District 86 Finance Manager

Headshot of Finance ManagerAmy (Xiaohong) Li

As the finance manager, I am tasked with the fiscal oversight and management of the district. I will be working closely with the district director, program quality director and club growth director to ensure that the district is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management. 

Tools for Club Treasurer

TM Club Cash Flow Statement (Excel)

Club Officer Training for Treasurers

If you require guidance on the Expense and Reimbursement policies of District 86, A copy of the form is available in the path below:

D86 Expense and Reimbursement Policies

D86 Expense and Reimbursement Procedures

Have you signed up to concur lately? If not, the link is below:


Remember, Concur is the tool of choice to process your expenses, there is no manual expense reporting system. When you first log in, your username will be your membership number @ toastmasters.org with a few exceptions.  If your member number is less than 8 digits, you will need to add leading zeros to equal to 8 digits.  So if your membership number was 1-2-3-4-5-6.  You would add two zeros to the front making your number 0-0-1-2-3-4-5-6.

The initial password is the same for everyone, “welcome”. Then you will be prompted to change your password. It’s way easier and you get reimbursed directly to your bank account.

Do it sooner than later as it takes approximately 4 days to get your banking ability setup
If you require assistance, I will do my best to help you out or contact the folks below:


Please find enclosed the links to the slides and video below:

 When you need assistance on how to do something in the system, contact District Finance at:

Phone #: 720.439.5050
Greg Wingrove: gwingrove@toastmasters.org ext. 264

Administration – When something needs to be changed, added or fixed in the system, contact us at Toastmasters International (i.e. to add a new user, delete a user, request a credit card, change from expense pay to non-expense pay)

Our email address is: expensereport@toastmasters.org

Technical Support – When card charges are not syncing, various error messages, challenges with the mobile app. (Non-training related questions/issues) Contact the user support desk: (858) 895-4815

District 86 Administration Manager

Headshot of Administration Manager

Cathy Herschell, DTM, PDD administrationmanager@toastmasters86.org

As the administration manager, she is responsible for maintaining the historical records of the district, recording and distributing meeting minutes and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of district business. The administration manager may be elected or appointed at the will of the district director, subject to the approval of the district executive committee and confirmation by the district council. You are eligible for re-election or re-appointment for one succeeding term only. The office of administration manager and finance manager may be combined. See District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII: Officers, (c) Other Officers.

District 86 Logistics Manager

Headshot of Logistics Manager

Larry Shaw, CC, ALB -

The logistics manager selects meeting locations and organizes the room, ensuring the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests and training. The logistics manager sets up necessary equipment, assists district leaders with meeting arrangements, distributes program materials, keeps track of district property and addresses disruptions during events. Proven abilities in organization and diplomacy are a must for this role.



District 86 Parliamentarian


Carolyn Hoxie, DTM, PDG - parliamentarian@toastmasters86.org

The parliamentarian assists the district director with planning and conducting district meetings. Working with Toastmasters International, the responsibilities of the parliamentarian include interpreting Toastmasters bylaws and policies, reviewing district operating procedures as requested by the district director, and ensuring all meetings follow proper protocol. The parliamentarian is an invaluable resource for the district director, offering help, guidance and support during meetings and answering any questions the district director has related to rules and procedures. Members who assume this role must have a thorough understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

What is Parliamentary Procedure?

Parliamentary rules take into account the often conflicting interests that develop during meetings, and they provide procedures that ensure decisions are made fairly.

What is the Purpose of Parliamentary Procedure?

  • Ensure majority rule
  • Protect the rights of the minority, the absentees and individual members
  • Provide order, fairness and decorum
  • Facilitate the transaction of business and expedite meetings
Rules based on Rights of:
  • Of the majority
  • Of the minority, especially a strong minority – greater than one-third
  • Of individual members,
  • Of absentees, and
  • Of all of these together
Fundamental Principles
  • The majority must be allowed to rule.
  • The minority rights that must be respected.
  • Member have the right to information to help make decisions.
  • Courtesy and respect for others are required.
  • All members have equal rights, privileges, and obligations.
  • Members have the right to an efficient meeting.
Basic Definitions
  • Quorum – minimum number of members required to transact business
  • Constitution – an organization's fundamental governing principles
  • Bylaws – standard rules governing an organization’s internal affairs
  • Standing rules – details concerning administration of organization
  • Motion – formal proposal that an action be taken
  • Presiding officer – meeting leader who sees that rules are observed


Standard Order of Business RNOR
  • Establish Quorum / Adoption of the Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Reports of Officers
  • Reports of Committees
  • Special Orders
  • Unfinished Business/ General Orders
  • New Business
  • Program/ Announcements
Governing Documents

The Governing Resource Documents for Toastmasters International can be found here: Click here

Robert’s Rules of Order

The official parliamentarian authority of Toastmasters International is the current edition (12th) of Roberts Rules of Order (RNOR)

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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