Area G-23

Area G-23 Director: Valerie O'Rourke 

Headshot of Area Director 23

Area Boundaries:  

North: Highway 7

South: Dudley Street

East:  Leslie

West: Yonge Street


About Area:

 Area 23 is comprised of 5 clubs.  4 clubs are lunch time clubs and one is held on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm.

Message from Area 23 Director

My core objectives as Area 23 Director for Division G is to act as a liaison between the 5 clubs in the Area and District 86 while providing support to the Club executive team. 

 I plan to do this by attending meetings as required and taking on roles at the Club when available. With my newly minted ACG under my belt I feel comfortable being a guest speaker and leading by example.  In order to support the individual clubs and in turn the membership I plan to visit the clubs to see their HOW, WHAT AND WHY  

HOW is the club aligned with the Distinguished club program? WHAT is happening at their meetings and WHY are they a Toastmaster Club? 

 Once I have gathered the HOW, WHAT and WHY at the grassroots we can set up individual plans to assist the Club with small goals to align with the District 86 mission and purpose. I look forward to this new year ahead and this leadership opportunity. Valerie

Area G-23: International Speech and Evaluation Contest

2019-2020 International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Date: January 28, 2020
Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Location:  Cyrus Center, 160 Dudley Avenue, Thornhill, ON, L3T 2E6
Contest Chair: Sarab Sandhu & Don Ham

General Information: We will be holding the Area 23 Evaluation and International Speech contest

Register at:


International Speech Winners, 2019-2020:

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: 




Area International Speech and Evaluation Contests

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