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Area 27 Director - Martina Chen ACS, ALB


Area Boundaries:

North:  Highway 7 and 407
South: Elgin Mills Rd in Richmond Hill 
East :  Bathurst Street
West:  Leslie St.

About Area:

 En la rose, je fleuris (French for "Like the rose, I flourish"). Area 27 is located at the central heart of the Town of Richmond Hill, the "Rose Capital" of Canada. All Toastmasters clubs in the area located along Yonge street, the longest street in the world. Our area is also located close to the world-renowned David Dunlap Observatory telescope. Whether you are interested in the culture, history, architecure, art, science, entertainment or opportunities to learn, area 27 toastmasters clubs are the recharging stops you can add to your plan when exploring the sweet Town of Richmond Hill.    

Message from Area 27 Director


Area 27 was born in 2017. Even though it is young, the clubs in the area are well established and energetic. The area is managed by the area council, which is chaired by me and with club presidents and VPs of Education from all clubs as its members. As the area director, I peronally feel very fortunate to have a supportive area council with high achievers whose top priority is to serve their Toastmasters club members to fulfil their education goals and to achieve above and beyond. All four clubs achieved distingushed club status with majority achieved President's Distingushed status in the fiscal of 2016-17. By benefiting the club members with improved communication and leadership skills, all the clubs in the Area 27 are well prepared and working together to continue their success stories in 2017-18 even in the face of challenges.   

The area 27 is the home to the only Advanced club in the 30+ clubs in Division A, District 86. Whether you are interested in a community club or a corporate club, whether it is convenient during the day or at night, or whether during the week or at the weekend, you will be able to find a club meet your needs in Area 27. The doors of all clubs are wide open to those who keep learning as a life long journey. Please feel free to drop by and visit Area 27 clubs when you are around in the sweet Town of Richmond Hill.

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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