Division News October - 2015

Hello Fellow Toastmasters…this month’s message - REFLECTION

I have delayed my October message until I have had a moment to visit our renewal numbers and completed attendance of as many area contests as I was able to get to.

Reminder Division W contest is around the corner:

Date: October 16 2015
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Cambridge School of Architecture
Cost: $10 at the door.

Hope to see you all there!

October Celebrations

  • Les Volubiles – Div W’s first French club has submitted its charter papers! Just waiting on the final step! Congratulations!
  • Waterloo Silver tongues celebrates 25 years with Toastmasters this month
  • Great job at the area contests I was able to attend – looking forward to Oct 16th

Division W Needs Help!

  • We have many new members in clubs that don’t have mentors as there are not enough seasoned TM’s in those clubs. I am in the process of putting together a list of members from other clubs who can serve as mentors to members in other clubs. Remember with technology you can IPHONE chat with someone, SKYPE, and a number of other means to help new members out in other clubs – Please let your area director or myself know if you can become a mentor to a new member of TM’s. Let’s not let them down!
  • Division W is in need of club coaches – please let myself or Paul Lynott  if you are able to help. Club Coach is hard work, but very rewarding and definitely helps you “stretch”.

Areas of Opportunity

  • Renewals took a big hit – in Division W we decreased by 193 members that’s a 30% drop.
  • 89 of those who did not renew were Toastmasters who signed up in the last year.
  • Number of clubs 12 or under has increased to 18 from 10 at the start of the year – that’s almost half our clubs 34+1 coming

Seeing these numbers I would like to encourage all the clubs to consider and reflect upon the following:

  • Have you completed a moments of truth? Don’t know what that is? Check TI there is downloadable material. Should be held at least once a year! Some clubs are having none at all.
  • Do you have a greeter at the door? Do you have a guest book? Does the VP of Mem Follow up with the names in the guest book? Do the guests get a guest kit? A name tag? An explanation of how TM’s works? If not make sure at every meeting there is someone there to talk a guest through this. A guest should never be left alone at break! Make them feel welcome.
  • Is your Facebook, website, easy speak up to date and current? I’m alarmed to see the number in division w that are not and encourage all of you to make this happen quickly.
  • Do you have CC’s and CL’s on hand when new members start? Once you vote in and sign a member up, they should leave with their CC and CL in hand. Remind them when theirs comes in to return them, get them started on the program right away.
  • Are you registering new members right away? I understand the concern around the Rate of exchange, however, not registering a new member prevents them from receiving the TM’s magazine and access to other TM information.
  • Are you holding the 3 annual membership drives? If not why not? Don’t know how? Reach out to your area director or another club. There are lots of sources available.  Are you holding at least one open house a year? There are people here to help.
  • If you’re membership numbers are low, have you considered holding a speech craft? A great way to get new members in to complete 3 of their first 10 speeches! Don’t know how? Reach out there are resources here to help you!
  • Are your meetings themed and planned out ahead? Have you tried the backwards meeting, take me out to the ballgame? Fishbowl, Christmas in july? These should be standard every year! There lots of fun!
  • Are you using the educational series available? Especially when your club has a lot of new members your primary focus should be on educating them how to prepare for a speech, how to prepare for a role. I’ve been very surprised by the number of clubs not having education sessions at least once a month, or that didn’t even know these books existed. Schedule 10 minutes/month or weekly for this important information. Download all the manuals for free off of TM’s international!
  • Are your executive team’s meeting monthly or bi monthly? I have heard some have not met at all or once or twice a year! The executive is critical to the vision and direction the club takes, so please make these meetings happen!

There are solutions to our club’s membership issues, but sometimes it requires a deep hard look at what we’re doing in our clubs currently and ask ourselves what needs to be changed then make that happen.
My challenge to all of the clubs in division w for the remainder of the year is to sign up 1 guest a month, that would take us from October to June, a total of 9 months. 9 months and 34 clubs means 306 potential new members. That would put us into the 700 club!
Your area directors and myself will be meeting to put together an action plan to help, but I want to reach out to all of you to get this vision started! 

With contests out of the way, let’s make this our focus for the upcoming months!

Shawn Salokannel

Division W Director

Division News June - 2015

Division M finishes strong this year and achieved Presidents Distinguished Division! By Leizyl Sobrinho - Division M Governor 2014-2015

Division M celebrated the remarkable year with numerous successes in a boat cruise at Georgian Bay during the Division M Council Meeting attended by Leizyl Sobrinho (Division M Governor) , Carolyn Hoxie (District Governor) and Area Governors: Robert Laurin, Steve Zolnierczyk, Al Steele and Jim Chapman.

As Division Governor. it is a great experience to lead this team to soar to greater heights to achieve greatness and success. Each one of you is part of it and contributed to the success! What a GREAT team! The experiences and memories are priceless that I will cherish in my lifetime.

As Vince Lombardi once said. "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”


News from Division M Governor – Leizyl Sobrinho

Division M International Speech and Evaluation Contest - March 28, 2015

Division M strikes again in providing another Memorable event. Our contestants were spectacular and our winners stand a very good chance to win at the District level. Good luck to Brian Brennan (Evaluation contest) and Renaud Durand (International Speech contest).

A true example of leadership and communication skills. As our Division Governor, Leizyl Sobrinho so nicely described, all yet again flourished in their own ways as flowers do naturally.

Special thanks to all contestants and volunteers that made this event a brilliant success.

Thank you, Robert Laurin Area 11 Governor and Event Organizer for Division M International Speech and Evaluation Contest


Congratulations to all the winners and the contestants!

This is a great milestone in your Toastmasters journey.
Division M successfully delivered all the Area contests for Spring 2015. It was a great team planning and team collaboration that produced excellent results! Together we achieve greatness and success!
As Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Please continue to support the winners at the Division M contest on March 28 @ 9:00am-1:00pm at the Council Chamber, Town of Newmarket.
Winners at the Division level will advanced to the District competition at the District Spring Conference on April 24-26, Sheraton Hotel, RIchmond Hill.

Area 11 Winners!



Area 12 Winners & Participants!



Area 13 Winners!


Area 14 Participants and Winners!



Area and Division News December - 2014

Allied Global Toastmasters celebrates their Charter Party!

Division M is growing. Two corporate Toastmasters clubs have been officially chartered: The Allied Global – Leaders in Speech (Lunch) and Allied Global – Leaders in Speech (Dinner).

The event was well attended by the District Officials, Club Sponsors, Mentors and club members.

Allied charter party

Visit Facebook for more photos:
or Division M Scheduled events:

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2015!

Leizyl Sobrinho, Division M Governor

Division A Toastmasters - "Together We Succeed!"

Karin Lindner

Presenting Karin Lindner with her 2013-14 Select Distinguished Area certificate at Richmond Hill Toastmasters.

Area 24 is in the News

We hit the news again! Amazing pictures from Area 24 Contests are published on the pages of SNAPD Richmond Hill.
Check us out on Snapd

2013-14 CHARM Marketing Team Area & Division Governors

Clubs Helping Areas Reach Milestone (C.H.A.R.M.)

Division A
Division Governor Karim Premji, DTM: AECOMmunicators; Dr. Roberta Bondar; all new clubs in Division A
• Rowan Faludi: Your Community Realty Toastmasters, Club Toastmasters FrancoFun
• Gerry Fryer: Speechcraft at GE Markham
• Roy Menezes: AECOMmunicators
• Heather Skoll: AECOMmunicators
• Tracey Chan: GE Markham

Division B
• Vitaliy Fursov: Walmart Canada Toastmasters, Walmart Visionary Leaders and TCET
• Amparo Cifuentes: Chez Nous
• Michael Bonnick: Sheridan Davis Bruins
• Jane Harnadek: Leaders In Action
• Veronica Hislop: Walmart Canada Toastmasters
• Lorna Miller: Sheridan Davis Bruins

Division C
• Odecca Ordonez: Sheridan Davis Bruins, Sheridan Oakville Bruins
• Rob Belsby: Leaders in Action
• Cathy Herschell: Suncor
• Kristina Johnston: Sheridan Oakville Bruins
• Mark Hayes: Sheridan Oakville Bruins

Division L
• Division Governor Carol Todd-Skuce: GE Toasters, Callisto
• John Constant: GE Toasters & GE Markham
• Don Knowles: GE Toasters
• Diana Parker: Brantford Laurier

Division M
• Division Governor Rosario Dizon: Honda, GE Markham, Gwilliambury
• Leizyl Sobrinho: GE Markham
• Al Steele: Allied Global Holdings

Division N
• Division Governor Iad Abdul-Rahman: Dr. Roberta Bondar
• Shelli Donofrio: Algoma University
• Brian Windsor: Timmins Economic Development Corporation

Division S
• Division Governor Sue Storie: Investors Group, Tecumseh
• Julie Whitely: Petrolia
• Scott Bowron: Investors Group
• Jim Martin: Investors Group, Tecumseh
• Karen Reese: Investors Group, Tecumseh

Division W
• Division Governor Dave Weber: Laurier Toastmasters
• Bud Brown: Laurier Toastmasters
• Mohannad Hussain: Laurier Toastmasters
• Cynthia Ayres: Laurier Toastmasters
• Mary Lynn McPherson: Laurier Toastmasters
• Grace Rasmussen: City of Guelph


Division News - October 2014

South Mississauga Toastmasters Speech Contests is on snapd

District 86 Toastmasters, South Mississauga Division D, held a competition in mid-October. The winners of the contest earned a spot in the District contest at the Fall Conference in London, Ontario. Aside from all of these high stakes, however, the evening was extremely fun as well! There were two categories: table topics and humorous speech. Each contestant could be seen before the competition started, preparing to do a great job on stage! Of course, there was also an enthusiastic and supportive audience present. Everyone came together to enjoy some refreshments, mix and mingle and watch some great competition! These contests are a part of Toastmasters’ educational program.

Photos by Alizeh Jaffrey

We just wanted to let you know that the event you submitted to SNAP South Mississauga has been published! You can view and share the photos online here: snapd

What's Happening in Division A!

With just 3 months gone in the 2014-15 year, Division A members and clubs can be proud of all these accomplishments:

  • 24 of 27 active clubs had at least 4 of their club officers trained in June. Unionville and Hilltop trained all 7 officers – congratulations!
  • We earned 42 Educational Awards, from CC and CL all the way to DTM, along with 2 HPL projects (a 24% increase from last year).
  • All 27 continuing clubs submitted their dues on time.
  • 2 new clubs – GE Markham and FrancoFun - had their charter parties.
  • 3 clubs – Thornhill, Destiny and FC&L - have 5 or more DCP points already! Fluid Communicators and Leaders even paid its second renewal for 20 members in order to become Distinguished.

We have 4 additional DTM’s in the Division:

  • Karim Premji; Carolyn Bray; Gerry Fryer; and Tessa Benn-Ireland.

Three Toastmasters have earned the Triple Crown Pin by achieving 3 awards in the same year:

  • Karen Walters; Karim Premji; and Gerry Fryer.

These Division A champions have been selected for District 86 awards based on their great efforts last year:

Division Governor of the Year: Karim Premji, DTM

Area Governor of the Year : Rowan Faludi, ACG, ALB

Club Coach of the Year : Paul Lynott, DTM

We have also been active in running many contests, and will be doing more, culminating in the Division Contest on October 16th.

Let’s build on this fine beginning to construct a fabulous year in 2014-15!

picmonkey imageGerry Fryer, DTM
Division A Governor
District 86 Toastmasters

Tips on Telephone Talk

by Bud Brown, DTM

Talking on the phone is similar to presenting a speech you present at Toastmasters.  It is often also a sales call.

First, a phone call is like a speech because ...

  • A phone call is more effective if it can be planned ahead of time.  This isn’t always possible, so hang on to your table topics skills.
  • An effective phone call has a time limit.
  • A powerful phone call has an opening, body and conclusion.

Second, a phone call is like a sales call because ...

  • As with a sales call, you typically want to get a certain outcome.
  • To achieve this you need to ask questions.
  • You can combine these two to get one effective call.

Planning: Before you call someone, decide what you want the outcome of the call to be.  For example ...

  • Make a pitch for annual dues.
  • Invite yourself to their next executive meeting have them get all of their executive to scan the District website for information relevant to their office in the club.
  • Once you know what you want to achieve, ask yourself if there are any obstacles to achieving that. I’ll come back to that question shortly.

Timing: Have you been trapped in a phone call and it never seems to end?  Plan a call to last a specific time. We have experience putting a lot of ideas into 5-7 minutes.

  • Consider keeping your calls in that time frame. 
  • Put a clock in front of you when you call and think of a red light coming on when you get to 7 minutes.

Opening: When you call, you want to have an opening such as you would use to open a speech. 

  • The Competent Communicator manual says “The opening should immediately catch the audience’s attention and tell the audience what you will be talking about” for example, “Would you like to be able to plan your club’s goals for the whole year that you are president? That’s what I want to talk about in this call.”

Body: In a phone call, the body can differ from a speech. 

  • Instead of making three points, ask three questions that draw the conversation toward the objective for the call and mould the information exposed by those questions into your conclusion.
  • Take the list of obstacles you created and turn them into questions. (see the chart below)


  • I know that one thing which has always scared me about this kind of approach is that the other person never seems to know the script and they might give completely different answers than I expect.  For that reason, I try to create about 8-10 questions that I could ask. I start with three particular questions in mind, if the answers go off the rails, I have back up questions to get me back on track.
  • I will have these available as examples but obviously; you will have obstacles of your own experience leading to questions of your own more suited to your own purposes.  Just remember to keep them open ended (no questions that can easily be answered with one word like yes or no).
  • Listen carefully to the answers you get.  The people you speak to will tell you how to persuade them.
  • Finally, once you have let the person you are speaking to give you enough information, use your table topics skills to mould their ideas, attitudes and perspectives into a wrap up “call to action”:  e.g. “It sounds as if you have already figured out that having your members committed to working on their goals over the course of a whole year will get your club closer to DCP.  That result would be easier to achieve if you collected membership fees for a full year. Would you propose that in those terms to your executive?”


 Bud Brown is the Division W Governor of District 86, A Corporate trainer and keynote speaker specializing in communication skills.

Division News - September 2014

Toastmasters is...

A great place to meet people Internationally.
A great place to learn. 
All that and more!
As Division L governor, I have the honour of covering a large area from Burlington to Brantford, south east  to Welland and Niagara Falls, covering 25 clubs and just shy of 5,000 sq. km.  For such a large part of Ontario, one could still drive around to any club at one end to the another club at the other end in about 1 hour (pending traffic of course).  I had the honour of visiting Garden City Toastmasters last week in St. Catharines. The club was having a special meeting to honour recent Speechcraft graduates, members whom had achieved a CC and reaching 6 speeches. It was a time to honour their accomplishments, and with any Toastmaster meeting, always a great place to meet people.  You already knew that part.  At your meetings, you see people from all walks of life coming together learning to develop their skillsets. 
As a Toastmaster, did you know you are welcome at just about any Toastmasters club in the world?  And it is very much an international organization, with huge growth of new clubs in India and China.  At Garden City, Mr. Allen Page, a former St. Catharines citizen, was visiting the city where he grew up, with his wife.  They are in Canada for a couple of weeks, visiting from China.  Mr. Page, ACB,ALB and Area P4 Governor, realizes the importance and opportunity of visiting other clubs – anywhere in the world.  Just about every club does things differently.  Mr. Page had a page of ideas he gleaned from visiting the club to take page to his Area clubs.  Visiting another club, regardless of where in the world it is, can be a great learning opportunity.

Not only can the visitor learn something new, but the members can learn something from their guests.  Why else do we ask our guests if they have any comments or observations before we wrap up a meeting? It is a great place to learn and improve.
Mr. Page covers 3 clubs in one area, fairly close together, but as soon as you leave that area and move to the Division level, things start to explode!  Just taking a look at one club from one area to another area, the vastness of China comes to light.   To visit a club in Division A from his Division P would take a flight of over an hour … or you can drive for about 12+ hours!!  That’s in the same Division!  I can get to any club in any area in Division L by car in about 1 hour.  Mr. Page and others like him travel for hours, literally days to visit fellow clubs.  That is dedication for you!  Hate to see their mileage counts.
We may not be able to visit clubs in China, an opportunity to go to the International Conference in Malaysia, or even clubs outside our Division.  You do have an opportunity to visit clubs in your area and your division.  You can meet new people, learn something that could help your club AND you can bring a Passport to show your own growth.

Toastmasters is…..   so much more than you may have originally thought.  Step outside your club, open up your world and your horizons.  You could be surprised by what you may find.
John Constant, ALB, ACB
Division L Governor

Triple Crown Pin to Extraordinary Toastmasters in Division A

Division A gives the Triple Crown Pin to those extraordinary Toastmasters who earn 3 educational awards in a single program year.So far in 2014-15 these high achievers are:

  • Karim Premji of Fluid Communicators and Leaders and Nielsen Insightful Club, for his ALB, ALS, ACS & DTM.
  • Karen Walters of Golden Gavel Club, for her CL, ACB & ALB.

Please join me in congratulating both Karim and Karen for these splendid accomplishments.

Gerry Fryer, ACG, ALB Division A Governor  

Division Governor Conference Recruitment Challenge

The Fall Conference is just 2 months away.  Registrations are going well but .. We can do more. So, I am dropping the gauntlet. I challenge my fellow Divisional governors, who can sign up an additional 20 members for the conference first? And I don't mean just for contests, I mean at least Option 1, Option 2 or for the full Conference. 20 members in LESS THAN 60 days.

Which Division will reign supreme for this challenge?  Who will come first. Can we ride the Division L Train to Success? What say thee my fellow governors?  Care to take up this worthy challenge?

John Constant, Division L Governor, District 86

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