Past District Leadership

2019-2020 District Director, District 86 - Jacklyn A. Payne DTM

Headshot of Jacklyn Payne, DTM

Theme: Go for Bold

Program Quality Director: Jocelyne Vezina, DTM
Club Growth Director: Clifford Graham, DTM
Public Relations Manager: Samaa El-Sayed, ACG, ALB

Achievements: Select Distinguished in Program Quality
Milestones: 215 clubs
Toastmaster International Initiatives: Amendments to Protocol 9.0 & Introduction of virtual meetings, training & contests.

  The second half of the Toastmaster year was interrupted globally by the Covid-19 pandemic.


2018-2019 District Director, District 86 - Kristina Johnston DTM

Kristina Johnston DTM

Theme: Beyond Boundaries

Program Quality Director: Jacklyn A. Payne, DTM
Club Growth Director: Jocelyne Vezina, DTM
Public Relations Manager: Somnath Bhattacharjee, CC, ALB

Achievements: Presidents Distinguished in Program Quality
Milestones: 227 clubs


2017-2018 District Director, District 86 - Cathy Herschell DTM

Cathy Herschell DTM

Theme: Reach for the Stars

Program Quality Director: Kristina Johnston, DTM
Club Growth Director: Jacklyn A. Payne, DTM
Public Relations Manager: Matthew Ogbulafor, ACS, ALB

Achievements: Presidents Distinguished in Program Quality
242 clubs and 10 years for District 86

Toastmaster International Initiatives: Pathways 

2016-2017 District Director, District 86 - Vitaliy Fursov DTM

District Director D86 Vitaliy Fursov

Theme: Lead With Love 

Program Quality Director: Cathy Herschell DTM
Club Growth Director: Glynis D'souza DTM
Public Relations Manager: Dennis Bartel ACG, ALB

Achievements: Distinguished District
Milestones: 247 clubs


2015-2016 District Director, District 86 - Janice McDonald DTM

District Director District 86 Janice McDonald

Theme: S – T – R – E – T – C – H  !

Program Quality Director: Mike Proudlock DTM
Club Growth Director: Vitaliy Fursov DTM
Public Relations Manager: Cathy Herschell DTM

Achievements: Presidents Distinguished in Program Quality 
235 clubs

Title Change: First District 86 Director


2014-2015 District 86 Governor  - Carolyn Hoxie DTM

Immediate Past District 86 Governor Carolyn Hoxie

Theme: Keeping the Spirit of District 86 Strong!

Lieutenant Governor Education: Janice McDonald DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Mike Proudlock DTM
Public Relations Officer: Doreen Hillier DTM, Vitaliy Fursov DTM

Achievements: Distinguished District, Excellence in Leadership
233 clubs

Title Change: Last District 86 Governor


2013-2014 District 86 Governor - Tony Bratschitsch DTM

Tony Bratschitsch DTM

Theme: Members First!

Lieutenant Governor Education: Carolyn Hoxie DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Janice McDonald DTM
Public Relations Officer:  Heather Talons, Cher Cunningham ACS ALB 

Achievements: Distinguished District
 224 clubs


2012-2013 District 86 Governor - Carol Dowell DTM

Carol Dowell DTM


Lieutenant Governor Education:  Jim Foster DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing:  Carolyn Hoxie DTM
Public Relations Officer:  Orest Nahacziwec CC ALB

Achievements: Select Distinguished District
  212 clubs


2011-2012 District 86 Governor - Avis Brodie DTM

Avis Brodie DTM

Theme: A Heart for Service

Lieutenant Governor Education: Carol Dowell DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Jim Foster DTM
Public Relations Officer: Justin O’Donnell ACS ALB

Milestones: 193 clubs

Toastmaster International Initiatives: TI branding change August 2011, TI dues increase October 2011


2010-2011 District 86 Governor - Merri Macartney DTM

Merri Macartney DTM

Theme: Soaring to Excellence

Lieutenant Governor Education: Avis Brodie DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Jim Foster DTM
Public Relations Officer: Katie Chida CC ALB

Milestones: 195 clubs


2009-2010 District 86 Governor - Doreen Hillier DTM

Doreen HillierTheme: Finding the Key to Success

Lieutenant Governor Education: Merri Macartney DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Avis Brodie DTM
Public Relations Officer: Karen Reese DTM

Achievements: Distinguished District
Milestones: 191 clubs

Toastmaster International Initiatives: Last Regional training and speech contests



2008-2009 District 86 Governor - Lori Lococo DTM, PID


Theme: Creating a New Tomorrow

Lieutenant Governor Education: Doreen Hillier DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing: Merri Macartney DTM
Public Relations Officer: Jonathan Spiegel DTM

Achievements: First District 86 Governor, Distinguished District, International Director 2012-2014
Milestones: 185 clubs

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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