A Club Coach can be appointed if a chartered club has 12 or fewer members.  The club coach’s role is to observe and analyze the club environment, then assist the club in generating solutions.  A club coach cannot be appointed if he/she is a member of the club to be coached

  • Click here for more information about club coaching
  • The typical commitment for a Club Sponsor is: 
    • Work with a club for up to two years until Distinguished Club Status with 20 members or net gain of five members as of June 30
    • Attend meetings on a regular basis
    • Provide guidance/advice to club on an ongoing basis until Charter strength is regained
  • Being a successful Club Coach (DCP status with 20 members or net gain of five members as of June 30) contributes to your Advanced Leader Silver designation
  • If you’re interested in being a Club Coach, contact the Club Retention (Coach) Chair - Saima Malik, DTM

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