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Conference Policies
  • NO refunds for purchase of tickets
  • District 86 Toastmasters reserves the right to change prices, apply discounts and limit the number of attendees subject to availability.
  • In order for the Conference to be accessible to individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities, we ask everyone to NOT use scented products, including perfumes and scented hair and body products.
  • By registering for the conference, you give permission for your picture (video or photo) to be posted on the D86 website and all Toastmasters District 86 social media avenues

Note: You will receive an Email along with the policies and procedures outlined



 April 28 to April 30, 2017 
Online Registration Ends April 21/17 | Except for Contests - Register on site - cash only
  Crowne Plaza in Kitchener, ON
 registration chair

Conference Pricing (Per Person)

Full Conference (Fri 4 pm - Sun 2:30 pm)
$279 Nov 27 until Dec 31/16
$299 Jan 1 until Jan 31/17
$309 Feb 1 until Feb 28/17
$329 Mar 1 until Mar 31/17
$349 April 1 until April 21/17

Option 1 (Fri 4 pm - Sat 6 pm)
Option 2 (Sat 12:45 pm - Sun 2:30 pm)

$185 Nov 27 until Dec 31/16
$190 Jan 1 until Jan 31/17
$200 Feb 1 until Feb 28/17
$210 Mar 1 until Mar 31/17
$220 April 1 until April 21/17

  International Speech Contest (Sat)
   Evaluation Speech Contest