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Division T Director - Clifford Graham, DTM | divisiontdirector@toastmasters86.org


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North: Owen Sound

South: Cambridge

East :  Guelph

West: Kincardine

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As part of District 86's tenth anniversary, Division T will be presenting a few complimentary workshops and a demo meeting to thank the surrounding area and businesses for their ongoing support. Stop by and see what makes Toastmasters International one of the world's oldest, largest and most successful training organizations. Come and see why over half the Fortune 500 countries including Google, Coca-cola, Boeing, Amazon, and Verizon support Toastmasters within their companies and view the program that has helped members such as Tim Allen, Peter Coors, Nancy Brinker, Debbie Fields Rose, Walter Schirra and James Brady go on to success.

In addition to sampling how attending a Toastmaster meeting can improve your communication and leadership skill while having fun, we will present 2 workshops on skills everyone and every business can use - How to run effective meetings and Resolving Conflicts. These are just 2 of the many training sessions we offer.

Please come by for a hour or the whole afternoon to learn about something that can help you achieve your goals no matter what they are.

Registration: here





Fall 2018:

DTM - Please help me and congratulate the following members of Division T for achieving their Distinguished Toastmasters designation, the highest rank in Toastmasters!

Kevin Cahill

Let's congratulate those individuals who have completed one path in one year

David Bray - 2 complete paths completed

CJ Janzen


 Message from Division T Director

Welcome to the Division T Webpage.  With an amazing team of individuals who are experienced, passionate about Toastmasters and who offer innovative approach and efficiency, this is one awesome Division.    

This year, one of the goals for our Division T is to get back to the basics and keep things simple for our members.

Our #1 GOAL this year is to build a strong Division.

1) Appreciate our members

2) Share the importance of DCP reports, rewards and achievements

3) Collaborate and share resources

4) Connectivity using technology

We want to hear from you and how we can make things better, sent me a line any time!   

Toastmasters and how it can help you?

In addition to being a leader in improving public speaking and leadership development, is also a leader in building better social skills.  According to Fast Company, “Overall, hiring managers found soft skills such as communication, leadership, ownership, and teamwork were missing in this new crop of workers.”

•             Local Corporations, such as Linamar, The Co-operators, Rockwell Automation (new), RWDI (new), and Blountly, all have a Toastmasters Club - in some cases sponsor the membership

Toastmasters clubs brings the community and people together.  It fosters a community of change and improvement one-on-one intercommunication skills while in a face –to-face group setting.  Individuals gain greater self-confidence while learning to conquer the number one fear of public speaking.  Individuals are empowered to overcome obstacles that were thought to be insurmountable. 

•             Social – We have seen a number of members who join toastmaster simply for social interactions

•             Medical – practice speaking skills, especially if those who are clinically diagnosed with speech impediment, ie stuttering, lisps

Toastmaster is a Non-profit organization with vast uses and addresses the concern for the various needs of others and strives to better the community for all.

•             Value, Affordable.

•             Networking

Visit a club and open your doors to endless possibilities.

Club Growth Extension Lead:   

Are you a Toastmaster looking for Leadership opportunities (such as club mentor, coach or looking to sponsor a new club)?  Please Contact Deb Daub for more information.



Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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