District 86 Communication & Leadership Opportunities

Toastmasters International exists as an organization because of members.  It is an educational program designed to help members improve their communication and leadership skills, thus there are countless opportunities to lead, speak and participate. Our program is about members success, your success.

These opportunities listed below are part of your Toastmasters Program - Communication or Leadership track. They all qualify as projects that help you achieve your:

  • Competent Communicator - CC, Advanced Communicator Bronze - ACB, Advanced Communicator Silver Communicator - ACS, or Advanced Communicator Gold - ACG
  • Competent Leader - CL, Advanced Leader Bronze - ALB, and Advanced Leader Silver - ALS
  • Leadership Excellence award - LDREXC
  • High Performance Leadership - HPL, and
  • Distinguished Toastmaster - DTM, our highest award

You'll work with great teams and have the opportunity to contribute your skills and talents to make District 86 stronger.  Find a communication or leadership opportunity that stretches you, helps you achieve your goals, and fits your level of commitment or desired pace. 

Explore the many ways to achieve your goals within our Toastmasters program.

Join The Public Relations Team

The Public Relations Team is seeking experienced members with special skills that are willing to help with District 86 communications team this term.

There are many ways you can help including:

  • website administration
  • MeetUp.com account management (by Division)
  • Division PR representatives
  • writing articles or blog posts, editing 
  • social media marketing
  • graphic designer
  • media experience (newspapers, radio or TV)
  • video production

Contact Matthew Ogbulafor, District 86 Public Relations Manager for more information on how you can contribute.

Step Up: Work With The District Executive Team

The District Executive Team oversees all of District 86 - over 5000 members, 10 divisions, 60 areas, and over 243 clubs.  There is always a lot to do to run an organization of this size - and you really get a strategic view of District 86.  If you are interested in working on District wide initiatives with:

Step Up, Have Fun: At The Next Conference

Conferences need at least 50 volunteers to be a success.  There are five groups of roles to consider being part of:

  • Marketing / Sales / Registrations
  • Programming / Speakers / Education / Entertainment / Program Timing
  • Contests / Business Meeting
  • Facilities / Volunteers / Sergeant At Arms
  • Hospitality  / Decorations  / Audio Video / Photography / Print Production

If you'd like to put your creativity, organization skills and teamwork to the test, contact the conference chair.

Speak Out: Present Workshops / Conduct Training

d86 TLI 2019

There are many opportunities to present workshops or conduct training sessions during the year, including:

  • Toastmasters Learning Institute - held twice a year, in May and January - contact Program Quality Director District 86 - Jacklyn Payne, DTM
  • Division Club Officer Training - held between June and Aug. 31; and between Dec and Feb. 29th - contact your Division Director
  • Fall or Spring Conferences - held twice a year - contact the Conference Chair for that Conference
  • Stand Alone Division or Area Programs - contact your Division or Area Director if you have an idea that you would like to propose.

Speak Out, Have Fun: For Toastmasters

If you'd like to grow as a speaker by speaking outside your club, there are many opportunities, including:

  • Open Houses - clubs sometimes bring in outside speakers - contact the clubs in your area to let them know you are interested.
  • Community Events / Causes - speak to your Area Director and Division Director if you are interested.
  • Fall or Spring Conference - a call for presentations is always done approximately 6 months before the conference - check out the conference pages.
  • Media Spokesperson - the Public Relations team is always looking for people that would like to speak on behalf of Toastmasters to the Media - contact Mallika Sothinathan,DTM, Public Relations Manager,District 86 to learn more.

Step Up: Become A Club Mentor

As advisor to a newly formed club, your responsibility is not to run the club but to let it know its options and guide it toward excellence.

  • Click here for more information about club mentoring
  • The typical commitment for a Club mentor is: 
  • Work with a new club for 6-12 months
    • Attend meetings on a regular basis for at least six months
    • Help with the first elections of the Club Executive
    • Answer questions regarding Toastmasters protocol and practices
  • Being a successful Club Mentor (for six months after the club charters) contributes to your Advanced Leader Silver designation
  • If you’re interested in mentoring a new club, let your Area or Division Director know and also the Club Quality (Mentor) Chair - Muzaffar Matloob, ACS, ALB

Step Up: Become A Club Sponsor

The responsibilities of a new club sponsor are to organize the new club, arrange meeting logistics, and help complete the charter paperwork.

  • Click here for more information about sponsoring a club
  • The typical commitment for a Club Sponsor is: 
    • Organize and recruit membership until charter strength of 20 members at minimum
    • Finalize financial and logistical arrangements
    • Help organize the charter paperwork and event
    • The sponsor’s role ends when the club charters
  • Being a successful Club Sponsor (chartering a club) contributes to your Advanced Leader Silver designation
  • If you’re interested in sponsoring a new club, let your Area or Division Director know and also the Club Extension Chair - Dragana Vulpic-Bork, DTM

Step Up: Become A Club Coach

A Club Coach can be appointed if a chartered club has 12 or fewer members.  The club coach’s role is to observe and analyze the club environment, then assist the club in generating solutions.  A club coach cannot be appointed if he/she is a member of the club to be coached

  • Click here for more information about club coaching
  • The typical commitment for a Club Sponsor is: 
    • Work with a club for up to two years until Distinguished Club Status with 20 members or net gain of five members as of June 30
    • Attend meetings on a regular basis
    • Provide guidance/advice to club on an ongoing basis until Charter strength is regained
  • Being a successful Club Coach (DCP status with 20 members or net gain of five members as of June 30) contributes to your Advanced Leader Silver designation
  • If you’re interested in being a Club Coach, contact the Club Retention (Coach) Chair - Saima Malik, DTM

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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