District 86 Reformation

Cathy Herschell, DTM, Past District Director

Cathy Herschell DTM

District 86 has grown since the formation on July 1, 2008. We have been directed by the Toastmasters International board of directors, to form a committee to prepare a detailed analysis. 

The Board of Directors has communicated the direction for the district's reformation (see below).

As more information becomes available it will be added below.


Cathy Herschell, DTM, PDD | reformation@toastmasters86.org


Reformation Committee Members

Please welcome these committee members, they all have a great deal of experience to bring to this committee. The reformation committe, District Leadership Committee and the Alignment Committee will be working together on segments of the report proposal.

Chair  Cathy Herschell, DTM, IPDD
Division A Lisa des Vignes, DTM
Division B Eva Britton, DTM
Division C Sharon D'Souza, DTM
Division D Kyla Werrett, DTM
Division L Myrna Barthe, DTM
Division M Mike Proudlock, DTM
Division N Colleen Charland, DTM
Division S Diane Gordon, DTM
Division T Neil Dunsmore, MS1
Division W Keith Stoltz, DTM
DLC CHAIR Carolyn Hoxie, DTM, PDG


Committee Timelines

September 11, 2018 Direction letter from WHQ  
September 24, 2018 Committee members approved by WHQ complete
October 13, 2018 Committee members began their work ongoing
November 3, 2018 Committee Chair update presentation to DEC  complete
January 12, 2019 Committee Chair update presentation to DEC  
February 18, 2019 Committee proposal review to TRIO complete
February 23, 2019 Report Proposal to DEC & adopted complete
March 9, 2019 Final report finalized complete
March 14, 2019 Report distribution to District Council  complete
April 13, 2019 Report Presentation to Disctrict Council  complete - approved
April 27, 2019 Report submission to WHQ  May 1 complete
 August 2019  Notification of decison from Board of Directors (letter below)  ongoing - further details pending
 April 2020  District 86 & 60 each elects 1- DD, 2- PQD & 2- CGD  
 April 2021  District 86 & 60 elects 3- DD, 3- PQD & 3- CGD (one for each district)  
 July 1, 2021  New Districts begin  


Notification from WHQ


Screenshot 2019 10 06 11.47.53














Reformation Report : March, 2019

reformation report click here to view>>>>

Reformation Protocol 7: Needs Analyis

If the Board approves the request or directs a reformation, the district director appoints a reformation committee to conduct a detailed needs analysis that includes the following:

  • Map of proposed boundaries demonstrating that the reformed districts will have no fewer than 100 clubs each
  • Number of clubs, club strength, growth trends, growth potential, population, education, languages spoken, and geographic influences for both districts
  • Reasons why the reformation is in the best interests of the members, the clubs, the districts, and Toastmasters International
  • Implementation strategy
  • Marketing plan projecting growth and identifying key market opportunities for both districts
  • Succession plan identifying qualified future leaders in both districts
  • Financial projections demonstrating the anticipated income and expense for both districts

The needs analysis is submitted to the Chief Executive Officer for review with the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee provides its recommendation to the Board.

Full details click here>>>

Letter of Direction: September 11, 2018

reformation letter 09112018



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