A Sizzling Success – Milton Toastmasters Summer Celebration BBQ

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The Toastmasters Year 2022 – 2023 was one that the members of the Milton Club will never forget; not only did Milton achieve the “Club of the Year Award” but also the “ACE of the Year Award”. The club decided to celebrate these awards with two spectacular events.

First, our annual Christmas celebration turn out to be nothing short of astounding there were more members, families and guests attending than at any previous event. Trophies were presented by District Director Deridor Collier who, after dancing and singing with Karaoke pronounced “This is the best Toastmasters Party ever”.

Now, Summer arrived in all its glory and it is BBQ time for Milton Toastmasters and what better way to celebrate our successes.

A Sizzling Success – Milton Toastmasters’ Summer Celebration BBQ and Potluck and what a success it turned out to be.

Laughter, camaraderie, the aroma of foods from many nationalities and the inevitable Burgers on the BBQ cooked in style by three “Burger-Masters” made this yet another memorable event.

Set against the backdrop of David and Beryl’s Broadbent’s Home and Garden this gathering brought together club members, families, former members, guests from Milton Escarpment Club, Area, Division and District 86 officers giving the occasion a sense of both unity and achievements.

The whole event from spirited conversations to exhilarating games designed to entertain the youngest members; to spotlight-stealing Karaoke sessions and more, every moment was crafted to foster connections and sow the seeds of cherished memories. Members made the most of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere to chat with our “special” guests, our distinguished district luminaries: Nancy Morvin, Deridor Collier, Myrna Barth and Bill Kirby. We were very happy that they could come and spend their time with us and take part in the celebrations.

The heart of the Summer Celebration lay with the support of many individuals who gave of their time before during and after the event, some of whom deserve a special mention. Sebastian Acosta for getting the team together; Nicholas Shafhauser for managing the pot luck contributions; Dipti Andanur who fried onions for the burgers hidden away in the Potting Shed; Ramesh Ranganath for slicing the onions and tomatoes and with a very special to our “Burger Masters” who sweated over the hot BBQ producing delectable CowBoy Burgers and Chicken Burgers: Lou Mulligan, Alan Lahue and Muhammad Latif. Hats off to you, you did a great job.

We would like to reserve a special thanks to our hosts of this summer event, David and Beryl. Their generosity in opening their home and hearts to the Milton Toastmasters Family brought life to the event, transforming it into an inviting and warm-hearted gathering. Their hospitality set the tone for an environment of inclusivity, allowing everyone present to fully enjoy the celebrations.

The Summer Celebration BBQ of the Milton Toastmasters, celebrating our awards for the 2022-2023 Toastmasters Year, proved to be an unequivocal success. The event captured the essence of Toastmasters Spirit uniting individuals under the banner of growth and camaraderie.

Created by Muhammad Latif, Milton Toastmasters