A Toastmasters Celebration September 15, 2022

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On September 15, the Energetics Toastmasters held an outdoor meeting at West Gazebo in Waterloo Park, Waterloo, Ontario. This meeting’s purpose was to gather in person and present the trophies for the last few online Area and Division contests.

Our Assistant Division W Director, Russ Deacon, arrived at the park early to set up the banners and greet people. He brought along his (cheerleader) Mom who had attended all the online contests during COVID. Russ spent much time scouting out the location of the Area and Division trophies and had them all in hand in time for the meeting.

With slightly cool temperatures and no rain, we welcomed members and guests, indeed meeting some members in person for the first time. Russ would, of course, present the trophies, and he also chaired the meeting, having been invited to do so.

Our trophy recipients were all on hand and a good number of members attended. Russ opened the meeting and spoke of the online meetings and contests and addressed the audience of the joy of being together in one place.

He presented the trophies one at a time, giving each recipient the honour of speaking of their experience.

The recipients:
1) Eric de la Chevrotiere, of the Energetics Toastmasters Club, Area 62 trophy for the International Speech contest, 2021

2) Fadhwa Yusuf, of the KW Toastmasters, the Division W trophy for the International Speech contest, 2021

3) Tammie Deubry, of the Energetics Toastmasters, received both the Area 62 and Division W trophy for the International Speech contest.

Seeing the smiles on the recipients’ face and applauding their efforts on this fine early autumn day made all the effort worth the time. We look forward to meeting in person again, for another social event.

Russ said of the outdoor meeting, “I am so glad we were able to meet in person for celebrating such an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations again to our winners.”

Created by Carolyn Wilker DTM, Energetics Toastmasters