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Area A-25

Area 25

Area 25 Director - Ilana Fisher ACS, ALB

area25directorArea 25 comprises of three corporate clubs - AECOMmunicators, URS in Ontario, Your Community Realty Toastmasters (clubs closed- limited to company employees) and two open corporate clubs - Destiny Toastmasters, Momentum Toastmasters (clubs OPEN to new members). The geography runs from Richmond Hill to the west, 16th Avenue and Leslie to the north, southwest Leslie and Highway 7 and just west of Highway 404.  

Message from Area 25 Director

Area 25 - Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contest

Date: October 19,2016
Time: 6:30 - 9:30
Location:  Address - Bayview Hill Community Centre ,Richmond Hill,

Contest Organiser: Joyce Lang 

Chief Judge:  Al Brown 

Chair: Shishir  Lakhani

General Information:

                               Our  Organiser Joyce Lang Vision & Goals  to have an : 

                                 Entertaining Evening - " Laugh Out Loud Night with colleagues and friends"

                                 Support  the Club's Humorous & Table Topic Contests Winners. 

                                " Sending Strongly competitive representatives from Area 25 to

                                   Division A Contest"


Humorous Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: Sophia Campbell
Winner - 2nd Place:Ali Kalantarian
Winner - 3rd Place: 

Table Topics Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: James Kamstra
Winner - 2nd Place:Betsy Wolfenden
Winner - 3rd Place:

Area 25 - International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Location:  Address - 

Contest Organizer: 

Chief Judge:  


General Information:  


International Speech Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: 
Winner - 2nd Place:
Winner - 3rd Place: 

Evaluation Speech Topics Contest 2016-2017

Winner - 1st Place: 
Winner - 2nd Place:
Winner - 3rd Place:

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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