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You are invited and encouraged to join a Toastmasters club in District 86 to grow your confidence, communication skills, leadership skills and much more. Elevate your personal and professional success to the next level in a positive and supportive environment through the Toastmasters Program.

First: Find a club using the search feature. Click on a club for more information courtesy of Toastmasters Find a Club. Note: as a result of the pandemic, clubs may conduct meetings online/virtual, hybrid or in person. Use the website link on Find a Club or do a Google search for information about a club meeting venue. You may contact the club in advance for meeting information.

Second: When you find a club you want to join, ask the VP Membership or Club President for a membership application form and information on membership dues. Complete the membership form and return it to the club along with the membership dues. Membership dues vary by club.

Third: Start your development through Toastmasters to achieve your goals. Toastmasters is a self-paced and cost-effective program. If you wish, ask for a Mentor to further support your development. A Toastmaster, you will enhance your skills, digital literacy and proficiency.

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