District Director
Nancy Movrin, DTM
Anne Dockeray 150x225
Program Quality Director
Anne Dockeray, DTM
BhushanRele - CGD
Club Growth Director
Bushan Rele, DTM
Cheryl Rankin 150x225
Public Relations Manager
Cheryl Rankin
Bill Kirby 150x225
Bill Kirby, DTM
Administration Manager
Nicole Holas, DTM
Randy Moore 150x225
Finance Manager
Randy Moore, DTM
Logistics Manager
Jimmy Chien
Immediate Past District Director and ‘Of The Year’ Awards Chair
Deridor Collier, DTM, IPDD
Credentials Chair
Margaret Waechter, DTM
Audit Chair
Fabiola Cleofa, DTM, PDD
District Leadership Chair
Deridor Collier, DTM, IPDD
Alignment Chair
Sylvette Mahoney, DTM