District 86 Alignment - 2017

Jacklyn PayneJacklyn Payne, 2017/2018 District 86 Alignment Chair

Every Fall, the Alignment committee begins to look at all clubs and areas across the district to ensure that they are well served by District 86. Clubs are assigned geographically and except for a few rural areas, most clubs in an area are within ten miles of each other.

The goal is to ensure there are 4-6 clubs in each area, so that area directors can help clubs succeed in their club planning, training, education, contests, and Distinguished Club Program goals. From Toastmasters International's experience of over 90 years, clubs have the most success following this formula.

The Alignment Chair is appointed by the district director. Division directors are given the first opportunity to be on the committee. If you would like to serve on the Alignment committee, please contact your division or area director or the Alignment Chair. Your input is always welcome.

pdfAlignment Report

pdfAlignment Summary

District Alignment Timeline

November and December, 2016

The Chair is appointed and the Alignment Committee formed. Early communication begins with the club growth director to learn about new club prospects, clubs that may fold and which areas need attention. The committee begins contacting area directors and club presidents for their input.

January 2017 - February 15, 2017

The committee continues to hold discussions with division and area directors and club presidents that could be impacted by the new alignment.

February 1 – 15, 2017

An email is sent to club presidents.  If you have questions or would like to provide input, please let your area director know and / or contact Jacklyn Payne directly at jacklynpayne@hotmail.com

February 25, 2017

The Alignment committee submits their report to the District Executive Committee for approval at the DEC Meeting.

Summary of the District 86 alignment for 2017-2018 is available here

Summary for Divisions A-L is available here.

Summary for Divisions M-W is available here.

April 29, 2017

The Alignment Chair submits the approved report to the District Council for confirmation at the General Business Meeting, at the Spring Conference.

July 2017

The new Alignment is submitted to Toastmasters World Headquarters in early July by the immediate past district director for World Headquarter's approval. The deadline for the Alignment to be submitted is July 15th.

 2017 Alignment Committee Members

Chair - Jacklyn A. Payne, DTM - jacklynpayne@hotmail.com
Strategy Advisor – Mike Proudlock DTM
Technical Support – Matthew Ogbulafor ACS ALB & John Constant DTM
Division A Director – Saima Malik DTM
Division B Director – Tracey Harding ACB,ALB
Division C Director – Jane Harnadek DTM
Division D Director – Leona Wilson DTM
Division L Director – Veronica Taylor DTM
Division M Director – Dragana Vulpic Bork DTM
Division N Director – Pat Bolduc CC, ALB
Division S Director – Diane Gordon ACS, ALB
Division T Director - Cynthia Ayres DTM
Division W Director - Steven Karnis ACS, ALB

Past Years - District 86 Alignment Reports

If you are interested in seeing past years alignment committees and reports - they can be found here


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