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Mentor Mondays: Will You Be Conference Chair?

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Attending a District 86 Spring Conference is exciting and totally fun. However if you are someone who wants to go deeper and learn the nuts and bolts of creating a conference 

 JOIN US FOR MENTOR MONDAY, April 22 at 6 pm. 

 Our guests are 2024 Excelsior Spring Conference Co-Chairs, Melanie Taddeo DTM and Guerdah Felix DTM These two ladies are full of energy and enthusiasm. Their top-notch organizational and leadership skills gave us a chance to learn and sample an incredible variety of Toastmasters skills. Melanie’s and Guerdah”s passion for Toastmasters shows but even more is their passion for you to step into their shoes and serve as a Chair or Co-Chair to build your conference dream. 

 Join us for Mentor Monday and experience the success of these two vibrant leaders. Maybe we will celebrating your success too. 

 Will you be Conference Chair?

Created by Teresa Carolan Mentorship Co-Chair, Top Drawer Toastmasters