Club News January - 2016

Snapd Caledon Visits Bolton Banter Toastmasters Open House

Once again Bolton Banter Taostmasters is in the news. This is fantastic publicicty for the city of Bolton and Bolton Banter Toastmasters.

Check out the article in snapd Bolton.

The Welcoming Club by Jennifer Aucoin

As VP of Education for Brant Toastmasters, and a graduate of the Disabilities Studies program at Ryerson, I often present workshops on inclusion and accommodations for people with disabilities.

It has been said that you have 7 seconds to create a first impression. Our clubs make a good impression in many ways. We may have a greeter, we have welcome packets, and a plethora of introductory information on our websites, magazines, print and social media. Our district 86 clubs can consider themselves some of the most welcoming and comfortable clubs for visitors & new members.

There may be one more area where our clubs can become even more welcoming. Our clubs can be even more inclusive by working to make Toastmasters more welcoming for people with disabilities. Did you know that Toastmasters has large print manuals, and some of our clubs are accessible for wheelchair users.

There is even more that we can do. Some of our visitors and members may be sensitive to scents. In our smaller rooms, the smell can be overpowering. Clubs can consider noting on their meeting information that they adhere to scent free environment. Some people may be uncomfortable with extended eye contact. This can be easily ignored during parts of the meeting that are not evaluated. If the member is being evaluated, then this can be excluded from the evaluation.

There are many ways to become a more welcoming and inclusive club. Most of these are available at little or no cost, or can be created. A little outside the box thinking can go a long way to making our clubs more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Thank you
Jennifer Aucoin, VP Education, Brant Toastmasters

Stoney Creek Celebrates 25th Anniversary

“Stoney Creek Toastmasters has celebrated an incredible milestone in November 2015, with 25 years of service to the community. The theme for the anniversary meeting was “Celebrate!”. The meeting was different than the normal Toastmasters events our club is used to as it centered around what we do and how we do it. A larger than normal break allowed for networking. We saw a huge turnout for our club that evening and we welcomed guests, both new and current members as well as some alumni. A great night had by all with very interesting speeches, table topic participation and toasts!

Stoney Creek TM

Meadowvale Toastmasters is in the News

In December 2015, the first ever Credit Valley Hospital Youth Leadership Program, run by Meadowvale Toastmasters : Aman Sangha and Ananthalakshmi Krishnaswami came to a very successful conclusion!
This was sponsored by the Trillium Health Partner Volunteer Board. At the final session Cathy Herschell and Rick Guzik joined me in acknowledging both the students and Aman and Anathalakshmi for their terrific efforts. So very proud of you!!!!
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Club News December - 2015

OLG Brantford Chat Pack Toastmasters Celebrates!

Congratulations to Charter Club President Eddy Day and OLG Brantford Chat Pack Toastmasters on your Charter Party December 15, 2015! It was a great event!


Announcing Jocelyne Vezina, DTM - New REP Chief Ambassador

REP small module dec 2015
Revitalized Education Program Chief Ambassador – Jocelyne Vezina, DTM

We heartily thank Justin O'Donnell, DTM for his leadership thus far in engaging us in this new education program directive from Toastmasters International.

We are excited to announce Jocelyne Vezina, DTM, as officially appointed as the new District 86 Chief Ambassador. Jocelyne has demonstrated her leadership skills as the Co-chair of the Fall 2015 Conference. She and her team of Education ambassadors will be providing constant updates to the District as the Revitalized Education Program is unrolled over the next few years. We look forward to learning when it will reach District 86! We thank Jocelyne and her team for their passion and commitment to enabling us to implement this new education program!

Janice McDonald, DTM
District 86 Director

Revitalized Education Program

In an effort to offer members improved opportunities to learn and grow, Toastmasters is revitalizing our education program. This effort aligns with the directive for a renewed focus on leadership and communication in the Board of Directors' 2010 Strategic Plan.

Read more about the Revitalized Education Program at Toastmasters International>>>

District 86 Fall 2015 Humorous & Table Topics Contest

Congratulations to Gary Ford! In front of a packed ballroom, his humorous speech "It's not my fault, it's the testosterone!" was a winner! Many Toastmasters feel the Humorous Speech contest is the most difficult of the four speech contests held in District 86 (Humorous, Table Topics, International, and Speech Evaluation), so congratulations are in order for ALL Toastmasters who participated in the contest at any level!

Congratulations to Richard Lewis! His approach to the topic "Relax" was judged the best of a very talented and accomplished group of competitors. Table Topics is challenging at the best of times; the District 86 Table Topics Championship showed how the best speakers in District 86 can give polished speeches with no preparation. It was truly inspiring!

Mike Proudlock Program Quality Director


Humorous Contest Fall 2015

District 86 Humorous Speech Contest - At the Fall 2015 Conference at Blue Mountains Ontario. Saturday November 14 2015.

1st place - Gary Ford , 2nd place - Sherrie Sweeney , 3rd place - Mo Carter along with Janice McDonald District 86 Director, Mike Proudlock Program Quality Director and Roger Caesar Contest Chair.

table topics contest fall 2015

District 86 Table Topics Contest - Sunday November 15, 2015.

1st place - Richard Lewis, 2nd place - Lance Mercer, 3rd place - Joe Vanderkooi  Contest Chair Brian Brennan

2014-2015 Of The Year Awards

The District 86 Of The Year Awards for achievements for the year 2014-2015 were presented by Carolyn Hoxie, DTM Immediate Past District Governor at the Directors Banquet Saturday November 14 at the District 86 Fall Conference at Blue Mountains, Ontario.

Toastmaster Of The Year  Leizyl Sobrinho, ACB ALS 
Division Governor Of The Year Cathy Herschell, DTM
Publicist Of The Year Lorna Miller, ACB ALB
Spirit of 86 Awards Tuulla Redditt, DTM
  Robert Laurin, CC ALB
  Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco, DTM
Area Governor Of The Year  Kristina Johnston, DTM
Club Coach Of The Year Shawn Salokannell, ACS ALS, 
President Of The Year Amanda Russon, CC ALB - Brampton Club
Club Of The Year Port Credit Toastmasters Club
Education Leadership Riverspeak Club
Membership Leadership Brampton Club

TM OTY 2014 2015

Leizyl Sobrinho D86 Toastmaster of the Year 2014-2015 with Gary Schmidt Past International President 2009-2010

Here is the excerpt from Leizyl's Toastmaster Of The Year Acceptance Speech

Part 1: Thank You's
Part 2: The Message

Do dreams come true?
Six years ago, I saw myself holding the beautiful trophy of District Toastmaster of the Year. Tonight, it's a great joy to have this in my hands. I am deeply honoured.
Six years ago, I had my first September issue of TM magazine and read about the President's article.
I was impressed and dreamt to meet the President and be mentored--- at that time it was impossible!
And tonight, he is here with us to celebrate with me, with you, with us....Past International President Gary Schmidt -my marvelous mentor! A true servant leader!
Making impossible dream to BECOME possible!

As Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Never stop dreaming! Big dreams, small dreams –make it into a reality! Navigate for excellence and reach for the stars!

Leizyl Sobrinho, ACB ALS

OTY Club PCTMClub Of The Year - Port Credit Toastmasters Club

OTY Brampton Club 2

President Of The Year - Amanda Russon, CC ALB - Brampton Club
Membership Leadership Award - Brampton ClubGovernors OTY 3

 Area Governor Of The Year - Kristina Johnston, DTM
 Division Governor Of The Year - Cathy Herschell, DTM


Club Coach Of The Year - Shawn Salokannel, ACS ALS
Publicist Of The Year - Lorna Miller, ACB ALB
Club Education Award - Riverspeak Club


District 86 Sprit Awards - Robert Laurin, CC ALB, Tuulla Redditt, DTM, Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco, DTM

Fall 2015 Conference DTM Recognition Dinner

DTM Group Fall 2015

District 86's newest DTM's were presented with their Distinguished Toastmaster medals at the DTM Recognition Dinner and High Five ceremony at the Fall conference Friday November 13, at the Blue Mountain Resort.

The Distinguished Toastmaster award is the highest our organization bestows. The DTM recognizes a superior level of achievement in both communication and leadership. To be eligible for the award they must have earned both the Advanced Communicator Gold and the Advanced Leader Silver.

Julie E. Whitely Hospitable Club Sarnia
Heather Skoll Golden gavel Toastmasters Richmond Hill
Dianne Holdaway Riverspeak Toastmasters Sarnia
Saqib N. Cheema Burlington Advanced Burlington
Lynne M. Raven Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters Club Sudbury
Rose A. Weinberg Hilltop Toastmasters Richmond Hill
Al Parsai Inclusive Toastmasters Richmond Hill
Colleen Charland North Bay and Area Club North Bay
Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco      OLG Lottotalkers Toastmasters Club  Sault Ste Marie
Carolyn E. Hoxie MTO St Catharines Toastmasters Club St Catharines
Suzanne Dansereau Energetics Toastmasters Club Kitchener- Waterloo
Sharon D. D'Souza Meadowvale Toastmasters Club Mississauga
Jane B. Harnadek Confidently Speaking Toastmasters Club      Mississauga
Kristina Johnston Port Credit Club Mississauga
Dawna-Lee Bate Manumax Waterloo

My DTM - A Journey of Finding My Voice.
Before Toastmasters and as a yoga teacher, I was not afraid of standing up in front of a room of people. However, I lacked the ability to speak succinctly, to write easily and truly express the deep messages inside me.
Since joining Golden Gavel Toastmasters in 2009, my confidence and skills have soared. I have been able to find my voice and communicate my messages more clearly and with passion.
I have started up a new business, founded a local organization raising funds for Free the Children while engaging youth the volunteer, become leaders and take social action. I even recently became an official author of the handbook "Ground Your Feet".
For me DTM also stands for "Dreams Toastmasters Manifests".
Heather Skoll, DTM

"For me I would say that my DTM journey has been a whirlwind of opportunity and leadership growth. When I joined Toastmasters 3 years ago I had the opportunity to be mentored by Karen Minty who took me under her wings helping me not only achieve my CC but more importantly my confidence. I then stepped outside the club and joined a second club with my husband Mark. It was there that my next mentor Gail Gustin educated, encouraged and equipped me on my DTM path.
Last year as Area 74 Governor, I heard several times Carolyn Hoxie talking about the DTM role as Duty to Member.
What does DTM mean to me personally...Developed Through Mentorship.
My DTM designation will be a constant reminder to pay it forward through mentoring others."
Dianne Holdaway, DTM

"Whether you are speaking to a group of people or one person, it is public speaking. The number one skill required in professional career is public speaking and unfortunately the number one fear is also public speaking.
I joined Toastmasters to learn how to step out of comfort zone and conquer my fear. I am glad I made the right decision. Toastmasters have a systematic approach to transform personalities and boost confidence. The only requirement is to attend meetings consistently and follow the guidelines. Everyone in Toastmasters is there to support you and to help you grow.
Toastmasters is a learning organization and DTM is a journey towards learning and during this journey a DTM has a portfolio of skills ready to be applied in real life situation."
Saqib Cheema, DTM

"Part of my achieving DTM has fulfilled an opportunity for me to inspire and mentor 100's of Toastmasters, with the purpose of them achieving all that they choose through their Toastmaster's journey."
Rose A. Weinberg, DTM

"Achieving "Distinguished" status is about much more than completing dozens of speeches (!). It is about leadership, specifically, leading by example and walking the talk."
Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco, DTM

"My DTM journey has been filled with many joys, surprises, twists and turns. Four years ago when I joined Toastmasters ready to be a sponge. A sponge for new knowledge and new experiences.
In my DTM journey I have changed and grown as a communicator, a leader and as a coach and mentor. I'm amazed at my journey, love where I am today and look forward to where I will be tomorrow."
Kristina Johnston, DTM

"I first joined the Toastmasters Organization to improve my communication skills. Leadership achievements were not part of my plan. However, as I progressed with the Education Tracks, I became more aware of my Leadership talents. When I was asked to be Area Governor by our future Division Governor, I hesitated; saying yes was taking me outside of my comfort zone. It was a year of great learning.
And again, I had not projected to reach the DTM accreditation, until I was inspired by another Toastmasters to do my HPL; a few more speeches, and I was on my way.
So many people to thank for their inspiration, support and dedication. My mentors, Doris Tuckett, Bud Brown and Kathleen McKenzie; my fellow Club members of The Energetic Toastmasters and Les Toastmasters Volubiles."
Suzanne Dansereau, DTM

"Many people have congratulated me on achieving my DTM. The truth is that the letters may be behind my name but many many people - Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters - helped to put them there. And for that, I will remain forever grateful."
Dawna Bate, DTM

On a recent cooking competition TV show one of the judges told a competitor "If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough".
When I joined Toastmasters my dreams did not scare me "public speaking did".
Now that I have attained my DTM I will dream up some scary goals to reach for as I continue my Toastmasters journey and help others.
Colleen Charland, DTM



Members Making A Difference Award M.M.A.D. Fall 2015

Sandi Emdin


I joined the Greater Sudbury Speakers Club Toastmasters Club in January 2004. I was working as a Caseworker at the local Big Sisters Agency when the Director resigned and I stepped into the “acting” Executive Director position.
The role of Director included a lot of public speaking to increase public awareness and appeal to funders via community presentations. I heard about Toastmasters and decided to join to get the “Coles Notes” of Public Speaking. This meant I thought I would get in and get out - learn what I needed to - and be done in my estimation - about six weeks. Eleven years later and I am still going strong!
My goal in life is to continue to become the best I can be - empowering others - to be the best that they can be AND together create a culture of kindness, compassion and “community".
Whether time, money, knowledge, skills or experience - when you give it away - you always get more back. You want to change the world, live in a great community - step up - Be the change.

Saqib Cheema

Saqib Cheema2Saqib is a Distinguished Toastmaster who first joined Toastmasters in 1999. He left after just 2 months deciding that he would never be able to speak in front of a group of people. Still having to conduct presentations in the workplace, he decided to return to Toastmasters in 2009. Strongly motivated to overcome his weakness, he decided he would learn to speak in front of a group of people.
In the last 5 years, Saqib has served with the Compassion Society of Halton. The Compassion Society provides free clothing, food and referrals for approximately twelve hundred needy people a month in the Halton Region. He has served as Chair of the Board for 4 years. In that short time, he developed the Board and improved operations. The organization went from a small charity to one with comparable standards as set by Imagine Canada. In the last three years, the charity has more than doubled in size! Saqib continues to serve on the Advisory Board. He believes that true happiness and fulfillment come when you feel that you are making a valuable contribution to your world. "I found this world a much better place to live as compared to generations before me because of consistent improvement of life for generations to come, so I am under obligation to continue this process. I strongly believe in this quote: "someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Welcome New Club : Les Toastmasters Volubiles

Welcome New Club : Les Toastmasters Volubiles - Area 61 Division W District 86

The first French Club in Kitchener/Waterloo was the dream of a French Canadian Toastmaster who understood the need to create a French Club for the Francophones and Francophiles communities of the region.

Last February, with the support of her fellow Toastmasters who came together and shared the dream, a first meeting was organized and promoted in the region for the creation of such a club. 25 people showed up at that first meeting. The club was born.

At first, these dedicated people met every other week; however, this past September it became obvious to the founding members that there was enough enthusiasm and dedication to meet on a weekly basis.

The founding members pulled their efforts together to get membership to the requested number of 20 and apply to Toastmasters International for their Charter. Their charter was awarded to Les Toastmasters Volubiles October 1, 2015 and the club stands now at 22 members and continues to grow.

Our mission is to keep on building this club to be strong, solid and progressive. We will advocate the benefits of the Communication and Leadership programs, which help our members to become more confident people, to learn to communicate better with family, co-workers and to develop leadership qualities to serve in their communities or beyond.

Our Club meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm at Kitchener City Hall - 200 King St. West - Heritage Room - ground floor. We look forward to you visiting us.
Contact us >>>

Suzanne Dansereau, DTM
Energetics Toastmasters
Vice-President, Public Relations
Past Area 61 Governor

Suzanne Dansereau, DTM
Les Toastmasters Volubiles
Presidente - Trésorière

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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