Public Relations Committee

Meet the 2020-2021 Public Relations Committee:

Public Relations Manager 
Headshot of Public Relations Manager, Lisa des Vignes  
Lisa de Vignes, DTM  
Public Relations Manager  
Social Media
Headshot of Social Media Coordinator, Kristina Johnston, DTM Placeholder Headshot
Kristina Johnston, DTM, PDD Shahan Aaron
Social Media Lead Social Media Assistant
Headshot of Lucia Placeholder Headshot
Lucia Yglesias Nancy Movrin, DTM
Social Media Assistant  Social Media Assistant 
Press Release and TV/Radio
Headshot Press Release Coordinator, Matthew Ogbulafor, DTM Headshot of Press Release Coordinator, Novelette Gordon
Matthew Ogbulafor, DTM Novelette Gordon
Press Release Coordinator Press Release Assistant
Headshot of Blog/Newsletter Manager, Tuula Redditt, DTM Placeholder Headshot
Tuula Reddit, DTM Nancy Movrin, DTM
Blog / Newsletter Manager Blog / Newsletter Assistant
Speakers Bureau
Placeholder Headshot Headshot of Speakers Bureau, Clinton Springer, DTM
TBA Clinton Springer, DTM
Speaker's Bureau Co-Chair Speaker's Bureau Co-Chair
Placeholder Headshot  
Barry Doctor, DTM  
Email Coordinator,  
Placeholder Headshot  
Ekaterina Miropolskaia,
Meetup Chair  
Headshot of Webmaster, Samaa El-Sayed, DTM  Placeholder Headshot
Samaa El-Sayed, DTM Tomas Rakusan
Webmaster Webmaster Assistant,
Placeholder Headshot  
Colleen Charland  
Webmaster Assistant & Auditor  
Placeholder Headshot Headshot of Lucia
Deepak Gulati Lucia Yyglesias
Photographer Photographer
Graphic Design
Headshot of Graphic Designer, Samaa El-Sayed, DTM Headshot of Lucia
Samaa El-Sayed, DTM Lucia Yyglesias
Graphic Designer Graphic Designer
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