Division D - Contacts

Area Director: Joanna Blachut | areaD81director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Candux932543CorporateWednesdays; 12 pm
Hatch Mississaugax1405235CorporateThursdays; 12 pm
Wood Oakville Toastmasters Clubamecoakville.easy-speak.org/2824140Corp/OpenTuesdays; 12 pm
Clarkson Toastmastershttps://clarkson.toastmastersclubs.org/6935116OpenTuesdays; 7-9 pm

Area Director: Carl Naus | areaD82director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Port Creditportcredit.toastmastersclubs.org1474OpenMondays 7:00 pm
Miracle Chinese Bilingual Toastmasters Clubhttps://miraclechineseenglish.toastmastersclubs.org/6746710OpenSaturdays 7:30 pm
Mississauga Sales & Marketing https://msmtm.toastmastersclubs.org/4353901OpenFridays 7:00 pm

Area Director: Louis (cheuk Yui)| areaD83director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Glen Abbeywww.glenabbeytoastmasters.org8644OpenWednesdays 7:30 pm
Horizonwww.horizontoastmasters.ca2380608OpenTuesdays 7:30 pm
Sheridan Toastmasters Trafalgarsbo.toastmastersclubs.org3979920OpenThursdays 6:15 pm
Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasterswww.oakvilletoastmasters.com5940499OpenThursdays 7:00 pm

Area Director: Ian Horne | areaD84director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
First Oakville Toastmasterswww.firstoakvilletoastmasters.org2245OpenThursdays 7:30 pm
Callisto Toastmastersx3467693CorporateThursdays 12:00 pm
Burloak Toastmastersburloak.toastmastersclubs.org3745363Corp/OpenWednesdays 7:00 pm
Trafalgarwww.trafalgartoastmasters.org4080OpenMondays 7:15 pm
SUEZ Water Awesome Toastmastersx3815463CorporateTuesday 12:00 pm

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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