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Area D-81

Area 81

Area 81 Director - Hogben Christopher, ACB, ALB


Area Boundaries:

North:  Dundas Rd./Hwy 5
South:  Lakeshore Rd W
East :  5th Line / Southdown Rd
West: Ford Drive / Hwy 403

District 86 Alignment map 2017-2018

About Area:

 Area 81 consists of four corporate clubs meeting during the noon hour. These clubs provide services to business sectors including nuclear energy, mining, power, oil and gas and clean energy. Together with Toastmasters we are developing leaders to engiineer and promote safe and sustainable options for our energy and resources.

Message from Area 81 Director

 Welcome to the 2017/2018 Toastmaster year. This year D81 welcomes GTA Toastmasters and Candu into the area creating an area of Corporate clubs. Sharing similar markets and challenges we have the opportunities to share our experiences and work together to energize the area and provide the strong leadership that is so important in a technical field to the companies we serve.

The Toastmasters’ communication and leadership teaches employees how to:

  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Practice time management
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Sharpen presentation skills
  • Boost team collaboration
  • Guide successful teams

In the age of texting, email and social media, strong communication skills remain highly prized by employers, which makes Toastmasters’ experiential learning program all the more valuable; it helps employees become better speakers and leaders.

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Area 81 - Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contest

Date: October 3, 2017
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Location: 2233 S Millway, Mississauga, ON L5L 3H7 - Youth Room
Contest Chair: Chris Hogben
Chief Judge: Adler Jean-Baptiste

General Information:

Register at: Eventbrite. Fee is paid at the door.

Humorous Speech Winners, 2017-2018

1st: Richard Lewis - AMEC FW Oakville
2nd: Vincent Tume - Candu Toastmasters
3rd: Stephen Smith - Candu Toastmaters

Table Topics Speech Winners, 2017-2018

1st: Stephen Smith - Candu Toastmasters
2nd: Kofi Mensah - Candu Toastmasters
3rd: Jessica Albanese - Hatch Toastmasters

Humorous Contest Winner  2016-2017
1st Place: Esther Song, Mississauga Sales and Marketing TM

Table Topics Contest Winner 2016-2017
1st Place: Dean Moyer, Mississauga Sales and Marketing TM

Area 81 - International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Contest Chair:
Chief Judge:

General Information:

Register at:

International Speech Winners, 2017-2018


Evaluation Speech Winners, 2017-2018


International Contest Winner 2016-2017

1st Place: Daysi Rosero

Evaluation Contest Winner 2016-2017

1st Place: Thomas Mathai


Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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