Division S - Contacts

Area Director: Jimmy Chien | areaS71director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Podium Prospodiumproslondon.toastmastersclubs.org3782Advanced2nd Saturdays 9:30 am
London Westernwww.londonwestern.info/index.html4189OpenMondays 7:00 pm
Campus Communicators9119.toastmastersclubs.org9119OpenWednesdays 12:05 pm
Ivey Toastmasters Clubx7006937CorporateFridays 2:00 pm

Area Director: Lorne Devarajan | areaS72director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
London TaxMastersx606371CorporateTuesdays 12:00 pm
London City Hall916925.toastmastersclubs.org/916925OpenThursdays 12:05 pm
Toast of Queenstoq.toastmastersclubs.org964201CorporateThursdays 4:10 pm
One London Placehttps://onelondonplace.toastmastersclubs.org/5307874OpenWednesdays 4:30pm

Area Director: Stephanie Witt | areaS73director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Forest Cityforestcity.toastmastersclubs.org2729OpenThursdays 7:00 pm
Thames Valleythamesvalley.toastmastersclubs.org/3726OpenTuesdays 7:00 pm
London Talbotlondontalbot.toastmastersclubs.org6751OpenWednesdays 12 noon
Auto Data Toastmasters Clubx6880918CorporateTuesdays 4:00 pm

Area Director: Frank Gustin | areaS74director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Sarnia3700.toastmastersclubs.org3700Open2nd and 4th Mondays 6:30 pm
Hospitablehospitable.toastmastersclubs.org8992OpenWednesdays 12:05 pm
Riverspeakriverspeak.toastmastersclub.org1591768OpenWednesdays 7:00 pm

Area Director: Richard Storie | areaS75director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
Dynamically Speakingx824577CorporateWednesdays 12:00 pm
Talbot Trailwww.talbottrail.ca1422719OpenThursdays 7:00 pm
Tillsonburgtillsonburgtoastmasters.toastmastersclubs.org3982070OpenMondays 12:00 pm

Area Director: Marsha Bergeron| areaS76director@toastmasters86.org
Club Name / TMI LinkWebsiteClub NumberStatusMeeting Time
London Speakeasywww.londonspeakeasy.com4656OpenTuesdays 7:15 am
First Class9262.toastmastersclubs.org9262OpenTuesdays 7:00 pm
LHSCx3271871CorporateWednesdays 7:55 am
Village Toastmastershttps://5901145.toastmastersclubs.org/5901145Open2nd and 4th Mondays 5:45 pm

Area Director: Frank Gustin | areaS77director@toastmasters86.org
Lambton630694.toastmastersclubs.org630694OpenThursdays 12:00 pm
Petrolia Toastmasterspetroliatoastmasters.toastmastersclubs.org3760922OpenTuesdays 7:00 pm
Nova Chemicals Toastmastersx6800118CorporateWednesdays 12:00 pm
Strathroywww.strathroytoastmasters.ca2339938OpenTuesdays 7:00 pm

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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