District Leadership Chair
Myrna Barthe, DTM

A district leader has one of the most important leadership roles within Toastmasters International. The success of the district, its clubs and the members within each club depends on how well the district leaders execute the responsibilities of their office.

To ensure successful district elections the district director shall appoint the district leadership committee chair no later than November 1. The remaining committee members shall be appointed no later than December 1. The committee shall operate under the procedural rules adopted by the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for the selection of candidates for the elective district offices.

The committee’s results shall be reported in writing to the district director no fewer than six weeks before the district council’s annual meeting. The district director shall submit the district leadership committee report to the members of the district council at least four weeks prior to the annual meeting.

This year the district will be searching for qualified candidates for the following ELECTED POSITIONS: 1 District Director, 1 Program Quality Director, 2 Club Growth Directors and 8 Division Directors.

2022-2023 DLC Members

Chair: Jocelyne Vezina, DTM, IPDD

Division C
Aurelie Anne Contosta
Division D
Vincent Tume
Division E
Melanie Taddeo
Division F
Paul Daniel
Division L
Dawn Claus
Division S
Clinton Springer
Division T
Parveen Johal
Division W
Carolyn Wilker

Important Information (click to open)

Please submit all the following forms to the District Leadership Committee Chair, districtleadershipchair@toastmaster86.org.

  1. Candidate Application Form 
  2. District Leader Nominating Form
  3. Officer Agreement and Release Form 
  4. District Leader Biographical Information 
  5. Headshot image (JPG, 225 x 150 pixels)

Please Review:

  1. Call for Nominations 
  2. Candidates Campaign Guidelines 
  3. Current Candidate Campaign and Showcase (Nor Activate)

District 86 Nominated Candidates