District 123 Alignment for 2021-2022

Each year, Districts around the world review and amend, if necessary, the alignment of their clubs, areas and divisions. Alignment teams are tasked to create a plan that services clubs, areas and divisions in the most effective way possible for the upcoming term starting July 1st. We have been given a unique opportunity to create an Alignment for the new District 123 with clubs from District 60 and 86.

Click to download the Excel or PDF version of the Proposed District 123 – Draft #3 released on Apr 3, 2021. District 123 Council Members will vote on this version on Apr 17, 2021.

Alignment Team:

Headshot of District 86 Division A Director Raam Lakhanpal, DTM Raam Lakhanpal, DTM
D86 Division A Director
Current Div A Map
Proposed Div A Map
Headshot of District 86 Division B Director Leslie Benfield, DTM Leslie Benfield, DTM
D86 Division B Director
Current Div B Map
Proposed Div B Map
Headshot of District 86 Division G Director Sarabjit Sandhu, DTM Sarabjit Sandhu, DTM
D86 Division G Director
Current Div G Map
Headshot of District 86 Division L Director Jim Chapman, DL2 Jim Chapman, DL2
D86 Division M Director
Current Div M Map
Proposed Div M Map
Headshot of District 86 Division N Director Elise Leblanc, IP3 Elise Leblanc, IP3
D86 Division N Director
Current Div N Map
Proposed Div N Map
Headshot of District 123 Alignment Co-Chair Brian Brennan, DTM Brian Brennan, DTM
D123 Alignment Co-Chair
Current D86 Map
District 123 Map
Headshot of District 60 Division B Director Richard Abel, EC1 Richard Abel, EC1
D60 Division B Director
Current Div B Map
Proposed Div C Map 
Headshot of District 60 Division B Director Mohan Gunarajah, DTM Mohan Gunarajah, DTM
D60 Division D Director
Current Div D Map
Proposed Div D Map
Headshot of District 60 Division E Director Jennifer Magee, LD4 Jennifer Magee, LD4
D60 Division E Director
Current Div E Map
Proposed Div E Map
Headshot of District 60 Division G Director Andrew Mertens, DTM Andrew Mertens, DTM
D60 Division G (North) Director
Current Div G Map
Proposed Div G Map
Headshot of District 123 Alignment Co-Chair Karim Premji, DTM Karim Premji, DTM
D123 Alignment Co-Chair
Current D60 Map
District 123 Map


To create an Alignment Plan that services clubs and areas in the most effective way possible.

Mission / Objectives:

To take into consideration key requirements from Toastmasters International in developing the alignment of D60 and D86 clubs that will be in D123 by Jul 1, 2021:

  • Anticipating and planning for club renewals for Oct 1, 2020 and Apr 1, 2021 due to COVID challenges
  • Ensuring that clubs that are in approved geographic boundary of D123 are aligned to a Division and Area (3 clubs in D86-DivB are in Halton and should be moved to the new D86)
  • At least three Areas per Division; priority to D60-Div G-North (2 areas) and D86-Div N (fewer paid clubs)
  • Between 4 to 6 (not suspended) clubs per Area or 3 with a solid prospective club; priority to areas that have less than 4 or more than 6 clubs (due to COVID, the list is long)
  • Location, meeting day, time and frequency of meetings
  • The ability for clubs, areas and divisions to participate and excel in the Distinguished program
  • Consider club growth by aligning prospective clubs and clubs not in good standing for possible loss
  • Consider a long-term plan to balance the number of clubs per Division (D60 Divisions are bigger than D86)
  • Renaming duplicate division names and renumber duplicate area numbers (Div B & Div G; unique Area numbering from 11 to 99 for 9 expected Divisions, D60B & D86M, D60D & D86B, D86A & D86G, D86N)
  • Recommend the number of Divisions for new District 123 to the District Leadership Committee by mid-December

The objective is to have balanced areas with a mixture of high-performing clubs with new clubs and those who have growth opportunities keeping in mind the location and meeting times of the clubs.


Communicate and recommend solutions with our team and stakeholder within the framework of our Toastmasters Values of Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence

Project Plan Overview:





Seek input from committee members through discussions with:



Draft first set of recommendations and publish them to the District for discussion. Click to download Excel or PDF version



Release Draft #1A two weeks prior to the D86 DEC meeting. Click to download Excel or PDF version



Update based on input and have 2nd draft published prior to the Feb DEC meeting. Click to download Excel or PDF version.



Update based on partial March Reports and publish for a vote at the Council Meeting. Click to download Excel or PDF version.



Update based on new clubs formed and suspended. Ensure Alignment meets TI requirements, submit to District Directors with the completed spreadsheet and then to TI.



Club Growth Directors from D60 & D86 (Prospective Clubs & Clubs Not-In Good Standing)

Club Presidents & VP Educations (Feedback from Survey & input from proposals)

Area Directors (Feedback from Survey; Area Expertise & input from proposals)

Club Performance Reports: 

Club export tool – a Find-a-club work-alike: http://www.marshalls.org/tmtools/#directory

DCP History – District/Division/Area/Club Snapshot: http://www.marshalls.org/tmtools/#dcphistory

Alignment Committee:  Experience & Expertise

Reformation documents from Toastmasters International

2020-2021 Final D60 Alignment Report

2020-2021 Final D86 Alignment Report

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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