District Director
Myrna Barthe, DTM

Dear Kindred Spirits,

Last year was an exciting year of firsts!  We became global time travelers from our living rooms; meeting and befriending Toastmasters from all over the world.  We were extremely resourceful, with clubs continuing to meet and thrive. Our District Conference, Business Meetings, TLI’s and Club Officer Trainings provided many leadership roles and opportunities for learning many new skills demanded in our new online world.

Did you know that under the direction of our IPDD, Jocelyne Vezina and her core team, our District finished the year with a Distinguished award for Education?  Your tenacity and persistence played a big part in making this happen. YOU took a chance, and invested in your personal development.

As your District Director, my responsibility is setting the direction, strategy and vision which we will use to maneuver our District to success again this year. 

Our District Executive Team will help members find their voice and build confidence through a positive, supportive environment built on a foundation of mentorship and encouraging constructive peer feedback.  Remember, the learning potential is endless.  You decide where you want to grow, at your own pace, through pragmatic learning.

This year the revitalized District 86 is focused on

  • Creating opportunities for all members
  • Growing vibrant clubs where membership thrives
  • Providing a platform for members to be heard
  • Igniting and supporting energetic new ideas, and 
  • Promoting team work

When members are thriving, Clubs, Areas, Divisions and the District prospers.

Are you up for the challenge?