhtar (President), Hunyah Irfan, Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Yathindra Shivakumar (Active Member), Uzma Irfan (Future Steering Committee, MCBP), Madan Chauhan (Club Coordinator)

The Mississauga Youth Action Committee hosted its annual Youth Achievement Awards on May 7th, 2016 to present four very prestigious awards: Mississauga Young Citizen of the Year, Mississauga Library Jim Wilde Young Volunteer Award, TD Sponsored Community Citizenship Award and the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award.
The Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award is presented to one exceptional individual and one group of individuals who have successfully undertaken large-scale projects and initiatives. The recipients play leadership roles in their community and serve as ideal role models to others. The MCBP Gavel Club was the group recipient for this distinguished award.
Malton Community Building Project (MCBP) Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International and has been serving the youth of Malton since June, 2014. MCBP Gavel club is aimed to equip the community’s youth with effective communication and leadership skills under the mentorship of seasoned Toastmasters. The club provides mutually supportive learning in a friendly environment to develop the members’ public speaking abilities and leadership skills through speeches, evaluations and impromptu speaking. Over the past two years, the MCBP Gavel Club has trained over 85 community youth and hosted two large-scale conferences as well.
Club members sent the following video submission for the Mayor Bonnie Crombie Youth Leadership Award and were selected among applicants from all over the city of Mississauga: Youtube

Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club Celebrates their 10th Anniversary

Congratulations Bolton Banters!!
On May 5th, 2016 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of our club! Thanks to our charter members for coming out to celebrate with us and for all of our Toastmaster friends, members and guests!!! It was also a pleasure to have Mike Proudlock and his wife attend this special occasion. 

BB 10th

On the top right: we have 4 original charter members Brendan Dineen, Club founder Eric Solowka, Carol Dowell, and Val Koncan
On the bottom: we have Bolton Banters Executive Team Patricia, Brendan, Eric, Carol, Laurie, Zana, Val, Bart and Phil

Meet The 2016 / 2017 District 86 Team

The Incoming elected District Executive for 2016 - 2017


 Club Growth Director District 86 Vitaliy Fursov

Vitaliy Fursov, DTM

Program Quality

Cathy Herschell, DTM

Cathy Herschell, DTM

Club Growth

Glynis Dsouza

Glynis B. D'souza, ACG, ALB

Division A


Saima Mahmood Malik, ACS, ALB

Division B

Tracey Harding, CC ALB

Tracey Harding, ACB, ALB

Division C

Jane Harnadek, DTM

Jane Harnadek, DTM

Division D

Leona Wilson, ACS ALB

Leona Wilson, ACS, ALB

Division L

Veronica Taylor, ACG ALB

Veronica Taylor, ACG, ALB

Division M

DraganaVulpic Bork

Dragana Vulpic-Bork, ACB, ALB

Division N

Pat Bolduc

Pat Bolduc, CC, CL

Division S

 Diane Gordon, ACB CL

Diane Gordon, ACB, CL

Division T

 Cynthia Ayres, DTM

Cynthia Ayres, DTM

Division W

Steven Karnis, ACB ALB

Steven Karnis, ACS, ALB

Toastmasters District 86 Hosts International Director Ross Mackay


Hatch Toastmasters


Nissan Toastmasters

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, April 10th, 2016—Distinguished Toastmaster Ross Mackay, International Director Region 6 Toastmasters International and Accredited Speaker was the special guest of District 86 Toastmasters at the spring conference. The event was held April 22-24th, 2016 at the Hilton Meadowvale, in Mississauga.

During his visit, Mackay presented two Mississauga based companies with Toastmasters Corporate Recognition Awards, Hatch and Nissan Canada.

Toastmasters International recognizes both Nissan Canada and Hatch for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Education Program.

Member News April - 2016

Club Succession Plan – Questionnaire to measure a Toastmasters learned skill by Conrad Rodrigues

The Chairman and CEO of a company called one of his employees into the office. "Ryan," he said, "you've been with the company for a year. You started off in the mail room, soon you were promoted to a sales position, and next you were promoted to district manager of the sales department. Within one year, you were promoted to vice-chairman."
"Now it's time for me to retire, and I want you to take over the company. What do you say to that?"
"Thanks," said Ryan and began to leave.
"Thanks?" the CEO replied. "Is that all you can say?"
"I suppose not," Ryan said. "Thanks, Dad."

Is this how you would see a successor to a leadership role?

Have you identified your successor? If you did, then what were the criteria for that appointment? Is that person qualified, competent, have the integrity, the confidence, does the person inspire and have the ability to motivate others.
This Succession Plan is offering to invest in the development of our members to become stronger and confident leaders so that they are ready to transition seamlessly into leadership roles.

Let’s examine the benefits of a succession plan to the club:

Succession planning will motivate you, the members to understand the potential paths available and the development you need to get you there. This leads to improved retention, morale, and commitment of the membership at large.

Since Succession Planning is built with the strategic plan in mind, it gives us the opportunity to identify ourselves and create specific training and developmental opportunities based on those specific needs before the time when those needs become urgent.

Succession planning is an opportunity to build on the diverse intellectual abilities and specialized skills in the club because it will identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each employee as well as individual developmental interests.

And finally, Succession Planning allows you to gain confidence in your own abilities based on your own development to become a great leader.

We will do a succession plan in four stages (i) identify the competencies (ii) assess yourself. This will be done using a clear measurement* (iii) you will create development plans (iv)Finally, you will measure, monitor and revise the development plans, if required.

We learn Toastmaster leadership skills during the Leadership stream as we perform roles within the Toastmasters club.
Ray Blunt who is a leadership and business scholar says: It takes leaders to grow other leaders.

For the clear measurement* aspect of the succession plan we have designed a questionnaire where we are trying to solicit responses from leaders as to how they knew that they learn a particular skill.

This survey will focus only on the measurement aspect* of a core competency and its associated skill.

If you are excited and would like to participate then you can by completing a survey/questionnaire. Send an email to conradrodrigues104@gmail.com requesting to participate.

In participating, I guarantee you will see yourself in a brighter and better light while contributing to a future that will shine on a future leader.

New Distinguished Toastmasters

Spring 2016 DTM Group

District 86 new DTM's

Left to right- Mary Lynn McPherson, Sharon D'Souza, Grace Rasmussen, Kris Schinke (missing Lisa Blackburn)


Thoughts from the recipients:

Thanks to my Black Walnut colleagues who, over the years, inspired and sharpened my speaking and leadership skills through their evaluations and modelling. I’m a Toastmasters advocate through my work as a governance and organizational health consulting work. Achieving DTM hasn’t been an effort, it’s been a privilege.
Mary Lynn McPherson

I started my Toastmasters journey in Edmonton a few years ago and I was hooked after my first meeting. I was fortunate to join a business group of very tenured and accomplished members who mentored me and I immediately knew I wanted to set my goal on becoming a DTM. It did not take me long to gain speaking confidence, especially making impromptu talks at work and work functions. No one believed me when I told them I was never a good speaker before Toastmasters. After moving to Toronto it took me 3 years to get back to Toastmasters and when I found a club near my office, I realized how rusty I was. With only my ALS to go, I brushed up on my lost skills and set my sights on DTM. I never hesitate to recommend Toastmasters to so many people I know. There is no where else one can take a weekly personal improvement class almost free! I was proud to earn my MBA 12 years ago and just as proud to earn my DTM!
Kris Schinke




Spring 2016 District 86 Evaluation & International Speech Contests

SpeechContestWinners 2016

The District Contests were held at the Spring Conference April 22-24, 2016.

Evaluation Contest - Saturday April 23

 Sp 2016 Evaluation Contest collage

1st  -  Brian Brennan
2nd -  Andrew Mertens
3rd -  Glen Oxford

Contest chair - Harry Ansara,  Chief Judge - Karim Premji,  District Director - Janice McDonald

Special thank you to test speaker - Rhonda Mauer

International Speech Contest - Sunday April 24

Spring 2016 International Collage


1st -  Roger Caesar
2nd - Chris OBrien
3rd -  Steve Elliot

Contest chair - Jacques Brunet,  Chief Judge - Karim Premji,  Spring Conference Chair - Cynthia Ayres


Member Making a Difference Award M.M.A.D.

Amparo Cifuentes DTM

Amparo MMAD

Amparo Cifuentes is a proud Canadian of Colombian origin, fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and of course, English. She has a degree in Advertising and more than 20 years of experience in her career as Executive Assistant.

She joined Toastmasters in 2010 and during that time she has taken several club officer positions including president. As a member of her first club, Chosen Voices Toastmasters, she helped organize and then mentor Point of Tale Toastmasters, where she is currently sergeant at arms. She sponsored and helped charter Chez Nous Toastmasters, a specialty club for French speakers. She is Webmaster of those three clubs. Amparo obtained her DTM designation in April 2015.

Amparo became Area Governor for the 2013-2014 year and since that time she has had the opportunity to deliver presentations to several groups outside of her club, including several workshops throughout the District including her Loblaw office, the Leadership Council of "My Life Centre" for young women plus the 'Hit Squad' networking group 2015.

Since November 2014 she has been Chief Spanish Translation Reviewer for Toastmasters International, leading an international team to help ensure educational materials are correctly translated into Spanish.

Amparo is also Counselor for the Junior Masters Gavel club since September 2014. The club is open to youth between 10 to 17 years of age, where she works with a team of members from her adult clubs to help the kids develop their communication and leadership skills following the Toastmasters Educational program.


Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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