We plan on having many other sessions throughout the year and this list along with the recording will always be able to be found here as it gets updated. I'm looking forward to a great year and please be sure to reach out to me with questions if you need. 

District 86 PQD Joinme Webinars Phone Numbers to use to dial in:

  • Main: 647-977-2648
  • Conference ID: 800 443 639

Login Information:

Join the meeting: join.me/toastmasters86PQD

Others Available in Canada

  • Brantford: 226-401-9363
  • Charlottetown: 902-200-0149
  • Edmonton: 587-415-0177
  • Montreal: 514-800-1233
  • Ottawa: 613-699-9318
  • Quebec: 581-705-4251
  • Saskatchewan: 306-400-1019
  • Toronto: 647-977-2648
  • Vancouver: 778-654-8779
  • Winnipeg: 204-500-0399
  • US and other countries - contact Kristina for link


  • Sept. 3-7pm: How to host a Contest by Leona Wilson DTM, D86 Education Chair
  • Sept. 3-8:15pm: How to be a Chief Judge by Leona Wilson DTM, D86 Education Chair
  • Sept. 10-7pm: Judging by Leona Wilson DTM, D86 Education Chair
  • Sept. 10-8:15pm: Distinguished Club Program by Leona Wilson DTM, D86 Education Chair
  • Sept. 17-7pm: Table Topics by Richard Lewis DTM, 2015 District 86 Table Topic Contest Champion
  • Sept. 17-8:15pm: Eliminating the Confusion-How do I find resources on TI and D86 websites?
  • Sept. 24-7pm: Old School DTM-Requirements & Strategies by Clifford Graham DTM, Division S Director
  • Sept. 24-8:15pm: Pathways-What is in it for me and the club-Overcoming Objections by Jocelyne Vezina DTM, D86 Chief Ambassador
  • Oct. 1-7pm:Moments of Truth-what is it, how do I use it and why? by Robert Moore ACG, ALB, D86 Education Engagement Chair
  • Oct. 1-8:15pm:Moments of Truth-Part 2-Now what do I do with the results? by Robert Moore ACG, ALB, D86 Education Engagement Chair
  • Oct. 8-No Joinme Webinars-Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


Please use Chrome or Firefox to access the recordings. It is best to watch/listen from your computer instead of a tablet.

Upcoming Topics

  • Spicing up Table Topics
  • Best Practices for Meetings
  • Art of Effective Evaluation
  • Moments of Truth
  • How to get unstuck on speech topics 

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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