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Area A-23

Area 23

Area 23 Director - Hitesh Parmar ACB, ALB

area23directorMessage from Area 23 Director

Our Area consists of 6 clubs in the vibrant City of Markham. Our community clubs are open to guests. When you visit a club, you will have a chance to see how Toastmasters will enhance your public speaking and leadership skills, build confidence and make a positive impact on your life!

Area 23 - Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contest

Date: October 20th 2016
Time: 6.30 p.m.
Location:  Address - Cornell Toastmasters, Rhenish Church, 2667 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham, L6B 1A8

Contest Organizer: Hitesh Parmar

Chief Judge:  Antoo Valookaran (Cornell Toastmasters)

Chair: Michael Whitehead (GE Toastmasters)

General Information:  Time: 6:15 p.m. Registration and Networking, Contestants and Volunteers briefing
7.00 p.m. Contest begins
9:30 p.m. Estimated End Time.


Humorous Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: Eddie Yeung              Unionville TM
Winner - 2nd Place:Melissa Nichols          Markham TM
Winner - 3rd Place: Harminder Rathore   Cornell Markham TM

Table Topics Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: Laura Connor         Markham TM
Winner - 2nd Place:Nice Chan              Unionville TM
Winner - 3rd Place: Reena Singh          SweetTalkers TM)

We wish Eddie and Laura the very best as they advance to the next level, and trust you will all join me to cheer them on at the

Division A Humorous &Table Topics Contest
Monday November 7th 6:15 p. m.
IBM Toronto Lab 8200 Warden Ave
Markham ON L6G 1C7,    Register at
Mark this date too!
District 86 Fall Conference, Niagara Falls
November 22nd  to  24th 2016.
Lastly, no contest would be complete without you, our awesome audience, it was a great contest, flawless execution on every part and I enjoyed every moment.

Area 23 - International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Date: Thursday March 23rd 2017
Time: 6.30 pm
Location:  Address - Cornell Markham Toastmasters, Rhenish Church of Canada, 2667 Bur Oak Ave Markham, Ontario L6B 1A8

Contest Organizer: Hitesh Parmar from Markham Toastmasters

Chief Judge:  Jim Walker from Markham Toastmasters

Chair: Michael Whitehead from GE Toastmasters

General Information:  Come, enjoy and support your fellow Club-Contest winners from GE Toastmasters, Markham Toastmasters, Markham SweetTalkers, IIBA Markham Toastmasters and Unionville Toastmasters compete.

All Toastmasters, families, and  friends (even non-Toastmasters) are invited to attend!

International Speech Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: Anu Yogeswaran - Markham TM
Winner - 2nd Place: Nice Chan - Unionville TM
Winner - 3rd Place: Richard Lai - GE Toastmasters


Evaluation Speech Topics Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: Rainbow Chan - Unionville TM
Winner - 2nd Place: Tim Mayer - GE Toastmasters
Winner - 3rd Place: Pramod Pillai - Cornell Toastmasters

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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