Members Making A Difference Award M.M.A.D. Fall 2015

Sandi Emdin


I joined the Greater Sudbury Speakers Club Toastmasters Club in January 2004. I was working as a Caseworker at the local Big Sisters Agency when the Director resigned and I stepped into the “acting” Executive Director position.
The role of Director included a lot of public speaking to increase public awareness and appeal to funders via community presentations. I heard about Toastmasters and decided to join to get the “Coles Notes” of Public Speaking. This meant I thought I would get in and get out - learn what I needed to - and be done in my estimation - about six weeks. Eleven years later and I am still going strong!
My goal in life is to continue to become the best I can be - empowering others - to be the best that they can be AND together create a culture of kindness, compassion and “community".
Whether time, money, knowledge, skills or experience - when you give it away - you always get more back. You want to change the world, live in a great community - step up - Be the change.

Saqib Cheema

Saqib Cheema2Saqib is a Distinguished Toastmaster who first joined Toastmasters in 1999. He left after just 2 months deciding that he would never be able to speak in front of a group of people. Still having to conduct presentations in the workplace, he decided to return to Toastmasters in 2009. Strongly motivated to overcome his weakness, he decided he would learn to speak in front of a group of people.
In the last 5 years, Saqib has served with the Compassion Society of Halton. The Compassion Society provides free clothing, food and referrals for approximately twelve hundred needy people a month in the Halton Region. He has served as Chair of the Board for 4 years. In that short time, he developed the Board and improved operations. The organization went from a small charity to one with comparable standards as set by Imagine Canada. In the last three years, the charity has more than doubled in size! Saqib continues to serve on the Advisory Board. He believes that true happiness and fulfillment come when you feel that you are making a valuable contribution to your world. "I found this world a much better place to live as compared to generations before me because of consistent improvement of life for generations to come, so I am under obligation to continue this process. I strongly believe in this quote: "someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

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