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Having Robust Customer Service Standards Matter

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The quality of the service you provide to your club has a significant impact on all areas of club member and guest experience. Great customer service builds trust between club leaders and the club, and strengthens the membership.

There are many benefits of having robust standards beyond supporting a consistent level of service for members and guests.

For example, a powerful reputation goes a long way for any organization. This is where the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) matters. Did you know that DCP results can be viewed by the public? Members looking to rejoin, transfer to a new club, or join a second club, tend to view the DCP. The DCP measures the club’s KPI’s (key performance indicators), and the numbers reflect how successful the club is with membership retention and the Toastmasters educational program.

A rich new-member onboarding experience can boost program commitment. Fulsome onboarding tends to lead to better membership engagement. When onboarding practises are systematic and thorough, it facilitates greater member satisfaction in the program, whereas, members left to figure it out for themselves can lead to their disappointment in their membership, and will drop out.

Every role within your club has some degree of customer service. This includes guests, fellow club members, visitors from other clubs, and Area, Division and District leaders.

Customer service can be used to communicate the minimum level of service when managing prospects.

For example, having standard response times and practises helps to direct expectations. Think about this scenario.

You are a new resident to the area, and want to join Toastmasters. You reach out to a club using Find-a-Club. Unfortunately, a week later, your e-mail is still unanswered. You try again, but this time, you call the phone number listed, however the number is not in service. For all you know, this club no longer meets, and you give up.

Don’t lose out on a potential guest! Ensure your club’s contact information and meeting times are up to date in two places: 1) the Toastmasters Find-a-Club feature at Toastmasters International, and 2) the District 86 Club Directory on the District 86 website. Go into Club Central at Toastmasters International to change your club’s contact information and meeting information on the Toastmasters website. To update your club’s meeting times in the District 86 Club Directory, e-mail the District Public Relations Manager at

E-mails or calls from potential members cannot be left to chance. If the VP of Membership is away, it is the responsibility of the club President to respond to the guest. If the President is busy, at least, acknowledge receipt of the inquiry, then ask another club leader to follow up.

Make it your best effort to respond to a guest’s e-mail or telephone inquiry, within one to two days, but no longer than five business days.

Think about an amazing customer service experience you had. What factors made this interaction memorable? Can you take what your learned from your positive experience and apply it as a club leader?

Reflecting on one’s performance, attitude, skills, and behaviors is an important part of customer service and also an important part of your development as a leader.

Have an established benchmark as to what members and potential members can expect from you and your fellow club leaders. We encourage you to make the experience for members and future members a positive, memorable one!

Created by Nancy Movrin DTM, District Director Manager, District 86 2023-2024, Cambridge Toastmasters