Date: March 11, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: St. Thomas Business  Centre, 300 South Edgware Road, St. Thomas On. N5P 4L1

Chair: Sue Storie is the Chair for the Evaluation Contest and Ray Gauthier for the International Contest
Chief Judge:  Diane Gordon Division S Director is the Chief Judge for both contests. 

General Information:  

Location: Elgin Business Resource Centre

Address: 300 South Edgeware Rd., St Thomas Ontario N5P 4L1

Time: 1:00 P. M. 

Evaluation Speech Contest Winners, 2016 - 2017

1st Place - Rick Cox

2nd Place - Noreen Spryut

3rd Place - Sandra Billson

International Speech Contest Winners, 2016 - 2017

1st Place: Gina Bes

2nd Place - Lyn Hill

3rd Place - Jen Gibson

Winner - 1st Place:
Winner - 2nd Place:
Winner - 3rd Place:

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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