As advisor to a newly formed club, your responsibility is not to run the club but to let it know its options and guide it toward excellence.

  • Click here for more information about club mentoring
  • The typical commitment for a Club mentor is: 
  • Work with a new club for 6-12 months
    • Attend meetings on a regular basis for at least six months
    • Help with the first elections of the Club Executive
    • Answer questions regarding Toastmasters protocol and practices
  • Being a successful Club Mentor (for six months after the club charters) contributes to your Advanced Leader Silver designation
  • If you’re interested in mentoring a new club, let your Area or Division Director know and also the Club Quality (Mentor) Chair - Muzaffar Matloob, ACS, ALB

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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