Fall Conference 2016 | Marriott Gateway on the Niagara | November 25 to 27, 2016 | Niagara Falls, ON

Communication is an intrinsic part of everyday life and interaction, it is your identity.
There are many forms of communication. Communication matters in your personal, business and Toastmaster life,
come see how you can improve in your communication skills.

2016 Fall Conference Chair

2016 Fall Conference Chair

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As your District 86 Fall Conference Chair I am not only honoured, I also feel very privileged to get to work with a great group of Toastmasters.  I sense pride in everything that is done, hopefully you will sense that when you attend this 3 day conference. The Marriott Gateway on the Niagara offers a great location to run this spectacular event, it is one of our Great Wonders of the World. Communication is a wonder in itself Communication matters to everyone, there are many ways to communicate to get your point across and to connect with other. Communication and Leadership are the Toastmasters specialties. There will not be one person who would not benefit from attending this conference. I would like extend an invitation to all first timers, to see what a Toastmasters Conference is all about. I guarantee you will want to come back. The regular attenders, these conferences would not be successful if you were not there. Looking forward to the WONDER! Hope to see there.

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