New Toastmasters awards for clubs, areas, divisions, and districts!

In addition to the existing recognition programs, Toastmasters International has announced several new awards recognize the tremendous efforts of leaders throughout the organization.

Throughout this global pandemic, clubs and Districts remained committed to providing a positive, uplifting environment for individuals to develop their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. These efforts are greatly appreciated and merit special recognition.

Below is a breakdown of the awards and their qualifications:

Member Engagement

Level 1 Completions

• The Districts with the highest number of Level 1 completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage of the District membership base (top three Districts per region will be recognized).
• The Areas with the highest number of Level 1 completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage of the Area membership base (top three Areas per District).

Path Completions

• The Districts with the highest number of path completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage of the District membership base (top three Districts per region will be recognized).
• The Areas with the highest number of path completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage of the Area membership base (top three Areas per District).

Membership Renewals

• The Districts with the highest number of renewal payments each month (April, May, and June) as compared to the total renewal payments for the District as of March 31, 2021 (top three Districts per region each month will be recognized), the top District each month is not eligible to win in subsequent months. The top District over the three-month period will also be recognized.

Club Retention and Growth

Club Reinstatement Initiative

• The Districts with the highest number of clubs that utilized the current exceptions to reinstate during the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage compared to the District's club base (top three Districts per region each month will be recognized), the top District each month is not eligible to win in subsequent months. The top District over the three-month period will also be recognized.
• The Divisions with the highest number of clubs that utilized the current exceptions to reinstate during the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage compared to the Division's club base (top three Divisions per District will be recognized).

New Club Incentive

• The Districts with the highest number of new clubs that used the incentive as a percentage compared to the District’s club base (top three Districts per region each month will be recognized), the top District each month is not eligible to win in subsequent months. The top District over the three-month period will also be recognized.
• The Divisions with the highest number of new clubs that used the incentive as a percentage compared to the Division’s club base (top three Divisions per District will be recognized).

Additional Recognition

Are Director Club Visit Reports

• Area Directors with 100% Area Director Club Visit Report submissions for Round 2.

District-Choice Award
• Each District may set one (1) goal to achieve by the end of the 2020-2021 program year.
• The goal must be in support of (1) Club Growth, (2) Membership Payments (includes new, renewal, and charter payments), (3) Membership Renewals (renewals only), (4)
• Distinguished Clubs, or (5) Club Retention (compared to July 1, 2020). The goal must be a positive percentage.

This is wonderful news for a lot of clubs who have accomplished great levels of education and membership online.

Here is the link to Toastmasters International Awards webpage: 

Many aspects of our lives look drastically different than they did a year ago. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication and resilience Toastmasters members and leaders demonstrate day in and day out!

Improving Your Leadership Skills

On Wednesday Mar 3rd, 2021 I had the pleasure of running a Town Hall meeting (workshop) on 'How to Create a Newsletter Using Mail Chimp.' As a 13 year old Distinguished Toastmaster, Leadership has always been a challenge for me. I have no problem delivering prepared speeches but actually preparing material and delivering a half hour talk can be daunting. Toastmasters and the District have provided me with so many opportunities to challenge myself, to speak about what I know and deliver it professionally so it actually sounds like I know what I'm doing. This is a barrier that a lot of us, like myself, struggle with and the more you do it, the more comfortable you become. Practise does make ... almost Perfect! Recordings and resources of these Town Hall presentations can be found HERE

The week before the Town Hall I also delivered an officer training for the VP of Public Relations. For those who might not be comfortable being a facilitator, Toastmasters International has made it very easy for us to facilitate training. Resources and premade slide presentations and manuals have been provided to use as a guide when delivering training. They have done most of the work for you already. If you are thinking of challenging yourself and taking on one of these leadership roles there are lots of opportunities out there. Here are some resources that you can download if you are interested in becoming a facilitator.

Training Club Leaders
Other resources and PPT slide presentations 

Next on my 'To Do' list is present a workshop at the upcoming Spring Conference in April 2021. I hope you can all come out and cheer me on. The outpouring of encouragement and gratitude really does help boost ones self esteem and help you become a better Leader. I look forward to seeing you at the conference and hope you can make it out to my workshop on 'How To Write A Great Speech.' Register HERE for the FREE conference. April 12-18 2021 on Zoom. Imagine The Possibilities!

Blog written by Tuula Redditt DTM
2018-2019 D86 Toastmaster of the Year Award
2018-2019 D86 Member Making a Difference Award
2014-2015 D86 Spirit Award
2020-2021 President of Speak To Inspire TM Club

Newsletter TownHall


Your Vote Is Important

The District 86 Council Annual Virtual Business Meeting is April 17 2021.

The meeting will require two registrations: Business Meeting – Reports (10:00 AM) and Business Meeting – Elections (2:00 PM) (you must select District). There is no cost.

Pre-Registration is required for both: Business Meeting by April 10. – Reports for current D86 eligible voters and for Business Meeting – Elections (Must choose either D86 or D123).

Each eligible voter registers for TWO (2) meetings – Reports + Elections

Business Meeting – Reports, April 17th - 10:00 AM Register here 

  • All current D86 eligible voters required to attend business meetings
  • Elections are also required attendance

Select One Only
Business Meeting – Elections Future D86 - April 17th, 2:00 PM Register here 

Business Meeting – Elections Future D123 - April 17th, 2:00 PM Register here

Do I register for District 86 or 123 for Elections?
  • Future Alignment Report for District 86: click here to see if your club is listed.

Divisions C, D, E, F, L, S, T, W plus select clubs in Division B (Halton, Milton, Escarpment)

  • Future Alignment Report for District 123: click here to see if your club is listed

Divisions A, B, G, M, N

Why Vote?
  • Participate in decisions affecting the members of your District, including your club.
  • Enable the District to carry on its business and vote for next year's elected Directors.
Who Can Vote?
  • District Executive Committee members.
  • Your club has 2 votes: Club President and Club Vice-President Education of a club in good standing. (dues paid by March 30). Each officer must vote independently.
  • No Proxies, votes cannot be reassigned
  • District Executive Committee members have one vote. This vote cannot be assigned via proxy.
Register and Attend Meeting Information Sessions

Attend at least one of the Townhall Practice sessions:

  • March 13th. 9:30 AM – Townhall – Full Meeting Review, Voting Practice - event is over.
  • April 14th – 6:00 PM - Townhall – Meeting Review, Voting Practice Register here before April 10.
  • April 15th - 6:00 PM - Townhall – Review, Voting Practice Register here before April 10.

Pre-Registration Deadline - April 10, 2021


All eligible voters must pre-register by April 10th, 2021

D86 Business Meeting Materials listed on the D86 Toastmasters Website click here

For additional Credentialing or Registering questions?

Please Contact: and

Kristina Johnston, DTM, PDD
District 86 Credentials Chair

How to Run a Speechcraft Program

District Speechcraft Co-Chairs, Eva Britton, DTMx2, Dawn Claus DTM and Karen Pantaleo DTM hosted a 1-hour virtual presentation and Q&A on Mon Jan 25, 2021. They decided to host a presentation in response to the many similar queries from Toastmasters asking how to host the program. The presentation was recorded and is available on the District 86 website, and handouts are being distributed to all attendees.

The presentation was focused on the paper-based legacy Speechcraft Program, but shortly before the presentation date, the team learned that the digital Speechcraft program was ready to be released. Able to obtain access to the digital program only 1 day before the presentation, the team worked quickly to incorporate the information gleaned from the online version! They have been advised that the legacy (paper) Speechcraft program will be available for credit until June 30, 2021. Download materials for the Online Speechcraft sessions HERE.

Regardless of the version used, Speechcraft is a program proven to increase membership, and engage and energize existing members.

The stages of Speechcraft can be broken down into 3 steps: Plan, Promote and Present.

If your club is interested in membership growth, consider hosting a Speechcraft program. Contact  co-chairs Eva Britton & Dawn Claus (Public Clubs) or Karen Pantaleo (Corporate Clubs) to help answer your questions. Speechcraft

Toast-imonials: Call For Auditions

Accepting Submissions until March 25th, 2021

District 86 auditions are now open for your 1-2 minute video recording of your Toast-imonial!

For more information on the guidelines and  instructions click or download the PDF HERE.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas!

Many of us are inundated with Zoom meetings – some spend a little time in the digital space, but others are online all day! The holiday season provides us with a great excuse to shake things up and make one of your December Toastmasters meetings a “PARTY!”

A specialty themed meeting can be a wonderful reason to invite friends who might be interested in joining your club, or just seeing what it’s all about. Be sensitive to the family, faith, and holiday traditions of your members and guests so as not to put members or guests in an uncomfortable position participating.

Things to consider for your organizing:

  • Select a party committee. Everything is more fun with friends! Does anyone have a Pathways project that would apply?
  • Be sure to set the date and remind club members of it regularly.
  • Set up a Facebook Event, Evite, or Eventbrite to invite the community! Ask club members to help promote it.
  • If you need members to provide anything (see ideas below) be sure to remind them of it often.
  • Ask everyone to bring a guest for the fun! Be sure to plan a way to help guests feel a part of things if members are asked to have any supplies handy – ie provide alternate questions for Table Topics etc.

While a potluck isn’t possible in a virtual world, suggest a common “snack” or snack theme for your club members to bring for themselves.


  • A fancy glass with a favorite beverage
  • A mug of something delicious
  • Favorite holiday snack

While you may be tempted to have no speeches and keep the whole meeting Table Topics—consider seeking out a member to give speech/story on a seasonal topic to set the mood.

Decorating by sharing a Zoom background with your club members so everyone has a common setting! Be sure to send instructions on how to set up a background ahead if your members aren’t able to figure it out.

Host a contest to get your club members excited about the party:

  • Zoom Background Contest: suggest a theme and let everyone come up with their own – ugly sweater patterns, favorite winter vacation spots, family holiday photos….use your imagination! Prize: member is exempt from their least favorite role for 3 months!
  • Ugly Sweater or Hat Contest: Dress to the nines and have members vote on the best ugly sweater! Mail a gift card for a prize.
  • Recipe Contest: Ask members to share fave recipes and have members vote on the recipe most likely to be tried! Winner has to email the recipe out to the club.
  • Gingerbread Contest: Create little gift packages with a few pieces of gingerbread, some squeeze frosting, and candies. Don’t forget to set rules ahead of time- if it’s a “no adding other supplies” contest, you know someone will want to know! Have members share their creations and ask everyone to vote on their favorite!

We’ve gathered a few ideas for Table Topics to get you started, but please feel free to get CREATIVE!

Table Topics Master displays an imaginary Holiday themed word. For example: Schluber Mask or Frosty Cough

  • While in the grocery store I sneezed with my mask on...
  • One cold and frosty morning I was out walking the dog and I inhaled a snowflake...

Table Topics Master asks for household items, and members run to find that object and show it in Zoom. Sometimes the first person producing the item is asked a Table Topics question, other times change it to the last or 6th person – just to keep everyone on their toes! The question can stem from what that item is – where they got it, how they use it, or something else related to it!

While the club may not be able to gather and share a meal or desserts – plan to invite members to bring a favorite snack or food and share the recipe for it with others. Organizer collects all the recipes and cuts and pastes then into a document to share with everyone afterwards.

Table Topics master collects a bunch of random items from the dollar store, wraps them and places them into a big bag. Table Topics will be the gift randomly selected from the bag that the person can talk about whether they know what it is or not. Examples: Dryer balls, giant eraser(For Big Mistakes), Stress Ball...

Prepare ahead by writing up a few “first” sentences for a participants, leaving a noun, verb, or adjective or two blank. Ask the other club members to provide those fill-in-the-blanks words, then that’s the first sentence for the story the participant gets to make up! For example:

  • To celebrate the season this year I plan to (verb) with my friends to the beat of a different (profession)…..
  • When I was a child, I learned to (verb) when the (adjective) holidays came around…
  • Last year’s December was different because my (relative) gave me a (object) ….

Ask club members to prepare a list of two TRUE holiday facts (short sentences) about themselves, and one FALSE one, and share them by email with the Table Topics Master. The three items are read aloud and members guess who it is -and which of the three things is false! Once the person is identified, they have to tell one of the true stories as their topic. (Recommend 1 minute stories so you can get in as many of these as you can.) Examples:

  • I was once a mall elf for Santa, I was carried off a mountain when skiing, I once met Jimmy Stewart.
  • Santa gave me a vacuum cleaner hose, I spent New Years in the hospital in 1994, I own 47 strings of holiday lights.

So there you have it folks, please enjoy the holidays safely and virtually and most of all ... Have FUN!


Corporate Toastmasters Showcase! Membership Drive! A D86 club growth initiative!

Use the opportunity to promote & introduce Toastmasters in your corporation!

Grow your membership in your corporate club. 

Quality demo meetings for potential corporate club members joining from participating companies.

Key Features:
50-minute meeting for visitors to have a flavor of Toastmasters in the corporate environment.
Centrally organized, locally promoted and follow-up by participating clubs which means minimal work for the clubs involved, and they would focus 100% on membership recruitment.

Corporate clubs can use the attached flyer to promote to their corporation on the dates of their choice to build membership

Corporate Showcase dates:
9-Nov-20 Monday Eventbrite link  Click HERE to download poster for this event

10-Nov-20 Tuesday Eventbrite link  Click HERE to download poster for this event

18-Nov-20 Wednesday Eventbrite link Click HERE to download poster for this event

19-Nov-20 Thursday Eventbrite link Click HERE to download poster for this event

20-Nov-20 Friday Eventbrite link Click HERE to download poster for this event

Above are the 5 posters (one for each Open House), and the 5 respective Eventbrite Links for advance registration. You would need them for your own promotion, please save them. The Zoom meeting link will be shown and given when you register.

For more information check out this PDF Fact sheet


Iona Rodricks, B.Com, DTM
District 86 Club Growth Director 2020-2021 (current)
D60 Division Governor of the Year 2006-2007

Forever With Us-Remembering Cindy Tate


Collage created by graphic artist Lucia Yglesias

On September 27th, 2020 District 86 lost one of its biggest and brightest stars. Our beloved Cindy Tate passed away and has left a huge hole in the hearts of all of us here at Toastmasters. Her light was one of the brightest beacons we have seen with that infectious smile and that willingness to do anything possible to make life easier for others.

Cindy wasn’t just a Toastmaster, she was a mother, daughter, sister, a bride-to-be and a friend. She always gave her undivided time and energy to help others and now it’s time that we do the same for her and her family. Today we honour her life, her legacy, and her spirit.
Let us keep Cindy Tate’s bright Star light shining forever!

Past District Director Jacklyn Payne, DTM: "Our beloved Administration Manager, Cindy Tate left us quietly on September 27th. Cindy was serving her 2nd term when it was cut short. We will be holding a special tribute to Cindy in honor of her contribution towards the success of District 86 at the Annual Awards presentations on Oct 17th, 2020. Cindy gave unselfishly and has touched many lives throughout her 10 years with Toastmasters. We will miss her dearly."

District Director Jocelyne Vezina, DTM: “Cindy has been the pillar against which I leaned when things got stressful. Whether it was preparing for a DEC meeting, our regular weekly meetings, getting medals and trophies engraved, distributing the Minutes, mailing awards or ordering supplies, Cindy never said “no”. Her contagious smile and her support will be missed by all. Rest in peace Cindy, wherever you are.”

Roger Caesar, DTM: "We have lost one of the brightest and biggest stars this district has ever known. Cindy Tate was the true example of what Toastmasters and a friend is all about. Her infectious smile and her willingness to help in anyway that she can allowed many of us to witness her greatness and she will be greatly missed.

From the minute I came into Toastmasters I have known Cindy and she has been instrumental in many ways of helping me grow as a communicator but more importantly as a leader. She has been a mentor to me helping to develop my skills tremendously. As Division Director last year I leaned heavily on Cindy as she was the past Division Director and Division Director of the Year. Without hesitation she became my right hand, guiding me and nurturing me to make positive decisions that were necessary to continue to make our division successful. Our division contest would not have been a success if it weren’t for her guiding hand in helping me to organize and orchestrate bringing in all of the past winners and providing Isabel Hershaw with the new Division B Trophy in her name. Her desire to see others succeed was why I consider her one of the greatest people I‘ve ever known.

They say people come into our lives for a season or reason. I believe Cindy has come into our lives for a reason and that is to shine her infinite light and humility on all of us and allow us to understand how blessed we were to have had her here with us. She will be sorely missed but never forgotten."

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