jackie payne3Club Growth Director District 86 - Jacklyn A. Payne,DTM

Greetings District 86! I am honored to serve as your club Growth Director for 2017-2018 and look forward to an exciting year, as we fulfill the mission of the District.

The mission of the District is to build new clubs and support all clubs to achieve excellence. The areas of concentration are, to build new quality clubs, retain existing clubs through effective & quality support of the member, revise the training package for Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches to include Pathways and create a stronger presence of Toastmasters within the communities that we serve.
As the Club Growth Director, I am responsible for all aspects of marketing, club building and club-retention efforts within the district. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the district, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs and penetrating new markets. Additionally, the Club Growth Director supports challenged clubs and help them to become distinguished.

The Marketing team has been extended to engage a leader from every Division. We are prepared and ready for the challenge ahead. As we support you, we are also inviting your support to build District 86, one club at a time and help all clubs to achieve distinguished status.

“Want to be a New Club builder! Write or Call the Club Growth Director!”
clubgrowthdirector@toastmasters86.org, Jacklyn A. Payne,Tel: 416 428 1883


Press Release - Jacklyn Cornelius Payne DTM, a member of Brampton Toastmasters and Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters, was elected at the District 86 Council Business Meeting on Saturday April 29. The annual elections were held during the three-day 2017 spring conference in Kitchener, Ontario. The Toastmasters District Leadership manual describes the Club Growth Director as "responsible for all aspects of marketing, club building and club-retention efforts within the district. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the district."  Payne will lead outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs and penetrate new markets in the 63 areas in 10 divisions. "Additionally, the club growth director supports challenged clubs and helps them to become Distinguished."

In response to, "Why do you want to be a district officer?" Payne wrote,  "I want to serve as a District officer, because I believe that I can make a difference in helping the District to achieve its goals in new club growth, membership retention and making the member's experience rewarding. My goal is to ensure that every member receives the best possible service to achieve their personal best and to bring awareness to the Toastmaster program within the District's communities. I am an individual who delivers, have excelled at every Toastmaster project assigned to me and will bring those same work ethics and skill set to this level in order to ensure our District achieves Distinguished status." Payne is an advocate that Toastmasters changes lives and the climate of corporations. She encourages anyone seeking to develop their communication and leadership skills to try Toastmasters. 

Payne was presented the 2011-2012 Area Governor Of the Year Award and the 2015-2016 Division Director of the Year Award for going above and beyond. She led Area 31 to Presidents Distinguished in 2011–2012 and Division A to Presidents Distinguished in 2015-2016. As Brampton Toastmasters club president the club became Presidents Distinguished. Jacklyn achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster award April 20, 2014, the highest Toastmasters bestows.



Club Growth Committee 2017-2018

dragana 2017Dragana Vulpic-Bork, DTM - Club Extension (Sponsor) Chair

The club extension chair oversees the objectives for the club extension and club sponsor committees. These two committees are essential in assisting the club growth director through maintaining quality leads and providing guidance over the club sponsor program to ensure that prospective clubs are chartered successfully. In addition to providing sponsors for prospective clubs, the club sponsor committee arranges club sponsor credit opportunities for members who seek it. 


muzaffar 2017

Muzaffar Matloob, ACS, ALB - Club Quality (Mentor) Chair

Members joined Toastmasters to become more effective communicators and leaders. They stay in Toastmasters because the club provides a valuable service and meets their individual needs. The club quality chair focuses on establishing a club mentor committee to provide this service through the club mentor program. Club mentors are the advisors and tutors for new clubs and have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds. In addition to providing mentors to the club, the committee arranges club mentor credit opportunities for members who seek it. 


saima headshot

Saima Malik, DTM - Club Retention (Coach) Chair

The club retention chair heads the club coach committee which assists with the club coach program. The committee helps club coaches develop action plans to aid their assigned clubs. In addition to providing coaches for qualified clubs, the club coach committee arranges club coach credit opportunities for members who seek it. The club retention chair also assists with promoting membership building programs designed by Toastmasters International (Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters and Beat the Clock), and additional programs designed by the district.


albert chang 2017

Albert Chang, ACB, ALB - Club New Source Research Chair

The club new source research chair works closely with the club growth director to develop the district’s marketing plan, which is a series of steps to help the district grow healthy new clubs. In addition to assisting with the marketing plan, the club new source research chair generates new club leads at the district level.

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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